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Zhuang Huai carefully observed the expression on Zhuang Xians pretty little face; indeed, there was no sadness.

“Dont read those things on the internet! Dont mind it; were here for everything!” Zhuang Huai gave Zhuang Xian a concerned look and consoled her warmly.

Lin En and Zhuang Ming also stopped what they were doing and looked at Zhuang Xian simultaneously.

Zhuang Xian could feel the warm care and love from her family.

She smiled and joked, “Do I look sad”

She broke into a bright smile as she spoke and continued, “Dont worry about me.

Im not surprised by how people look at me! They cant affect my mood, so dont worry.” As she spoke, she looked at her family with comforting eyes.

Lin En pinched her little face and rebuked, “Im not worried about you, you clever little child! If you had to worry, it should be about those who tried to court their own deaths! Im afraid theyre not even born to dare to offend someone from the Zhuang family”

Zhuang Huai laughed and continued Lin Ens words, “Why does this sentence sound so familiar”

As he said that, he looked at Zhuang Xian and sighed in his heart.

His sister and mother were indeed loving mother and daughter! How could they speak in such an implicit manner

Mo family.

Early in the morning, Mo Xi reported all the negative public opinions about Ming En Groups hot list from last night to Mo Qian.

They couldnt turn a blind eye to the Ming En Groups crisis this time.

Firstly, the Mo Corporation and Ming En were still working together.

Secondly, Zhuang Ming was still the nominal father of the fourth Miss Zhuang.

Based on their young masters special treatment of Zhuang Xian, no matter how they looked, they could not just let this matter go!

Moreover, their young master also admired Zhuang Ming.

Mo Qian quickly flipped through all the information on the tablet.

Without looking up, he ordered Mo Xi, “Inform the companys public relations department to fully assist Ming En Corporation in getting through this crisis.”

Mo Xi was not surprised at his young masters instructions.

He bowed and replied respectfully, “Yes! Young master.”

After a pause, Mo Xi raised his head to look at Mo Qian and asked in a low voice, “What about the negative news targeted at the Zhuang familys daughter Are they also to be handed over to the public relations department to handle”

Upon hearing this, Mo Qians hands stopped moving.

He frowned slightly and asked Mo Xi, “Whats with the video of them in the mall Why are the Ye family members there”

Mo Xi explained to his young master, “At that time, Miss Zhuang had only been in the Zhuang family for a few days.


Zhuang took Miss Zhuang to the mall and bumped into the Ye family at a shop.


Yes reputation in the industry has always been bad.

Because she wanted to snatch a gown from Mrs.

Zhuang, the two of them quarreled!”

Mo Qian looked confused at him, “How do you know so much”

“At that time, because of the support of Judge, Shen Min lost her face, and the Ye Group lost even more face.

Ye Zheng was laughed at by his peers in the industry because of this.

I heard it a few times, so I know.” Mo Xi explained.

Mo Qian nodded.

After some thought, he felt that this matter was very likely related to the Ye family.

Didnt the Ye family lose to Ming En in a commercial bid some time ago This was probably an act of long-planned revenge.

“Im afraid Zhuang Xian and Ming En are both targets of the other party.

Tell the public relations department to treat them equally! Also, find out whos the one behind this.” Mo Qian ordered in a deep voice.

Mo Xi respectfully lowered his head and nodded.

He quickly left.

Looking at the importance the young master placed on this, this was a high-level emergency public relations matter.

He couldnt be careless.

Near noon, the Ming En group had a few more economic disputes.

The red deficit economic turnover had attracted a lot of attention.

Zhuang Ming sat in his office with a grave expression.

This situation was really intricately linked and gradually planned! The other party had spent a lot of money to mess with them.

Zhuang Hang was also in the company 24/7 today, waiting for his fathers orders at any time.

However, when he saw Zhuang Ming calmly holding two meetings, Zhuang Hang felt that he was overthinking it.

Ming Ens foreign affairs and public relations department was also very impressive!

He was about to discuss the progress of public relations with his father when he was interrupted by the assistants knock on the door.

Zhuang Mings assistant knocked on the office door with a computer and excitedly reported to Zhuang Ming and Zhuang Hang, “Chairman, Manager Zhuang! The Mo Corporation has publicly spoken up for us!”

Zhuang Hang raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “Whos speaking up for us”

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