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After the party ended, Zhuang Huai and Zhuang Xian sat in a luxurious, low-key luxury car.

Zhuang Xian looked out of the car window with a slightly worried expression.

Zhuang Huai felt that his sister was acting a little strange.

Why was she unhappy again after following Mo Qian out for a while

Could it be that he was bullied by that kid He just felt that Mo Qian wasnt too reliable!

“Did Mo Qian bully you Tell the third brother, and he will think of a way to help you vent your anger.

” Zhuang Huai leaned in closer to Zhuang Xian and asked anxiously.

Zhuang Xian returned to her senses and turned to look at Zhuang Huai.

She was stunned for a moment before saying, “Do I look like Ive been bullied”

Zhuang Huai looked at her furrowed brows and nodded thoughtfully.


“Im afraid the person who can bully me is not even born yet.” Zhuang Xian was a little speechless and retorted softly.

Zhuang Huai looked at hisarrogant sister and nodded in agreement.

“Although youre not wrong, I agree with you.

But! Can you tell me why youre unhappy Wasnt you bullied by Mo Qian”

Zhuang Xian was more and more impressed by her third brothers imagination.

What the hell was this

She rolled her eyes at Zhuang Huai and suddenly felt a little tired.

She didnt continue to bicker with her third brother.

Instead, she looked at the scenery rolling backward outside the window.

Zhuang Xian was still thinking about Mo Qians words.

Mo Qian didnt look like the kind of person who would rashly talk about his past when he caught someone! Why did he say those things to her What did Kyushu Harbor and the people who saved him do with her

Zhuang Xian had a guess in her heart, but it didnt make sense, so she gave up on it! It couldnt be that Mo Qian thought she was the one who saved him at Kyushu Harbor, right

Zhuang Xian was confident that before she came to City H, she had never seen Mo Qian, nor had she been to Kyushu Harbor.

It was even more impossible for her to have seen that ring!

So, why did Mo Qian do this

Zhuang Xian had always felt that she and Mo Qian were the same.

They had always been successful and were not really naive and kind people.

Instead, they took revenge for their grudges and repaid their favors for favors.

They were also focused.

Mo Qian couldnt have done this without reason.

It seemed like he would have to get Li Qin to investigate this matter properly after he returned.

What Zhuang Xian did not know was that at this moment, she was thinking about Li Qin; Li Qin was also thinking about her!

Li Qin had been protecting Zhuang Xian while suppressing those unknown organizations that wanted to investigate her.

However, just a few hours ago, when Li Qin was browsing the internet for gossip, he saw Zhuang Xians name on the hot list.

‘Entertainment news: high-definition video of Zhuang familys adopted daughter bullying tourists in a shopping mall exposed!

“This is the true face of a fake socialite The morals of the world are getting worse!”

‘Explode! Where did the Zhuang familys adopted daughter get her confidence from Its actually because of him”

“Economic news: Ming En Group has been making big moves recently, winning several bids!” Was it strength Its still luck!”

‘Explode! Ye groups press conference!”

Li Qin frowned as he clicked on these few words.

He glanced at them several times and then focused on tracking these transaction accounts.

He found that they were all notorious bugs in the news industry.

If you threw money in, you could make up any unscrupulous account!

Looking at the malicious slander and rumors, Li Qin thought about it and decided to report it to sister Xian, so he called Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xian had just reached home and was about to change her clothes and shower when she received a call from Li Qin.

When Zhuang Xian looked at the time, it was already past 11 pm.

Why would Li Qin be calling her at this time This did not seem like Li Qins style.


When Li Qin heard Zhuang Xians voice over the phone, it was as if he had found a pillar of support.

He quickly reported, “Sister Xian, did you see the hot news Youve been maliciously targeted by someone who bought a transaction account, and now the trending news is full of people scolding you and the Zhuang family! What happened at the mall that day Why did it only pop up today”

Zhuang Xian could hear Li Qins anxiety and worry, so she calmly asked.

Are you talking about what happened at Judges shop the other day”

“Yes, sister Xian! That was so long ago; why would it be exposed to defame you and the Zhuang family” Li Qin asked.

“Wait a minute, Ill go check out the hot chart,” Zhuang Xian said calmly.

As Zhuang Xian spoke, she turned on her computer.

When she opened the web page, she immediately saw the scarlet and vivid entry.

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