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In contrast to the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of the Zhuang family, the Ye family was gloomy and even full of havoc.

In the Ye familys study.

Shen Min stood behind Ye Xin and sensed the tense atmosphere between Ye Xin and Ye Zheng.

She was so scared that she didnt even dare to breathe.

The Ye family had suffered heavy losses this time, and even Ye Zheng couldnt help but feel his heartache.

This was no longer just a matter of money.

More seriously, the Ye Corporations reputation and brand image were affected!

By evening, the Ye familys stock price had fallen to its lowest point in many years.

The shareholders in the company almost ate Ye Zheng alive.

Ye Zhengs wrong decision led to the failure of this matter.

Of course, the shareholders would not let him off!

Ye Zheng had no way to vent his anger on the shareholders.

Only then did he remember his obedient daughter, Ye Xin, who had provided this stupid idea.

When he thought about Zhuang Mings smug expression, Ye Zheng couldnt help but get angry.

He casually picked up a folder from the desk and threw it at Ye Xin.

“Look at what kind of terrible idea youve come up with! Didnt you say that its foolproof Didnt you tell me to wait and see Ming En fall But now, what is going on Before you came up with a plan, did you devise a plan to solve these emergencies”

The file cutting through the air rang in Ye Xins ears.

If Ye Zhengs hand had tilted, even more, the file wouldve landed on Ye Xins face.

Shen Min was so frightened by Ye Zhengs angry roar that her body trembled.

She looked at her motionless daughter and said to Ye Zheng, “Whats the use of being so fierce to Xiner now The shareholders have bullied you, so youre taking it out on Xiner Youre her father! What do you want her to do now Go to hell”

Ye Xin didnt even raise her head as she said to Shen Min, “Mom, dont worry about this! It was indeed me who came up with the plan for Dad.

I also didnt consider Mo corporations behavior towards Ming En.

I didnt expect the meticulous Yan An to speak up for Ming En suddenly! It was indeed my mistake.”

Shen Min was stunned.

After a few seconds, she found her voice and said, “Who could have predicted this” Youre not God who can predict the future!”

Although Shen Min was not an intelligent woman, there was nothing wrong with what she said.

If Ye Xin had known about the Mo Corporations attitude, she wouldnt have made a move so quickly.

With Ye Xins intelligence, she wouldnt do something she wasnt confident in.

Ye Zhengs eyes were fixed on Ye Xin, who had her head lowered.

She was his only daughter, after all.

How could his heart not ache for her

After his anger dissipated and he cursed, Ye Zheng sighed and said in a deep voice, “Forget it! Now that things have come to this lets consider Zhuang Mings luck good this time.

There are so many external forces willing to help him!”

“The only thing to be glad about is that those marketing accounts didnt sell us directly to Zhuang Ming! Although Zhuang Ming can guess that were the ones who started this storm, he cant testify against us without evidence! This can be considered a blessing in a misfortune.” Ye Zheng thought about the secretarys report and said as if he had just survived a disaster.

Ye Xin slowly lifted her head and replied, “This group of people still have some professional ethics.

Since theyve taken our money, they would do what we ordered them to do! If things didnt go well, they still had to abide by the additional contents of the contract! Otherwise, theyll feel guilty when they go to bed at night after taking twice the amount from us, right”

Ye Zheng glanced at Ye Xin and asked in a troubled manner, “Then tell me, what should we do next”

“Its just like what you said, Dad.

Zhuang Ming has no evidence, so he cant do anything to us! The crime of spreading rumors can be big or small.

We can deny it directly! Of course, lets not confront them head-on for now.

We should deal with the following matters first and minimize all the losses.” Ye Xin said slowly with a frown after some thought.

Of course, Ye Zheng understood what Ye Xin was saying.

He wanted to hear if Ye Xin had any other thoughts.

Ye Xin seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

She lifted her head and looked at Ye Zheng, her eyes glowing.”Didnt you say youve planted a person between Ming En and the Mo Corporation to sow discord Maybe this person is our chance”

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