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Chapter 13: Awakening Special Skill (1)

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On the field, all the teachers and students stared fixedly at the screen in front of them, checking on Lu Yans situation.

Some students even took out their phones to record, prepared to post it online after this to take advantage of the situation.

After all, Lu Yans performance would definitely cause a commotion.

At this moment, a hesitant voice sounded.

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“Dont you think that Senior Lu Yans necromancers seem to be different from other necromancers”

“I checked the videos of the necromancers battles. They basically control undead creatures to fight. They dont have much combat strength themselves, but Senior Lu Yan…”

Other necromancers would summon undead creatures to fight and then use their undead skills.

As for Lu Yan

He directly rushed forward with his wooden staff!

It was ridiculous and satisfying to look at, but he still felt that something was wrong.

“Thats indeed the case. Senior Lu Yans physical attack seems to be very high. One undead creature after another, and theyre all at the nightmare level. Clearly, his strength attribute is very high.”

“I asked around and found out that before he awakened to a combat profession, Senior Lu Yans strength attribute was very low. It was not as exaggerated as it is now. It can even be said to be far inferior to ordinary students.”

“If thats the case, theres only one possibility for Senior Lu Yan to have such a powerful physical attack now. That is, Senior Lu Yan can control the level-up power and had used all of it to increase his strength.”

Some students noticed the abnormality and came to this conclusion after a short thought.

“This does seem to explain why Senior Lu Yans strength is so powerful. After all, Ive been paying attention to Senior Lu Yan from the beginning. His strength was not so exaggerated when he first entered, but is it really possible for him to control the level-up power to increase his strength”

In the understanding of most students, the level-up power was completely uncontrollable. Usually, it would be focused on two to three attributes. However, it was still somewhat beyond their understanding that one could control it and focus it on one attribute.

“Of course its possible. This is talent. Some people have such special talent. For example, some people have a natural affinity to magic elements. This is talent. After becoming a mage, their combat strength will be much stronger than ordinary mages.”

“Therefore, Senior Lu Yan is also talented. However, hes a necromancer after all. Is it really good to increase his attributes to strength”

“Thats right. Although hes very powerful now, if his intelligence is not high, the effect of many necromancers skills will be greatly reduced.”

The surrounding students discussed. Most of the students thought that Lu Yan was overdrawing his future potential.

How could they know that Lu Yan was an undead monarch and simply cultivated both magic and martial arts Moreover, Lu Yan had much more channels to increase his body attributes than they imagined.

Wang Mude could not help but shake his head when he heard the surrounding discussion.

“What a group of little idiots. Even if Lu Yan has overdrawn his potential now, it would still be completely worth it.

“The score for clearing the nightmare level is extremely high. If Lu Yan really succeeds, he can even enter the top ten famous universities in the country. At that time, the resources rewarded will be enough to make up for the loss.

“Moreover, an increase in strength is not a bad thing. Even if youre a necromancer, an increase in strength is still good. Its just that the increase in intelligence and physique is even better.

“Moreover, the decisiveness Lu Yan displayed is something other candidates dont have. The university entrance examination doesnt test ones attribute power, but ones response and results when facing demon beasts.

“Lu Yans every attack is clean and efficient. He doesnt have any fear when facing demon beasts. Such a person will make a better impression in the evaluation and his score will be higher.”

Wang Mude knew very well that the university entrance examination valued the overall performance ability of the candidates. From the looks of it, regardless of whether Lu Yan was overdrawing his potential, he would still obtain high marks and enter a university that was ranked at the top.

He would soar into the sky!

However, some jealous students in the surroundings revealed disdain after hearing the surrounding discussion.

“I see. I thought he was very powerful. He only overdrew his potential and is still a clown.”

“Thats right. Although he can perform well in the university entrance examination, whats the use of a strong necromancer What a stupid decision.”

Zhang Fengyu listened to the surrounding people and shook his head. He directly said, “When it comes to the university entrance examination, everything depends on your performance. Stop being sour here.

“Some people cant even overdraw their potential to increase their results in the university entrance examination. Moreover, didnt you guys watch Lu Yans battle scene carefully”

“Can the few of you do such a clean battle”

“Watch and learn. Dont look so sour all day. Isnt it embarrassing”

Although Zhang Fengyu previously felt that a necromancer choosing the nightmare level difficulty was nonsense, after seeing Lu Yans battle scene, he was already convinced by Lu Yan.

This guy was not trying to attract attention. He was really trying to clear the nightmare level difficulty. Moreover, it was very likely that he could do it.

Be it the courage to choose the nightmare level difficulty, the decisiveness to focus on increasing strength, or the smooth movements in battle, they were all not something ordinary students could compare to.

As the principal of the Fourth High School, Zhang Fengyu had seen countless candidates.

He was certain that Lu Yans future achievements were limitless.

It didnt matter even if his combat profession was a necromancer.

In the secret realm, Lu Yan still did not know that he had already caused a commotion in the entire school. At this moment, he had already passed through the area of the skeleton captain and entered the Undead Swamp.

The surrounding swamp became dry, but ahead, hundreds of undead knights were waiting for Lu Yan to arrive.

After all, it was a nightmare level difficulty. The hundreds of undead knights in front of him did not attack the candidates in groups of three to five like in the ordinary level. Instead, they all directly charged towards Lu Yan.

The charge of hundreds of undead knights still brought a lot of pressure, making Lu Yan narrow his eyes.

Looking at these undead knights, Lu Yan was not afraid at all. Instead, he was eager to test out his strength.

Through the area of the skeleton captain just now, Lu Yan had already advanced to level eight.

Lu Yans current strength had already reached a terrifying 43.

Moreover, when Lu Yan advanced to level eight, he also awakened a skill.

It was the exclusive skill of the undead monarch.

[Netherworld Soul Scythe]

[Grade: Exclusive Skill]

[Level: 0]

[Gather the undead power and summon the scythe from the Netherworld. Increase attack by 30%. Duration: three minutes. Cooldown: five hours.]

[Note: The Netherworld Soul Scythe can deal damage to the soul. When used to attack, it can cause 50% soul damage.]

[Note: The Netherworld Soul Scythe can condense into a physical body after being upgraded to level ten. It can be transformed into an exclusive weapon and is not limited by the duration and cooldown time.]

[Note: Consuming a soul crystal can double the effect of the Netherworld Soul Scythe, but the duration will be reduced by a minute.]


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