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Zhuang Xian had no intention of getting involved in any scandals with Mo Qian.

Mo Qian didnt notice that they had been in the same space for a long time or noticed it, but he didnt care.

His eyes followed Zhuang Xian all the time.

Seeing that Zhuang Xian was about to leave, he hurriedly asked her to stay.

“Youre leaving You … Arent you going to tell me your wish now”

Zhuang Xian turned to look at him and asked in confusion, “I dont have any wishes now.”

She saw a faint disappointment in Mo Qians eyes and laughed as she continued, “Why does it seem like President Mo wants to help me with something”

Mo Qian did not seem to mind Zhuang Xians teasing.

He looked at her with a burning gaze and said gently, as if he was saying something romantic, “Yes, I cant wait.”

Zhuang Xian was speechless.

The omnipotent Zhuang Xian was stunned.

She felt her heart skip a beat, and the sound of her heart beating was so loud that it was deafening.

“Ill be leaving first.” After Zhuang Xian said this, she started walking away.

If it werent for her flustered steps and vertiginous high heels, Mo Qian wouldnt even be able to tell that Zhuang Xians heart was in a mess.

“The ring on Lan Lings necklace, have you not seen it” The light in Mo Qians eyes deepened as he asked in a severe tone.

Zhuang Xians body froze.

She turned to look at Mo Qian, her brows furrowing slightly.


“Lan Ling isnt the person who saved me that year.

I dont know how she got the pinky ring that symbolizes my identity! However, I know the person who saved me at Kyushu Harbor wasnt her.

It was someone else!” Mo Qians tone was very excited and anxious.

Mo Qians eyes were filled with anticipation.

He looked at Zhuang Xian as if he was eager to get a definite answer from her.

“Why are you telling me this” Zhuang Xian was stunned for a few seconds and looked at Mo Qian in confusion.

She didnt understand why Mo Qian was saying all this in front of her.

Were they familiar enough to talk about these private matters

What was wrong with Mo Qian From when Mo Xi took Lan Ling away, he was awry.

Seeing Mo Qians gaze fixed on her with a hint of disappointment and doubt in his eyes and his stubborn face full of gloom, Zhuang Xians heart suddenly throbbed in pain.

Then, her head began to feel stuffy and ached faintly.

Zhuang Xian subconsciously pressed her heart and said to Mo Qian,” “Ive never seen that ring before, and I dont know why youre telling me this.

Im not feeling well, so Ill take my leave first.”

Mo Qian didnt call out to her again.

From Zhuang Xians expression and answer, he had already confirmed his doubts.

Zhuang Xian had forgotten what had happened in Kyushu Harbor!

When the ring on Lan Lings necklace fell out, mo Qian and Mo Xi could already tell that Zhuang Xian was utterly unfamiliar with this token.

It was as if she had never seen the ring or Mo Qian!

At that time, Mo Xi was suspicious and quickly expressed his disappointment.

However, Mo Qian was different.

He was unwilling and did not believe that Zhuang Xian was not the person who had saved him back then.

Hence, he had a question her directly to test her.

Zhuang Xians reaction was different from the first time.

Her pained expression and how she pressed her heart told Mo Qian something unusual about her.

There must be something else about Zhuang Xian that he did not know about.

Mo Qian took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to rush up to Zhuang Xian and ask her for an explanation.

Seeing Zhuang Xian leave in a hurry,Mo Xi returned to the room and asked anxiously, “Young master! What was wrong with Miss Zhuang Her complexion doesnt look good.

Should this subordinate go over and take a look”

Mo Qian slowly shook his head, “No need.

After the party ends, send someone to take the Zhuang family home.

Mo Qian paused for a moment, then continued, “And Lan Ling, you are in charge ofinterrogating her properly.

Squeeze out everything you can about the drunk dream and the pinky ring.”

His tone was indifferent and calm, and his expression was also casual.

However, the words that came out of his thin lips were like the god of death in the dark hell, efficiently controlling the life and death of others.

Mo Xi looked at his young masters profound and awe-inspiring aura and nodded respectfully and obediently.

“Yes, young master.”

Although there were a few small interludes in the middle of the Mo familys wine party, it ended satisfactorily.

The guests were delighted.

After all, this was Mo Qians home ground! It was something that many people outside could only dream of.

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