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 Si Rong had two more operations to attend to in the afternoon and had to return to the hospital.

He looked at Mo Qian and chuckled.

“Lets take it slow.

Theres still a long way to go.”

 Mo Qian raised his head to look at him.

“Hurry up and leave,” he said softly.

“Lets meet again if we have the chance.”

 “I hope youll have made good progress by the next time we meet.” Si Rong said with a smile.

 Mo Qian raised his thick and sharp eyebrows slightly and replied happily, “Thank you for your kind words.”

 Naturally, young master Xiang Nan had nothing to do.

He stood behind Mo Qian and watched Si Rongs back as he left.

“I was going to let him drive my new car today, but it was delayed.”

 As Xiang Nan spoke, he looked down at Mo Qians leg and sighed.

“Brother Qian, when will your leg recover Arent you the one who had been looking for Saint Valleys medicine master since before the new year Still no news”

 When Mo Xi heard Xiang Nan mention Mo Qians leg injury, he subconsciously observed Mo Qians expression.

Seeing the young master wasnt angry, Mo Xi sighed with relief, and the stone in his heart gently rolled down.

 Mo Qians leg injury was taboo in the Mo family.

 In the past, he hated his crippled body that could not walk.

God had never owed him anything in other aspects.

Because of this strange illness, he could not walk normally, run like ordinary people, and exercise and sweat for the rest of his life!

 The Mo family cherished such a talented successor, but they couldnt do anything about his leg injury.

 Before the new year, grandmother Mo had gone to Yunqi mountain to visit master Yin Yun of the Yunqi temple.

She had asked for a silk pouch and said it could help her resolve the knot in her heart.

 Grandma Mo had enjoyed a life of luxury and wealth, so there was no knot in her heart! It was just that her precious grandsons legs had not been cured.

 At that time, master Yin Yun had looked at her with a faint smile and pointed at the silk bag in her hand, telling her to go down the mountain.

 Naturally, grandmother Mo respected master Yin Yun.

After they had descended the mountain, she opened the silk bag.

Inside, there was a piece of talisman paper and a note.

 The talisman paper was the protective talisman that Mo Qians grandmother had requested for him, but master Yin Yun gave the slip of paper.

There was only a short line of words on it,To resolve your regrets, you must visit the Saint valley pharmacist lady in green.

 Therefore, the Mo family has been searching worldwide for traces of the mysterious Saint Valley Medicine for the past six months.

 Mo Qians mood became a little gloomy at the mention of this.

Perhaps Mo Qian had learned to hide his disappointment and regret because he had been disappointed too many times.

After all, he had been disappointed too many times.

After all, he had been disappointed too many times.

He had also learned not to vent his anger on others because of this matter.

 He shook his head and slowly went away in his wheelchair.

The wind brought his answer to him.

“Perhaps there is no Saint Valley Medicine in this world, let alone a green-robed apothecary.”

 Mo Xi followed behind Mo Qian in silence, not daring to go up and disturb him.

 Mo Xi felt sad for the young master in his heart.

In the past hundred years, their Mo family had only produced such an outstanding family head, Mo Qian.

However, the heavens were jealous of the talented and filled Mo Qian with all his talents.

However, it still left him with a lifetime of unsolvable pain.

 Mo Xi took a deep breath and suddenly thought of the mysterious organization that Lan Ling had told him to study for the drunken dream drug.

They could develop such a strange drug like a drunken dream.

Was it possible that they knew something about Saint Valley Medicine

 Thinking of this, Mo Xi even began to feel a little excited.

 The Mo family had paid a lot for Mo Qians legs.

As long as there was a slight possibility, they would not let it go.

 Mo Xi had a faint idea in his heart.

He wanted to go and investigate it himself first.

It would not be too late to tell the young master after he had some substantial clues.

 In this way, even if it were useless, the young master would not be sad and frustrated if he did not know.

 The Zhuang family.

 Lin En looked at Zhuang Xian, who had just returned after a long while, and asked with a smile, “Where did Xianer go today Why did you leave for so long and not come back for lunch”

 Zhuang Xian smiled as she walked over and sat beside Lin En.

She said, “I was playing with a few friends, so I didnt check the time.”

 Zhuang Huai had been staying home to study the script all this time.

 He had just accepted a new movie and thought it was pretty interesting.

He had been hiding in his room to read the script these days! He seemed bored and walked out of the room to get some fresh air.

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