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Zhuang Xian gave Mo Xi a meaningful look, and everyone understood her meaning.

To Mo Qian, being almost killed by a woman who wanted to rise to power was not something to be proud of or publicized.

“Although the effects ofdrunken dream were strong, I could suppress it in time.

I also helped him draw out the remaining poison with silver needles.

He should be fine after a few days of rest.” Zhuang Xian said as she took out a disinfectant paper and carefully wiped her fingers.

Mo Xi had already ordered her subordinates to capture Lan Ling.

At this moment, she looked at Zhuang Xian, who was about to leave, and said anxiously, “Ms.

Zhuang, why dont you wait for the young master to wake up before you leave”

He looked at Zhuang Xian awkwardly.

Lan Ling had run away, and he had not caught her yet.

If the young master woke up, he would be unable to explain it.

Zhuang Xian looked at Mo Xi with a strange expression.


Zhuang Xian felt that she had been away for too long.

If she didnt return now, she was afraid her family would worry about her.

But looking at Mo Xis expression, it seemed he did not want to let her go.

She had clearly explained the whole story.

Two surveillance cameras were installed at the door if he didnt believe her.

He would know that she was telling the truth after checking!

The question stifled Mo Xis heart.

He was too embarrassed to ask Miss Zhuang to explain to the young master on his behalf.

After all, this was caused by his negligence and carelessness.

Just as Zhuang Xian thought that Mo Xi would not reply and was about to leave, Mo Xi looked at the silver needle in Mo Qians chest and said anxiously, “Ms.

Zhuang, you havent pulled out your silver needles!”

Zhuang Xian rolled her eyes and said, “Its effortless to be a doctor in your family.”

The doctor pretended not to hear the sarcasm in her words.

He lowered his head and did not react.

The Mo familys treatment was quite good, and he wanted to continue working there.

Mo Xi smiled foolishly and explained, “Ms.

Zhuang, youd better wait a while.

When Young Master wakes up, hell be able to thank you for saving his life in time!”

“No need, its nothing.

Im just curious about how she boughtdrunken dream.

Ill do it myself if you guys dont want to check.

As for thanks, forget it.” As Zhuang Xian spoke, she lifted her skirt and left.

Maxi could not stop her anymore and could only watch her leave respectfully.

He felt that Zhuang Xian and Lan Ling were two different people in his heart.

If Lan Ling had saved their young master, she would probably have taken advantage of her nose and climbed up to the sky, aiming for the position of Mo familys young Madam.

So, it was very reasonable that their young master didnt like Lan Ling.

Mo Xi stared at the doctor and removed the silver needles from Mo Qians body as Zhuang Xian had instructed.

After the doctor assured him that he was fine, he finally calmed down and began to ask about the situation of the capture of Lan Ling.

Lan Ling, who had just escaped from the room with a guilty conscience, was now hiding in the bathroom on the first floor of the Mo family.

Lan Ling wanted to slap herself hard, but she didnt dare to do it.

She was even more afraid of pain and disfiguring her face.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lan Ling remorsefully scolded, “Useless! Trash! You ran away after being frightened by that little B*tch! Even if Mo Xi blocked you, as long as you dont admit it, who can say that you did itYoure big brother Qians Savior; hell believe you more! Stupid!”

However, no matter how much Lan Ling regretted it, it was useless.

Her guilty conscience and panic just now had made her lose her sense of decency and strategy, causing her to do something that failed at the last moment.

Now that she was in a passive position, that little slut would not let go of this opportunity to make fun of her!

What should I do Lan Ling was so anxious that she wanted to jump off the building, but in the next second, the noise of people walking outside the bathroom made her heart jump.

She had a bad feeling in her heart.

Just as she was secretly praying that these people would not come looking for her, the cold voice of the bodyguards rang from outside the door.

“Miss Lan, Young Master has been looking for you for a long time.

Come out and come back with us!”

Mo Qian had already woken up Was he still looking for her Didnt that mean that he was terrific Lan Lings eyes flashed with a trace of surprise.

Lan Lings heart was slightly conflicted, but she still reached out to open the bathroom door and slowly walked out.

Looking at the bodyguards waiting outside, Lan Ling still felt a little guilty, but she tried to comfort herself.

Itll be fine.

Brother Qian shouldnt blame me too much!

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