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“We can use this chess piece to drive a wedge between Mo Qian and Zhuang Ming.

Wouldnt it be better if they turned against each other” Ye Xins tone gradually became more excited as she spoke.

She felt that this matter was very promising.

When Ye Zheng heard this, he thought about it carefully and felt that Ye Xins words made sense.

If water can carry a boat, it can also capsize a boat.

Did Zhuang Ming think he would be free of worries just because he had climbed onto the big boat of the Mo family Wasnt that wishful thinking

Since ancient times, accompanying a King was like accompanying a Tiger.

Since Zhuang Ming had enjoyed the protection of the Mo family, he had to be mentally prepared to walk on thin ice in front of the Mo family.

If they could use this chess piece to make Zhuang Ming take a wrong step in front of Mo Qian, they would have quickly achieved their goal.

An idea slowly came to Ye Zhengs mind.

He smiled at Ye Xin and said, “Xiner, your idea is good.

I think its feasible, but we must consider it this time.”

The look in Ye Zhengs eyes changed as he spoke.

He looked at Ye Xin with a puzzled expression.

He asked, “Eh, Xiner, didnt you already meet the Zhuang familys new adopted daughter What kind of person do you think she is”

Ye Xin didnt overthink the strange look in her fathers eyes.

She didnt understand why Ye Zheng would suddenly ask about Zhuang Xian.

“Dad, why are you asking this Is there anything wrong with Zhuang Xian”

“Ive received reliable news that Mo Qian seems to treat Zhuang Xian especially.” Ye Zheng said as he thought about the news he had received from the spy he had placed in the Mo clan.

Shen Min had stood behind the father and daughter the whole time, listening to their discussion.

She couldnt get involved in business matters.

Still, when she heard Ye Zheng mention Lin Ens adopted daughter, she seemed to have suddenly become active.

Without waiting for Ye Xin to reply to Ye Zheng, she continued, “Zhuang Xian, the little B*tch, is so pretty! She doesnt look like shes from a small place.

That day, her aura and intelligence were similar to Xiners!”

Shen Min said as she looked at Ye Xin.

When Ye Xin heard this, she looked at Shen Min strangely.

She said unhappily, “Mom, where did you see I look like her Dont joke around, okay”

She didnt want to be like Zhuang Xian, that lowly and despicable person.

It was very unlucky.

Seeing Ye Xins expression, Shen Min quickly coaxed her, “Good, good, good, it doesnt look like it! I just have this feeling.”

Ye Zheng glanced at the two of them.

His eyes, red from staying up late, had a dark glint.

He said coldly, “Are we trying to use this adopted daughter of the Zhuang family to get close to Mo Qian”

Ye Zheng had this question in his heart.

He felt that it was necessary to find someone to investigate the background of the adopted daughter and send someone to keep an eye on her interactions with Mo Qian.

Zhuang Xian did not know that herbiological father, Ye Zheng, had already given her a few mysterious identities even before he met her.

Zhuang Mings hidden card, Mo Qians chess piece, etc.

If Zhuang Xian knew what the Ye family was thinking, she would only laugh in disdain.

Some peoples cruelty and viciousness would not change no matter how many lives they had gone through.

After dinner, Zhuang Xian returned to her room and turned on her computer to deal with some work matters that she had to go through.

Looking at the work email from Wang Yang, Zhuang Xian frowned slightly.

It had been long since the last race, and this Wang Yang still bothered her about the mad racer.

Wang Yangs position as the team manager was a headache and a difficult one.

Recently, there was a new international race, and they had to arrange for people to compete.

Madman was naturally an indispensable leading member of their supercar Alliance.

Zhuang Xian had already ordered for madman to be punished because of his previous violation of the rules before the competition.

He could not participate in the competition this time.

Madman was very dissatisfied with Zhuang Xians decision.

Still, he had no way of knowing Zhuang Xians identity and residence, so he could only pester Wang Yang.

Wang Yang was annoyed by him, so he sent this email to Zhuang Xian.

He wanted to plead on behalf of the mad scientist to ask Zhuang Xian to let him participate in the competition and then return to receive punishment after the competition.

Zhuang Xian had not been to the Alliance for a long time.

She thought that she could take the time to go over tomorrow and settle Wang Yangs request on the way.

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