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Chapter 16: Level Ten, Grandmaster Level Skill

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On the field, all the teachers and students looked at the screen in front of them and fell into a deathly silence.

After a while, some teachers and students reacted. They pointed at the screen in front of them, their lips trembling.

“This… he cleared it just like that This is a nightmare level difficulty!”

“Damn! I thought that his battle with the final boss would be a fierce battle. Who would have thought that this Lu Yan was actually able to kill the final boss so quickly”

“Did anyone calculate how long Senior Lu Yan took to kill the final boss I think it was less than half a minute, right Isnt this too abnormal”

“Too impressive! Senior Lu Yans attacks are incomparably smooth. Even the final boss couldnt last for half a minute. How cool.”

“Wuwuwu, Senior Lu Yan will be my idol in the future. I wonder if I can have a meal with my idol and drink with him later.”

“You girls are so secretive. Cant you just say what you want Im different. Senior Lu Yan, I want to do it with you.”

The surrounding teachers were also shocked. They looked carefully at the screen in front of them. Some rubbed their eyes and could not believe what they saw.

“How can the killing speed be so fast Thats the nightmare level difficulty.”

“But everything seems to be normal. There also havent been any alerts. In other words, there arent any problems with Lu Yan clearing the level.”

“Nightmare level difficulty, fifteen minutes and twenty seconds! This is definitely a new record!”

“Although he didnt kill all the demon beasts, at this speed, his points will definitely be in the top three in the entire province. He can even compete for the first place in the entire province!”

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The surrounding teachers also became excited. After all, Lu Yan was a student of the Fourth High School and represented the Fourth High School.

The better his results were, the more education resources Fourth High School would obtain next year.

Zhang Fengyu directly stood up and could not hide the joy on his face.

Lu Yans performance was at least in the top three in the entire province.

This was the first time such a high-achieving student had appeared in the Fourth High School of Linan City. How could he not be excited

Wang Mude was also smiling. Although Lu Yans performance was somewhat strange, his results were normal. To be able to clear the level so quickly, he definitely had some secrets.

However, no one cared about Lu Yans secrets now. Lu Yans results were the focus of everyones attention.

“Look, Senior Zhou Xinghao is still fighting hard in the area of the undead knights. Although hes not in any danger, hes in a very sorry state.”

“Thats right. Its simply a sharp contrast to Senior Lu Yan.”

Some students pointed at Zhou Xinghaos figure on the screen. Compared to Zhou Xinghaos performance, Lu Yans strength was accentuated.

How could the teachers and students not feel their blood boil when they saw this scene

At this moment, Lu Yan had yet to come out of the secret realm. This was because after killing the final boss just now, Lu Yan had advanced to the tenth level.

[Name: Lu Yan]

[Level: 10]

[Profession: Undead Monarch]

[Talent Skill: Undead intimidation: As an undead monarch, all undead will fear your might. When facing you, their attack and defense will decrease by 50.]

[Talent Skill: Netherworld Soul Devouring: As an undead monarch, you can devour the soul power of irresistible creatures and use it to obtain 1% of the other partys strength.]

[Talent Skill: Undead Army: As an undead monarch, you can command a huge undead army. Theres no limit to the number of undead you can control.]

[Undead Netherworld Armor (level 3): Summon the undead power to form a Netherworld Armor around ones body that can resist any damage. Current resistance value: 35. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown time: 5 hours.]

[Skeleton Elite (level 3): Summons two Skeleton Elites to fight for you. Skeleton Elite Attributes: Strength: 18, Physique: 20, Agility: 8, Intelligence: 0 (Skeleton Elites die in battle and enter cooldown. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.)]

[Undead Rage (level 3): Instantly doubles all attributes of controlled undead creatures, lasts for 50 seconds, and increases the movement speed of charging undead creatures by 40%. (Cooldown time is 3 minutes.)]

[Strength: 47]

[Physique: 13]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

Looking at his attributes, Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. It looked somewhat strange for him to see that all of his free attribute points had been spent on his strength.

However, it was precisely because of this that Lu Yan was able to pass the nightmare level assessment.

He had also gained an additional four free attribute points and one skill point. Lu Yan thought for a moment and added these four free attribute points to his physique.

Although he had the Undead Netherworld Armor, he still had to increase his physique to protect his life. Moreover, he did not have an urgent need to increase his intelligence.

Ding… congratulations on leveling up to level ten and awakening the exclusive skill of the undead monarch, Corpse Explosion.

Corpse explosion

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. This could be considered a proper necromancer skill.

However, this skill seemed to be exclusive to the undead monarch.

[Corpse Explosion (Grandmaster): Use a corpse to cause an explosion, causing damage to an area of one cubic meter. The damage output is the combined value of 50% of the users intelligence and 50% of the users strength.]

A grandmaster level Corpse Explosion!

Lu Yans eyes lit up. Generally speaking, Corpse Explosion was a high level skill for necromancers, but he did not expect it to be a grandmaster level skill.

After reading the introduction, Lu Yan found something different.

An ordinary Corpse Explosion only had a damage output of 50% of his intelligence. However, a grandmaster level Corpse Explosion also added 50% of his strength to the damage output.

As expected of an undead monarch who cultivated both magic and martial arts. The increase in strength also had an effect on skills.

After a simple rest, Lu Yan chose to leave the secret realm.


As a light lit up, the bronze mirror trembled, and Lu Yans figure appeared on the field again.

At this moment, Lu Yan was dressed in wooden armor and holding a wooden staff. He did not seem to have changed much from before.

He only had more dust on his body. Compared to the other candidates, Lu Yan seemed to have gone in to travel.

All the surrounding teachers and students knew very well how ridiculous Lu Yan had been to clear the level.

“Awesome! Senior Lu Yan, other than saying this, I dont know how else to describe you. Youre my god.”

“Senior Lu Yan, youre really too impressive. Im in my second year of high school. Senior Lu Yan, can you come to my house to tutor me tonight My parents arent home.”

“Senior Lu Yan, my father is the real estate king of Linan City. Are you willing to be my boyfriend Ill get my father to use all his resources to help you increase your strength.”

Lu Yan was directly stunned when he heard the cheers and shouts around him.

Although he had expected his performance to cause a commotion, Lu Yan did not expect it to cause such a powerful commotion.

At this moment, Principal Zhang Fengyu arrived in front of Lu Yan and said with a smile, “Congratulations, Student Lu Yan. With your performance, you will definitely be able to be ranked in the top three in the entire province.”

“However, how did you clear the level so quickly Do you have any techniques Can you teach us It will also be able to help these first and second-year students.”


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