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Chapter 1040: When is the TimeTranslator: Lonelytree

Xiao Lingyun knocked on the door.

When the person inside answered, her expression immediately lifted, and the smile on her face never stopped.

Seeing Xiao Lingyun enter with a smile on her face, Xiao Lingyu asked in amusement, “Manager Xiao, is there something good going on”

At this point, her eyes deliberately glanced at Xiao Lingyuns stomach.

Seeing Xiao Lingyus gaze, Xiao Lingyun was shocked and immediately explained, “Hey, where are you looking”

Xiao Lingyu blinked and said, “When will I have a little nephew or niece again”

Xiao Lingyuns face immediately turned red.

Her expression was a little shy as she stomped her feet and said, “Sis, if you want to have children, you can have them yourself.

Why are you staring at my stomach all day I already have two daughters now.

I dont want to have another one and let them suffer!”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head and said with a smile, “Alright.

If you want to have children, then have them.

If you dont want to have children, then dont have them.

But YunEr, whether you want to have a child or not, you have to discuss it with Yinxiong.

He really loves you, but you cant rely on his love and not consider his feelings!”

Gong Yinxiong loved Xiao Lingyun very much.

This was something that anyone with eyes could see.

But everyone knew that he hoped to have a child with Xiao Lingyun.

Xiao Lingyun thought for a moment and nodded very seriously.

“Yes, Sis, I will consider it!”

“By the way, manager Xiao, whats the matter that makes you so happy” Xiao Lingyu asked.

Returning to the main topic, Xiao Lingyuns eyebrows flew up again.

She smiled and said, “President Xiao, Ive received a report that we originally only took the noble high-end boutique route and seized the high-end market of Royal Forest Group.

“Who would have thought that due to the sudden increase in the supply of our global branches, even the middle-end market began to take hold In this way, not only did we seize the high-end market, but we also seized the middle-end market of Royal Forest Group.

“This is Great.

Royal Forest group wants to deal with us, but in the end, theyre shooting themselves in the foot.

Whats even more ridiculous is that the Royal Forest group has branches all over the world, but they dont have any branches in China.

“Our local stores in China are all temporarily closed.

This is a big chance for the other Chinese companies to rise, but they can only watch.”

Xiao Lingyu had long received this news.

She also revealed a smile and said, “Haha, they set a trap for us in the front and wanted to frame us.

We dragged them into the trap.

I think they must be regretting it now!”

They made up a story to slander her.

They used scheming methods on Gong Tianhao.

Weng Jingjings appearance made her into a mistress that everyone was cursing.

She was at the forefront of the Internet storm.

Thats right, all of this had a great impact on her business in China.

However, it didnt affect her business overseas.

Her branches continued to operate as usual.

Moreover, the sales routes of her branches overseas were all the highest-end aristocratic routes.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the prices of these products were naturally exorbitant.

As a businessman in China, she could consider the interests of the people of China.

The products she sold could be bought by ordinary people.

However, she was completely a businessman when it came to business abroad.

After all, businessmen were primarily interested in profits.

The quality of her products was the best.

The taste and efficacy of the products were the best.

Those top-tier celebrities and aristocrats did not lack money.

If they could make better choices, they would definitely choose the good products that they could enjoy more.

In comparison, the Royal Forest group did not have any advantage in this aspect.

Originally, she only planned to walk the high-end route and only compete with the Royal Forest group for the high-end market.

But who would have thought that the Royal Forest group would be so despicable in order to get rid of her green fresh group

Since that was the case, she naturally had to repay them.

She remembered that the Royal Forest group had a large share of the mid-market.

Naturally, she had to take a good share of the mid-market as well.

As a result, the stores in China were closed for business, so all the goods that were supposed to be in backlog were shipped overseas.

Although it increased the cost, the profits were also very large.

Moreover, compared to selling them in China, the profits were even greater.

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