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Hearing this, Zhuang Xian smiled and quickly hid the gloominess and hatred in her eyes.

She replied obediently, “Im not thinking of anything! Im just tired and a little distracted!”

Lin En looked at Zhuang Xians expression and did not find anything, so she had no choice but to believe her.

She nodded and consoled her softly, “Well be home soon.

You should go upstairs and have a good sleep! Its been quite a tiring day.”

Zhuang Xian chuckled and nodded silently.

Zhuang family, 8 pm.

The food on the table had already turned cold, but Zhuang Ming and Zhuang Hang were still working overtime at the company.

Although they had won this war without smoke and fire, they didnt get carried away.

It would take some time to deal with the aftermath of these things.

Zhuang Huai sat in front of the TV in the living room, his eyes occasionally glancing at the delicious food on the dining table.

He touched his empty stomach and gulped.

He turned to look at Lin En and said sadly, “Mother! If you dont serve the meal soon, your handsome precious son will starve to death! Where are the daddies”


Lin En held her phone in her hand and looked at Zhuang Huai.

She comforted him, “When I called just now, they said theyll be here soon.

Lets wait a little longer.

Driving at night is unsafe, so lets not rush them.”

Zhuang Huai pursed his lips pitifully and lay back on the sofa helplessly.

He reached out and pinched the pillow beside him.

“Madam, Master, and second Young Master are back!” Uncle Chang walked into the living room and shouted to Lin En.

Lin En stood up instantly, and Zhuang Huai immediately jumped up from the sofa like a bullet.

He walked in front of Lin En and looked at his father and second brother at the door.

He quickly said, “What is wrong Why did you work so late”

Although Zhuang Huai was a cheeky person, he was just as concerned about his family as Lin En was.

Zhuang Hang glanced at him and patted his shoulder with a smile.

“What do you mean whats wrong Its just an overtime shift.

Why are you so excited”

“Second, brother!”

Seeing Zhuang Huais eyes widen unhappily, Zhuang Hang smiled in surrender and explained, “Alright, alright, I wont tease you anymore.

Its fine now! Is there still food Im so hungry!”

Lin En glared at Zhuang Hang and accused, “You child, why are you so flippant when you see your third brother The soup in your sisters pot has been boiling for a few hours.

If you and your father had returned later, the soup would be dry!”

As she spoke, she turned back to look at Zhuang Ming and reached out to take his coat.

She said gently, “You should also quickly wash your hands.”

Zhuang Huai was finally able to drink his sisters signature soup.

After sighing in satisfaction, he looked at Zhuang Xian with shining eyes.

He said, “Little sister, your cooking skills are too good! I think I can open a restaurant.

Its so good!”

Zhuang Ming finished half the bowl in one go.

He raised his head and looked at Zhuang Xian with eyes full of admiration.

“Its not bad.

Its delicious.”

Zhuang Hang didnt say anything and gave Zhuang Xian a thumbs up.

“Im glad you like it.

Ill make it for you to drink a few more times in the future.” Zhuang Xian smiled gently, her pretty and delicate face looking even more radiant.

With the hot soup in his stomach, he felt much more at ease, and his tone of voice became warmer.

Zhuang Ming smiled at Zhuang Xian and asked, “I heard from your mother that you were the first to discover the attacker today”

Zhuang Xian obediently nodded her head.

Just as she was about to answer Zhuang Mings question, she was interrupted by an agitated Zhuang Huai.

“Let me speak, let me speak! Dad, listen to me.” Zhuang Huai quickly put down the bowl in his hand and looked at Zhuang Ming excitedly.

“You guys didnt see it, but my sisters side kick was so cool, it was so cool! I dont even dare to perform such an action in a movie.

My sister is so amazing! At that time …”

Zhuang Huais following words could be summarized: His sister was so cool! That kick was too powerful! The attacker was too weak and inadequate to deal with it!

Zhuang Xian was speechless.

Even Lin En joined in the conversation.

She also felt her baby daughters reaction was too quick and graceful!

Zhuang Ming and Zhuang Hang listened attentively but didnt stop eating.

In any case, the atmosphere at the dinner was extremely wonderful.

Zhuang Xians heart warmed as she looked at her family members, who were in high spirits when they talked about her skills.

Every time this happened, Zhuang Xian would thank God again for giving her a chance to start over.

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