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Zhuang Xian smiled as she looked at Zhuang Huai, who was frowning beside her and said with a deeper meaning, “Its broad daylight, and theres no one in such a big courtyard.

It was almost time for the appointment, but someone suddenly ran out and made such a scene.

Third brother, what do you think theyre trying to do”

 The German Shepherds that were squatting beside Zhuang Xian were wagging their tails cutely.

Zhuang Xian stroked their heads and continued, “Weve been in the yard for so long, but no one came to park our cars.

Only thesecute dogs came out to welcome us!”

 Zhuang Huai was a smart person.

Once Zhuang Xian said this, he understood everything.

They were trying to keep them in the courtyard.

What was their motive

 He looked at the German Shepherds and said in a cold tone, “If you didnt know how to train a dog these animals are not cute at all!”

 Zhuang Huai laughed sarcastically.

“Shes trying to intimidate us! Is it the old lady or the Auntie” He recalled the figure he had seen in the flowers.

That was Zhuang Jie!

 “This round should still be mainly aimed at me.

After all, the dogs of the old mansion wont attack you on their initiative.” Zhuang Xian replied calmly.

She got up and sent a message to Lin En.

 Zhuang Huai furrowed his brow.

Could the old Madams heart be so ruthless Zhuang Xian was the daughter that his mother and father were determined to acknowledge, yet she was able to make Zhuang Jie release the dogs to bite Zhuang Xian so hastily.

Just how deep was the enmity between them As Zhuang Huai thought of this, his heart turned cold towards the old residence.

 He didnt believe that Zhuang Jie would have brought the dog to the front yard without the old ladys or Zhuang Jings permission!

 Meanwhile, Zhuang Jie, who had just witnessed Zhuang Xian and Zhuang Huais embarrassing escape, had already returned to the living room in satisfaction.

She only needed to wait a little longer and herobedient dog would be able to help her vent her anger!

 Zhuang Jie imagined Zhuang Xians miserable state for a while and felt extremely happy.

 Fu Qin saw Zhuang Jie walk in and asked, “Are your Uncle and the others here Why arent they coming in, and why are the dogs barking”

 Zhuang Jie smiled and sat down beside her.

She said sweetly, “No, they arent! I didnt see my uncle and the others!”

 Fu Qin was also a smart person.

She seemed to have already guessed something.

She pinched Zhuang Jies small face and said with a kind smile, “You, dont play with dogs for no reason! What would you do if they bit you”


 Zhuang Jie and Zhuang Jing exchanged a look, then turned to Fu Qin and said obediently, “Our dog will never bite their people! If they bit an outsider, then the outsider deserved it! Who asked her to barge in Right, grandma”

 Fu Qin looked at her dainty little face, shook her head, and said with a smile, “Youre right, but we cant go too far.

Lets go and take a look!”

 Fu Qin had just stood up when she saw Lin En and Zhuang Ming aggressively walking toward her from the door.

Lin Ens face was red with anger as if a volcano was about to erupt in the next second!

 Seeing her like this, Zhuang Jing immediately began to speak sarcastically again.

She pretended to be surprised.

“Aiyo! I thought it was the King of Hell, but it turns out to be the third sister-in-law! We havent seen each other for so long.

Why is your face so long If we didnt know, well think that someone had provoked you!”

 Zhuang Ming held Lin Ens hand and looked at Zhuang Jing with a cold face without saying anything.

His eyes were fixed on Fu Qin as he coldly asked, “Why do you let dogs bite people at home Where are Zhuang Xian and Zhuang Huai”

 Zhuang Jings face darkened, and she spoke before Fu Qin could, “Third brother, why do you say that We havent even seen your cheap daughter, how could we let the dog bite her”

 When Zhuang Ming heard Zhuang Jings words, his eyes were so cold that it was as if he was going to freeze someone to death.

 Zhuang Xian was the daughter that he and Lin En both cherished, and it was not Zhuang Jings place to criticize her!

 He coldly said to Zhuang Jing, “Zhuang Jing! You better watch your words! Dont take my tolerance for you as indulgence!”

 “Impudent! Third brother, what are you doing Are you thinking of swallowing your little sister alive” Fu Qins deep voice rang out.

She looked straight at Zhuang Ming and Lin En, who was beside him, and said in a flat tone, “Is a foreign bastards adopted daughter worth all of your anger”

 Lin Ens eyes were stung by those words.

She took a step forward and looked at Fu Qin, her voice was cold as she said, “I wont allow you to talk about my daughter like that!”

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