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Zhuang Xian didnt know why, but when she heard Xiang Nans voice, she suddenly felt she was saved.

She thought that Xiang Nan was very cute at this moment.

“What are you looking for us for”

Si Rongs sharp senses detected a strange atmosphere between Mo Qian and Zhuang Xian.

He glanced at Mo Qian, frowning slightly, and said slowly, “Theres an outdoor race at the mountain tonight, and many famous racers from City H will be there.

Xiang Nan wants to join in the fun and asked if you two would like to go together!”

Seeing that Si Rong had said what he wanted to say, Xiang Nan quickly added, “Im not the only one who wants to go! Si Rong also wants to go! Weve run in too many indoor arenas, but this kind of outdoor one is sporadic.

Its so exciting!”

As he spoke, he looked at Zhuang Xian and said excitedly, “We have you here today.

Do we need to be afraid that we cant win against that group of people Lets go and take a look together! I heard that your third brothers crew also went to have fun, which was very lively! Didnt he call you Thats not interesting enough!”

Zhuang Xian glanced at Xiang Nan and took out her phone.

She realized she had muted her phone and forgotten to turn it on.

The screen was filled with calls and messages from Zhuang Huai.

Zhuang Xian opened the message and glanced at it.

Her beautiful eyebrows slowly furrowed.

She looked at the time and said to Xiang Nan, “Lets go! Lets hurry over.”

Xiang Nans eyes brightened when she heard Zhuang Xians answer.

“Alright! Lets go.

As he led Zhuang Xian in front, he did not forget to turn back and shout at Mo Qian and Si Rong, “Hurry up and follow me! Zhuang Xian and I will head over first!”

Mo Qian saw Zhuang Xians expression turn cold after she looked at her phone.

He said to Si Rong, “Lets hurry and follow them!”

Seeing Mo Qians serious expression, Si Rong quickly held onto the armrest of Mo Qians wheelchair and pushed him forward.

He asked in a deep voice, “Whats wrong What did you find”

“Zhuang Xians mood doesnt seem right!” Mo Qian looked at Zhuang Xians back and explained, “Im guessing that something has happened to Zhuang Huai.

Lets hurry and follow her!”

Si Rong nodded and quickened his pace.

After some thought, he asked, “What were you talking about with Zhuang Xian just now She didnt seem to be in a good mood! Why Did the confession fail”

Si Rongs tone sounded relaxed and casual, making Mo Qian sigh in relief.

He shook his head slightly and replied, “No.”

“Then whats the matter” Si Rong asked in confusion.

Why would Mo Qian look so discouraged and depressed if his confession had not failed

“Im not a beast.

Zhuang Xian is only 17 years old! If I wanted to confess, I should wait until she was an adult.

People will misunderstand if I tell her now.” Mo Qian explained helplessly.


Many emotions and actions are not under your control when you like someone.

You instinctively want to get close to her, touch her, and tell her all your joy!

Just now, Mo Qian couldnt help but want to get closer to Zhuang Xian, both mentally and physically.

However, when he expressed his affection, Zhuang Xian immediately became alert.

She had sealed herself in a tough shell, and Mo Qian could not touch her.

This was Mo Qians first time genuinely liking someone.

Many of his words and actions were filled with inexperience.

This impulse was not something in his bones, but it was hard for him to control it.

He had become a little different from himself!

Mo Qian did not know that this was one of the signs of his love for Zhuang Xian.

It was Xiang Nans first time sitting in Zhuang Xians car.

He clutched his seat belt in excitement.

When he turned to look at Zhuang Xian, he only saw her cold eyes.

“Whats wrong” he asked, puzzled.

“Did big brother Qian make you angry”

Zhuang Xian started the car and turned to look at Xiang Nan.

“Shut up and show me the way.”

Xiang Nan, “…” Its over.

Did he get on a pirate ship

In the face of Zhuang Xians cold aura, Xiang Nan shut his mouth.

“Okay, sister Xian.” Not only did he have a good eye, but he also naturally used the honorific title of Zhuang Xian.

Zhuang Xians face was expressionless, but only she knew how nervous and worried she was for Zhuang Huai.

After Zhuang Huai finished reading the script, he was stopped by Lin Yi and her men.

Lin Yis sugar daddy, Boss Ma, came to the production team.

With someone backing her up, she naturally began to be arrogant again!

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