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Fang Heng hummed softly.


He had tricked Dodd into coming back and even obtained a special building from the Wasteland World

It could even increase the world-level rating

It was an unexpected surprise!

This trip to the Wasteland World wasnt a loss, and it could also increase a small portion of the zombie clones abilities.

It seemed that this special building could still be upgraded.

It seemed to be something similar to the world of the vampires Angetas and the Holy Courts Temple of Zeus.

However, its level should be a little lower.

Fang Heng pondered in his heart and nodded.

He looked at Mo Jiawei and said, “Old Mr.

Mo, Ill leave it to you.”

Mo Jiawei shrugged.


Im familiar with this job.”

To Mo Jiawei, his task was just purchasing resources from the outside world.

He didnt lack money and this would be an easy job for him.

Mo Jiawei didnt expect that he would build a branch base here as well.

He thought that he was here for a vacation, but it seemed that Fang Heng was planning to empty the Wasteland World as well.

In the past two days, in the Wasteland Apocalypse District 11, Ark Companys reputation had risen.

They were known as the ruthless players who occupied the entire primeval forest region!

Just by hearing the nameArk Company, players would voluntarily surrender and leave the area.

Ark Company did not even need to make a move and they could occupy the areas easily.

Occupying the primeval forest did affect the interests of the other game guilds.

There were a few companies that had developed in the periphery of the primeval forest that wanted to compete with Ark Company and jointly declare war on them.

Ark Company completely ignored them and continued to occupy the primeval forest area.

After the alliance launched a few probing attacks, they were completely dumbfounded.

Two to three days later, the alliance was completely disbanded.

They did not gain any advantage at all.

Instead, they became the laughingstock.

Ark Companys acquisition price, which was slightly higher than the market price, had more or less boosted the economy of the game, leaving a good impression on the ordinary players.

Just when the players thought that Ark Company was about to become a super-sized gaming company and even wanted to compete with the Federation, the entire Ark Company became extremely low-key again.

Fang Heng once again entered the game world.

A line of game hints quickly refreshed on his retina.

[Hint: You have completed the level-up of the Tier 5 space tearing device.

Your shelter level has been increased.]

[Hint: Your research personel has received encouragement.

Player has obtained special status-sincere cooperation (lasts for 48 days).

The loyalty of all members has been increased.

Some researchers experience points have been increased.

Some researchers levels have been increased.

Research speed and construction speed have been increased.]

[Item: Large-scale space tearing device.]

Current tier: Level 5.

Current tier effect 1: Permanently shorten the location time of the branch space tearing device.

Reduce the passages location and construction time.

The number of auxiliary transporter plates that can be built: 5.

Number of players allowed to invade the world at the same time: 9.

Current tier effect 2: Current large-scale space tearing device can be transported across regions (server)(maximum duration: 102 hours), can be transported on a large scale, and reduce the time required to connect and locate (requires a large amount of energy).

Current tier effect 3: Player will receive an additional 6 warp backpack slots.


Fang Heng was in a good mood and clenched his fists tightly.

Level-up of the space device was completed!

After the level-up, there were three more warp backpack slots.

It was very practical!

In theory, the teleportation discs should allow them to travel to more worlds now.

Now that the Wasteland World vacation was basically over, it was still unknown how long Dodd would have to wait to study aliens.

It was time to consider the next step.

Fang Heng thought and walked toward the newly built temporary teleportation hall No.

2 in the shelter.

In the temporary hall, Victor was discussing something with Mo Jiawei in front of the teleportation disc.

Seeing Fang Heng, Victor waved his hand and said, “Fang Heng, youre here.

I have good news to tell you.”

“I guessed it.

The mechanical device has completed its level-up, right”

“I really cant hide anything from you.” Victor shrugged helplessly, then showed a little excitement and called Fang Heng over to check it out.

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