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Hundreds of thoughts flashed through Zhuang Jings mind.

After a while, she looked at Zhuang Xian and frowned.

“Youre Zhuang Xian Who told you to mess around like this Its your first time here, and youre already running around without any restrictions, causing everyone to come out to look for you, and disturbing everyones peace!”

 Zhuang Xian looked at Zhuang Jing.

From her words, it seemed like she was going to make false accusations against her

 Zhuang Xian laughed coldly and said, “Auntys brain sure works fast! In such a short time, youve already thought of a story to reverse the facts”

 Zhuang Huai stood by her side and looked coldly at the dazed Zhuang Jie.

“The person in the flower garden just now, was you, wasnt it, Zhuang Jie”

 Zhuang Jie came back to her senses and quibbled, “What are you saying What flowers”

 “A white dress and a pair of silver sandals.

Who else could it be but you” Zhuang Huais voice became fierce.

Zhuang Jie was standing at the back of the crowd, so when the people moved away, her exquisite white dress and sandals were exposed in front of everyone.

 “Youre the one who sent the dogs after Zhuang Xian, right How could you be so vicious” As Zhuang Huai spoke, he looked at Zhuang Jie with eyes full of disgust.

 If this was during normal times, Zhuang Huai would still care about that little bit of kinship and give her some face.

However, Zhuang Jie had gone too far today.

If Zhuang Xian did not know how to discipline dogs, the consequences would have been unimaginable!

 Zhuang Jing sneered and screeched, “Yo! Third brother, you can eat whatever you want, but you cant say whatever you want! You dont have any evidence, so why are you slandering her”

 Zhuang Jie was a little flustered just now.

The person Zhuang Huai had seen back then was indeed her.

Seeing that her mother had spoken up for her, she suppressed the panic in her heart and said loudly, “Thats right! Why would I do that And even released dogs to chase her Only you could think of that!”

 “Some people just like to fantasize about things.

How could there be so many people who would want to harm her Do you think that everyone is idle” Zhuang Jing continued Zhuang Jies sentence and looked at Zhuang Xian with disdain as if she was being unreasonable.

 Lin En wanted to step forward and argue with Zhuang Jing, but Zhuang Xian comforted her by clapping her hands.

She then turned to Zhuang Jing and said, “Aunts mouth is so clever! Ive already been harmed in such a way.

Why does it sound like something not worth mentioning to my aunt and Zhuang Jie You guys havent experienced the ferocity of German Shepherds, have you Do you want to try”

 Zhuang Xians eyes were cold.

She whistled casually, and the German Shepherds, which had been sitting obediently a moment ago, immediately stood up vigilantly.

They looked fiercely at Zhuang Jing and Zhuang Jie, who were standing in front of the crowd!

 Zhuang Jie was stunned and thought to herself,This is bad.

This B*tch knows how to train dogs!

 Fu Qin looked at Zhuang Xians arrogant and sharp-tongued face and was displeased.

She took a step forward and scolded Zhuang Xian, “Youre impudent! Have you forgotten who you are Is this a place where you can do whatever you want”

 Zhuang Xian was not the least bit afraid of Fu Qins domineering aura.

She could even look at her with a relaxed expression.

“Grandma! This is my first time here, and Ive already received such a biggift from all of you.

I feel that its better to return the favor.

How can this be called messing around Although Im only an adopted daughter, I have no choice.

My parents and brothers dote on me.

Im not someone who can be bullied as people please!”

When Zhuang Huai heard her say, “my parents and brothers dote on me,” his cold face almost collapsed! This girl was infuriating.

She always didnt play by the rules, catching people off guard.

 Fu Qin did not expect Zhuang Xian, this little adopted daughter, to say such words.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she thought to herself,This foreign little bastard was not as easy to deal with as Zhuang Jie had said!

 Zhuang Xian had no patience left to argue with them.

She turned to Zhuang Jie and said, “Are you going to admit to this in front of everyone, or do you want me to find out and hand you over to the police so that you can be charged with intentional injury or something”

 “Youre talking nonsense!” Zhuang Jie raised her voice and shouted at Zhuang Xian, “Why do you always target me Do you have any evidence to prove that I did it”

 Zhuang Jie looked at Zhuang Xians calm and confident expression and felt guilty.

Could Zhuang Xian have any evidence No, it cant be!

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