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 The night was slightly cold, and the black Maybach that drove through Dingcheng District looked like a bloodthirsty beast lurking in the dark.

 Mo Qian closed his eyes and leaned back in the carriage chair.

In a low voice, he said to Mo Xi, “Go and try to find Zhuang Huais crew tomorrow.

Dont push the rent too hard.”

 Looking at the young masters tired appearance, Mo Xi replied in a deep voice, “Yes, young master.

Ill get it done tomorrow morning.”

 Mo Xi thought for a moment but still couldnt hold back his curiosity and asked, “Young master, why do you think the fourth miss is so concerned about the source of the drug I saw Lan Lings confession.

Theres nothing special about it.

Those are just some people who sell black medicine!”

 Upon hearing this, Mo Qian opened his eyes.

In the dimly lit rear compartment, his deep voice came, “Drunken dreams are very different from ordinary low-level knockout drugs.

Its colorless and tasteless …”

 At this point, Mo Qian suddenly paused.

He realized that he was not right.

The drunken dream was not tasteless.

At least Zhuang Xian could smell its scent.

 “Its more advanced in its usage.

It absorbs Medicinal properties through the skin.

How could this be an ordinary potion Zhuang Xian has her reasons for being interested.

You dont have to ask so much.

Just do what Ive told you to do.” Mo Qian was only dazed for a moment, but he immediately returned to his senses and said coldly.

 Mo Xi lowered his head and didnt dare to ask anything more.

 He followed Mo Qians orders to investigate what happened to Zhuang Xian three years ago.

However, he had met a lot of resistance and trouble and could not make reasonable progress.

 Although Mo Qian didnt say anything, Mo Xi felt he had let down the young masters trust, so he was in low spirits.

“Before things are clear, you have to look after Lan Ling.

Dont let her die easily.” Mo Qian seemed to be able to sense Mo Xis mental activity.

He knew what Mo Xi was feeling guilty about, so he gave a faint reminder.

 Although Lan Ling was a useless chess piece now, she couldnt die before the truth of the past was discovered.

 Mo Qian read Lan Lings account of the rings origin and only felt ridiculous and irritable.

Lan Ling might not be lying, but who gave her a ring still needed to be investigated.

 Mo Qian felt that this matter was not as simple as it seemed.

 The movie that Zhuang Huai was starring in officially started shooting three days later at the Mo Corporations International Entertainment City.

At the grand and imposing Entertainment City entrance, Zhuang Huai saw the Lin Yi he hated.

 Although Zhuang Huai was the biggest shot in the crew, he couldnt compare to Lin Yi in grandeur!

 The vain and arrogant Lin Yi had turned such a simple opening ceremony into a red carpet.

Zhuang Huai sat beside Zhuang Xian and Mo Qian and rolled his eyes speechlessly.

He was met with Zhuang Xians cold eyes when he turned around.

 Zhuang Huai, who was in the wrong, didnt dare to meet his sisters eyes and slowly looked away.

 He knew he was wrong.

He shouldnt have dragged his sister over to watch the opening ceremony.

He had let his sister bask in the sun with him for so long and had to watch a particular exaggerated female celebrity perform a spectacle!

 Mo Qian sat beside Zhuang Xian and chuckled as he looked at the Zhuang siblings, silently bickering.

Zhuang Xians earlier rolling of her eyes was very lively.

 “The director is calling for us.

Ill head over first, sister!” Zhuang Huai said as he strode over.

 Zhuang Xian looked at his back and let out a deep breath.

She had already been sitting here for two hours, enduring the high temperature outside.

She had wasted two hours!

 Zhuang Xians stomach was growling with hunger.

If it werent for Zhuang Huais insistence on dragging her to watch the opening ceremony, she would probably be having her lunch somewhere.

 “I dont think itll end anytime soon.

Why dont we go for lunch first I dont think theres anything to see.” Mo Qian heard Zhuang Xians stomach growling and suggested with a doting smile.

 Zhuang Xian turned around and looked at Mo Qian.

This was the first time she realized that this man was so understanding.

“I think so too.

Lets go!”

 Mo Qian smiled faintly and raised his hand to signal for Mo Xi to drive the car here to pick them up.

The temperature today was frighteningly high.

 “Although its not completely open to the public, the testing and improvement work has been done.

We can go in and have some fun after lunch.” Seeing Zhuang Xians lazy expression, Mo Qian tried to attract her attention with his warm voice.

 Zhuang Xian raised the fan in her hand and blew it to her face.

She nodded calmly as if she was not in a good mood.

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