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Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xian and felt that she was adorable.

He smiled and gently advised, “Dont be angry! Im just asking out of curiosity! I know you saved me with good intentions.”

Seeing that she was still coldly ignoring him, Mo Qian suggested, “Why dont we go to Lan Ling and ask her I will ask her to tell you everything you want to know! So, are you interested”

Zhuang Xian stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Mo Qian.

A few minutes later, a woman with messy makeup and disheveled clothes was brought into the room.

As soon as Lan Ling entered the door, she saw Zhuang Xian.

After being stunned for a moment, she turned to Mo Qian and asked softly and gently, “Brother Qian, what are you doing”

“Where did you get this drunken dream” Mo Qian acted as if he didnt hear her question and asked directly.

Lan Ling looked at Mo Qians cold expression, and her heart suddenly panicked.

However, she asked in confusion, “Big brother Qian, what are you talking about What drunken dream”

She glanced at Zhuang Xian and felt she shouldnt be passively waiting for Mo Qians question, so she pointed at Zhuang Xian and said, “What about you What did you say to bewitch Brother Qian”

As she spoke, she turned her head.

She continued to speak to Mo Qian, “Big brother Qian, you dont know this, but I wanted to go upstairs and apologize to you because I dirtied your clothes! When I went over, I found that Mo Xi was not there, and you looked drunk, so I wanted to help you change!

“But this woman suddenly barged in and started to sneer at me! Strangers were not allowed to enter Brother Qians room, so I told her to leave quickly.

However, she kept bugging me, and I realized I was no match for her.

Thats why I rushed back to the first floor to get help! I dont understand why Mo Xi suddenly got someone to arrest me.

This has nothing to do with me!”

Lan Ling looked at Mo Qian with a face full of sincerity, as if everyone had wronged her.

Mo Xi admired Lan Lings remarkable eloquence.

He would have applauded her if it wasnt for the inappropriate scene.

After listening to Lan Lings nonsense, Zhuang Xian only felt it was funny.

She smiled at Lan Ling and asked, “Have we met before Do you have a grudge against me”

Lan Ling frowned and looked at Zhuang Xian.

She said coldly, “Stop pretending to be innocent! Did you follow us to the second floor because you wanted to do something too, big brother Qian dont even think about hurting big brother Qian!”

She didnt know why, but after Lan Ling finished speaking, the scene suddenly became cold.

“Oh Then why are you the one kneeling on the ground” Zhuang Xian had enough of being speechless, so she asked sarcastically.

Lan Ling felt that she had performed well just now, and Mo Qian should believe her.

Her beautiful and unrealistic hope was like a bubble under the sun, bursting with a single poke.

While Lan Ling and Zhuang Xian were talking, Mo Qian took out his phone and opened an app.

He clickedstart, and the app started to play the video in Mo Qians room.

‘Get lost! I advise you to mind your own business! This is brother Qians room.

Do you want to die for barging in”

“I dont care about the rest … But if you tell me where you got yourdrunken dream, I might be merciful and not disturb you!”

“How much did you use on him Are you trying to assassinate Mo Qian Mr.

Mos condition is a sign of poisoning after taking too much medicine!”

“This is none of your business! Leave this place quickly, or Ill call the police!”

“Then call the police.”

“Either call the police or come over to help! Or do you want to kill him”

“F*ck! She ran away! Lets see if you can grow wings and fly out of the Mo family!”

“Im hot …”

Lan Ling saw the video clearly and looked at Mo Qian as if she had seen a ghost.

Which average person would install a surveillance camera in their sleeping place Who was Mo Qian guarding against

Mo Qian had been watching Lan Ling during this period.

The video ended at a rather strange place, and Mo Qian cut it off in time.

He asked coldly, “Do you still have anything to say”

Zhuang Xians eyes darted back and forth between Lan Ling and Mo Qian, finally landing on Mo Qian.

This man had irrefutable evidence in his hands! Then what was he doing just now Was he playing with them

Mo Qian noticed that Zhuang Xian was looking at him, so he turned his head and met her eyes.

Mo Xi didnt expect the young master to have such a trick up his sleeve, and he looked at him with admiration.

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