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He really didnt understand Ark Company.

Ever since they obtained the high energy evolution crystals, their company suddenly had no more desires.

They didnt care about the main storyline at all, nor did they have any ambitions.

The Federation even promised to give Ark Company regional rights to the world if they complete the main storyline mission.

Normal companies would have been so excited that they couldnt sleep.

However, Ark Company displayed its individuality and did not even look at it.

From this point of view, Ark Company really did seem to come from a high-tier world.

“In addition, aside from a large number of high energy evolution crystals, Ark Company also offered to exchange for rare ore materials.

Later, I also heard from other sources that Ark Company purchased a few safe areas from Raptor Company.

They expelled the players that belonged to the safe areas and took over the primeval forest region.”

The more he said, the more Alba and the federal team felt that Ark Company was strange.

“Ark Company rarely contacts the outside world.”

Sheng Hui really did not understand this company.

It seemed that Ark Company had no relationship with the anti-federation forces, and they also maintained friendly cooperation with the Federation.

But it still seemed strange.

It made people unable to figure out their real purpose.

“Forget it.

The main storyline should be the focus for now.

Just keep an eye on Ark Company.”


At this moment, in the Tianlin mining area of District 11 of the Wasteland Apocalypse.

[Hint: You have completed the transformation of the Tier 2 space tearing device.]

[Hint: You have completed the transformation of the space tearing device to load the particle ore transport technology.]

Through the particle ore transportation device of the teleportation machine, the space tunnel could instantly teleport the ore, greatly increasing the efficiency of the transportation of ore-type materials!

A game hint appeared in front of Fang Hengs eyes.


“Ha, luckily I didnt fail.”

Victor held the wrench and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“Well done, Victor.”

Qiu Yaokang, who was controlling the main control platform, nodded at Victor.

“The loading of the ore particle transport technology has been completed.

It is estimated that the efficiency of our ore teleportation can be increased by about 50 times compared to the past.”

Relying on a large number of resources exchanged from the Raptor Company and the Federation, coupled with the constant transportation by the zombie clones, the high-tier ore area in the underground temple and the entire alien spawn spaceships cabin were cut into small pieces, and batch after batch was sent into the Zombie Apocalypse through the teleportation passage.

Dodd was completely impressed by the Ark Company.

At this moment, he was already working on alien technology research and development in the newly built research room of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Following that, the resources of the Wasteland World would be continuously sent back to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Empty Wasteland Apocalypse!

Fang Heng was gradually getting excited.

Over the past few days, he had completed more than half of his investigation of the primeval forest.

He had also found a few rare crystal mines and energy crystals in the interior of the primeval forest.

Even though the reserves werent much, the key point was that there werent many people in the primeval forest, so they didnt need to worry about conflicts with the outside world.

They just had to mine directly.

They would dig up the entire primeval forest together with them!

Fang Heng was secretly calculating in his heart.

“Theres one more thing.

Fang Heng, come and take a look.”

Qiu Yaokang called Fang Heng to the main control platform.

“We have tested the special crystal ores found under the cave.

With our current technology, we cant completely isolate the radiation from the ores and use the energy.

We can only rely on your zombies to use the energy directly.”

Qiu Yaokang looked at Fang Heng as he spoke.

The zombie clones were really useful.

The energy crystals found in the underground mining area under the temple were very clean, and the effect was better than normal energy.

However, they were affected by the strong radiation, so humans couldnt get close to them.

They could only rely on the zombie clones to collect the energy crystals.

After all, the zombie clones were not afraid of the radiation effect at all, so they just mined recklessly.

Radiation could not kill them anyway.

Without the zombie clones, it would take at least half a year to develop this batch of ores.

Qiu Yaokang reminded him, “But I have to remind you that there are huge safety risks in this mining method.”

“I understand.”

Fang Heng shrugged.

“Okay, there are still a few more studies.

The research on radiation is still in the development stage, and the research on radiation from the fusion Tyrant form and other high-vitality organisms has been completed.

We can only do a high-concentration radiation laboratory that can release a large amount of radiation in a short period.”


Fang Heng blinked his eyes, indicating that he did not understand at all.

“Alright, then Ill make it simple.” Qiu Yaokang nodded and continued, “We can already weaken the fusion Tyrant forms vitality in one minute and then kill it through your manual self-detonation method.”

Well done!

They could finally bring the fusion Tyrant form to various worlds.

Fang Heng gave Qiu Yaokang a look of praise, secretly giving him a thumbs up.

“In addition, after the synthesis of the cultivation device, the functions of the zombie corpses after the radiation mutation can be slightly improved.”

“Similarly, the research on radiation is very dangerous.

Ive discussed it with Dr.

Ding Min and Dodd.

Weve considered setting up a new large-scale radiation research laboratory outside the prison.”

“After considering all kinds of things, weve decided on an island that is temporarily uninhabited as the planned site.”

“No problem.

Well build it immediately!”

Fang Heng clenched his fist and asked, “You lack resources, right”

“Yes, thats right.

Isolating radiation requires some special resources.

We also lack a lot of mineral resources.”

Qiu Yaokang nodded and said, “Ive already discussed it with Mo Jiawei.

The collection of basic materials has been completed.

We still lack a lot of upgrade materials.

Well think of a way to collect them from the Wasteland World and the Zombie Apocalypse world.”

Fang Heng said, “Go ahead and do it.”.

The entire Districts 7 and 8 of the Zombie Apocalypse belonged to him.

Now, he could simply take away the items from District 11 of the Wasteland Apocalypse with ease too.

If there was something missing, grab it!

As he was thinking, a line of game hints appeared on his retina.

[Hint: Players current radiation-related research level has reached Level 12, world-level research level has reached Level 30, relevant pre-research conditions have been met, and the conditions to build a radiation research institute have been met.]

[Hint: Player has unlocked a large-scale radiation research institute.]

[Hint: Building a large-scale radiation research institute requires a wide range of requirements: super large; building resources: massive.]

[Hint: Players world-level evaluation tier could be increased after building a large-scale radiation research institute.]

Fang Hengs heart skipped a beat.

There was such an operation

“Permission granted.”

[Hint: Player has completed the basic construction of a large-scale radiation research institute, Current large-scale radiation research institute level: Level 0 (basic location selection).]

[Hint: Players current strength score of District 8 of Zombie Apocalypse has increased by 0.1.]

“I will discuss with Victor and complete the all-rounded upgrade of the research institute for radiation as soon as possible.

I believe that we will be able to fuse the radiation mutation into a zombie corpse very soon and significantly improve the ability of a zombie corpse.

It will take about two to three days.”

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