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Chapter 221 Really

“Use the drones to spread out some beast repellant and secure the perimeter,” Li Yunfei ordered.

Their current location wasn’t bad.

While they were up a mountain, they had a good, open view with many trees concealing their current location.

To their left was a mountain road large enough to fit the trucks.

All they needed to do was to secure their escape route and add some alarms on the perimeter and they would be all set.

Just as they were about to carry out their orders, Xiang Ning arrived.

“You’re late by fifty-four minutes, and here I thought you were eaten by the Pale Moon as dessert,” Li Yunfei said as he glanced at his watch.

“On the contrary, I’ve eaten it as my main course.

It wasn’t too bad, just that the meat was a bit tough,” Xiang Ning laughed.

When he heard that Xiang Ning had eaten the beast, Li Yunfei was both impressed and shocked.

The Pale Moon was a tier four Beast General and Xiang Ning was only tier three.

Even if he had the Devourer and Heaven’s Key Armor, it would still be difficult to kill one.

“Not bad kiddo! Your strength should’ve increased by quite a bit, am I not right Did it drop a beast core Stronger beasts have a higher chance of generating a core,” Li Yunfei congratulated him, but he still wanted to whack him for calling him an old bastard from before. 

“Yeah, it did have one,” Xiang Ning said, but his eyes revealed a complicated gaze.

“Wait, really Holy crap! Hey, let’s make a deal! Could you use the beast core and forge me a bioweapon too I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw yours.” Li Yunfei cheekily smiled as he said that.


Li Yunfei didn’t know that the beast core had been swallowed by Devourer, so naturally he thought that Xiang Ning didn’t want to do it because it would be hard to obtain the other materials.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll prepare all the other materials you need.

I’ll even pay you for the completion of the bioweapon!”

“No, you don’t understand.”

“Oh, come on, we met the beast together.

Look, you’ve eaten its meat and obtained its beast core, and I’m even offering to pay you to forge the bioweapon.

No matter how you see it, you’re the winner of this deal.” Li Yunfei felt that his savings should be enough to forge a bioweapon.

The reason he hadn’t done so previously was that the success rate was too low.

“No, you still don’t understand.”

“Hey now, don’t be like that.”

“Sigh… look, let me be honest with you—the beast core was swallowed by this! I was so heartbroken by it!” Xiang Ning said that as he pointed to the Devourer.

A beast core was a valuable resource that even the commander of the Fortress Three was delighted to gain.

He hoped that he wouldn’t need to return the Devourer.

“Huh What do you mean swallowed” Li Yunfei didn’t believe that the Devourer was capable of such feats.

“Sure, sure.

Let’s just say it was swallowed.” He left after he patted Xiang Ning’s shoulder, a bit crestfallen.

Xiang Ning saw that he was moving further away and called him at the last moment.


“Hmm Yes” Li Yunfei immediately turned back, his eyes filled with hope.

“It really was swallowed by the Devourer.”

“Fuck!” He stormed off into a truck.

Xiang Ning scratched his head.

He had told the truth! He looked at the Devourer and felt that his tone and expression were on point, so why did the old man not believe him He turned his gaze downward to the ruined city.

In front of an abandoned building, he saw dried blood splatter and overturned soil.

That should be where Fang Hao was.

“Xiang Ning, come here,” Li Yunfei called on the radio.

Xiang Ning entered the truck and saw multiple devices being operated.

At the center was a digital simulation of the ruined city.

This was the data obtained from the drones prior to their arrival.

“There’s a total of one thousand and three hundred beasts.

Among them are twenty tier four beasts, two tier five beasts, and one tier six beast.

It seems that this is the correct location.” 

“So this is where the Octoviolet Silversnake is hiding The rest of the beasts are its bodyguards then”

“That’s correct.

The problem lies in the two tier five beasts and that tier six beast.” Li Yunfei pointed at the three beasts surrounding the building.

“Did we find out the location of the Octoviolet Silversnake and Fang Hao”

“We did.

There’s a bunker underneath the ruined city.

Based on sonar scans we’ve located the presence of two humans and over a dozen beasts.”

Xiang Ning nodded.

It looked like they had been trapped.

“We now have two options, either we directly aim for the Octoviolet Silversnake and kill it, or we can escape the moment we rescue Fang Hao and the rest.”

Xiang Ning’s mind was racing.

“Did we factor in the Seven Deadly Sins”

Li Yunfei thought for a bit before explaining, “We just killed two of their lower-ranking members, and they shouldn’t be able to redirect more to our location in such a short amount of time.

We need to finish this quickly.

The faster the better.”

“Let’s rescue them first.

The situation’s too dangerous for us to hunt the Octoviolet Silversnake, and there’s even extremely powerful beasts.

Even if we killed the snake, we would have to pay a heavy price.” 

If Alia hadn’t synthesized the cure for the berserk factor, everyone present might have chosen to sacrifice their lives to kill the snake in an attempt to stop the stampede.

But now that they had a cure, as long as the snake didn’t directly appear in front of the fortress, there should be no problems.

“Good, then let’s assign the members of the extraction team.” 

“No need, I can go in alone.

I need someone to cover me from the outside.

As long as I have  the Devourer, I’ll be fine.”

“No, I can’t allow that.

If something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibilities,” Li Yunfei declined.

Xiang Ning’s talent was too strong, it would be a loss for the entirety of humanity if he were to die here.

“I have the strength to do so.”

“You have the strength my ass.”

“I’m now a tier three, eight-star martial artist and a tier three, nine-star spiritual cultivator.

That makes me the best candidate for this operation.” Xiang Ning wasn’t trying to play the hero; he had already calculated what he could and couldn’t do.

Li Yunfei was strong, but he needed to stay behind to cover for the entire team if something were to happen.

But as for Xiang Ning, he could hide from countless beasts with Disguise, or he could even scare them away with the Devourer and Sovereign’s Throne.

As long as he wasn’t surrounded by three tier four beasts, he should easily be able to escape.

He even held the special cure capable of curing the berserk factor.

That alone should be enough to stun the beasts affected by the Octoviolet Silversnake’s miasma by at least a minute.

The process of being cured should be taxing on their bodies.

He was confident in his strength and wouldn’t have insisted on the rescue if he didn’t have it.

Li Yunfei thought about it and factored in many other things.

When Six saw that Li Yunfei was in deep thought, he volunteered, “Let me accompany him!”

Doge & Chacha's Thoughts

Oooooh they reached the location! Time to save (his brother-in-law) Fang Hao! ;p



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