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Zhuang Jie was almost suffocated by Zhuang Xian.

“You…Just you wait, I wont let you off!”

She only had time to say a few harsh words before Zhuang Jie became so scared that she fled.

 After Zhuang Jie escaped from her sight, Zhuang Xian retracted her powerful aura and said to the person in the corner, “Second brother, youre not asleep yet”

 Zhuang Hang walked out and admired Zhuang Jies ghostly appearance, which made his tone a little lighter.

 “This is the first time Ive seen her so afraid of someone! Youre very powerful.

Zhuang Xian raised her head to look at Zhuang Hang, only to meet the other partys probing eyes.

“Shes not afraid of me! Is second brother the kind of person who can silently endure being targeted by others for no reason” Zhuang Xian asked Zhuang Hang with a smile.

Zhuang Xians question made Zhuang Hangs lips curl up.

 Their Zhuang family indeed did not have the kind of saint-like and naïve character who would return good for evil It did not exist.

 They believed in the principle that if people didnt offend them, they wouldnt offend them.

If people offended them, they would pay them back double.

 Zhuang Hang looked at her and did not move for a long time.

He was trying to find out if this girl was as innocent and honest as she appeared.

 Zhuang Hang did not find anything else in her beautiful eyes.

“Alright, youve convinced me.

Im not that kind of person.”

 Zhuang Xian was not that kind of person, so what she had done just now could be explained as a counterattack against Zhuang Jie.

He was not that kind of person either, so he did not stop Zhuang Xian.

 “I can tell that mom likes you.” His sudden change in tone made Zhuang Xian nervous.

“I hope you can live up to her kindness.

Dont let me find out that you have other motives.”


Her second brother was still the same as in her previous life.

He would beat around the bush and use different methods to test her.


 She also knew that this was one of the ways the second brother loved his family.

He seemed to always silently protect this family like this.

 Zhuang Xians eyes flashed with slyness and playfulness when she saw this awkward love.

“What purpose could I have Im just greedy for the good that Mom and Dad will do for me.

 Then, she looked at Zhuang Hang with sincerity and determination.

“I swear on my life that I will not hurt anyone in this family.”

 The young girls eyes seemed to be filled with stars, and they were shining.

Zhuang hangs intuition told him that he could trust this girl.

 Zhuang Hangs expression softened.

“Then Ill believe you for now.”

 Zhuang Xian understood that it wasnt that her second brother couldnt tolerate her like this, but that he was on guard.

He was afraid that this adopted daughter who had suddenly appeared would hurt his family, so he was carefully testing her.

 Zhuang Hang wasnt afraid of Zhuang Xians intelligence or her schemes.

As long as Zhuang Xians schemes and methods didnt affect the people he cared about, it had nothing to do with him.

 Zhuang Jie did not know about the confrontation in the living room.

She suppressed her wildly beating heart and looked a little annoyed.

 What was she afraid of Was Zhuang Xian going to eat her

 Perhaps she was just scaring herself just now! After letting out a breath, Zhuang Jie sat by the bed and called her mother.

When Zhuang Xian returned to her room, it was already very late.

 So, when Zhuang Xian received the call from the old man, she was very surprised.


 “You still know how to call me Grandpa Why didnt you tell me before you left Its such a big matter!” The old mans voice was full of anger.

It was so late and he was still not asleep.

It seemed like he was really angry.


 “What did Li Qin say to you again” Zhuang Xian asked in a soft voice.

“Dont interrupt me.

Youre wrong in this matter!”

 Zhuang Xian sighed.

“Grandfather…Ive already told you about this! I want to stay with the Zhuang family, I like it here.

 The old man paused for a moment, feeling a little choked.

He recalled that Xiao(little) Xian had indeed mentioned to him once about being adopted by the Zhuang family.


 He did not understand why this silly child was so insistent on going to the Zhuang family.

Those old fellows in the Zhuang familys old mansion (extended family) were not easy to get along with.

 The old man stopped talking, and Zhuang Xian continued, “I know youre worried about me, but Im fine.

Mom and Dad are very good to me, so dont worry.”

 The old master sighed.

This child was like a stubborn donkey.

Once she had made up her mind, no one could stop her.

Over the past few years, he had experienced it more or less.

 “If you have any difficulties, remember to tell Grandpa! Grandpa will support you.

 “Thank you, old man,” Zhuang Xian smiled and said obediently.

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