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Chapter 20: Undeads Sheepskin Scroll

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Lu Yan did not have any thoughts of waiting to take revenge. If it was up to him, he wouldnt even be able to wait for another minute.

Moreover, even if he chose to let the matter rest, would Singa let the matter rest

As someone who had performed so well in the university entrance examination, they would probably not let him have an easy time.

Instead of waiting for Singa to find him, it was better for him to take the initiative.

The old man in front of him smiled and said, “Sir, youre being too general. Theres a lot of information about Singa. Which one do you want specifically”

“I want information about Singas personnel. As for Hu Wei and Wang Feng, I want detailed information about them, including their addresses and strength.”

The old man checked the information when he heard this. Then, he looked at Lu Yan and said, “The distribution of Singas people is not important information. Hu Weis information is also not that important. However, Wang Feng is considered one of the core figures of Singa. Her information will be more expensive.”

“Ive calculated for you. In total, we will need 100,000 energy coins.”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. Not bad, it was a little cheaper than he had expected.

“Alright! 100,000 energy coins it is.”

Lu Yan paid and quickly obtained the information he wanted.

The old man also gave him some additional simple information about famous experts. This information was all public and was not valuable.

After checking the information briefly, Lu Yan already had an idea.

Singa was still very powerful and had many experts. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to resist Singa.

However, Hu Wei was only a low level member of the Singa Group and did not have a high status in the Singa Group. He usually lived with his subordinates in a dilapidated villa in the west of the city.

Hu Wei was a level 20 swordsman, and his strength was considered to be below average in Linan City.

Although Lu Yan and the other candidates could quickly advance to the tenth level in the university entrance examination, that was only because they had the help of the secret realm.

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Out in the real world, he would have to kill countless demon beasts to reach level ten.

Moreover, the higher the level, the longer it would take for them to level up.

Level 20 was already not bad. At the very least, he could live a good life.

As for Wang Feng, she was only a level-18 summoner and was not powerful.

However, she lived in a villa area arranged by Singa. The people living there were all Singa members and had tight security.

The information the old man gave included the security system of the villa area as well as the loopholes.

The 100,000 energy coins was very worth it.

Lu Yans goal was Hu Wei and Wang Feng. As for the entire Singa, it was impossible for Lu Yan to resist now.

After simply sorting out the information, Lu Yan walked out and returned to the hall of the Hailan Exchange.

The shopping guide, Xiaoqi, had been waiting at the door. When she saw Lu Yan come out, she did not ask how the transaction inside was going and directly asked, “Sir, do you have any other requests”

Lu Yan nodded and said, “I need some weapons and equipment, as well as special items. Its best if theyre gold level.”

The levels of the equipment were ranked according to the white, bronze, silver, golden, platinum, and diamond. The gold level items were the best quality Lu Yan could buy now.

The shop assistants eyes lit up. The other party had requested for gold level equipment. This was a big customer.

Looking at Lu Yan, the shop assistant asked, “Sir, what weapons do you need I can help you find them according to your requirements.”

Lu Yan thought for a moment and said, “I want a black scythe for my weapon. As for defensive equipment, just give me a set. It doesnt have to be too defensive. I want something that can increase my movement speed.

“Ill take a look at the special items before choosing.”

“Alright, sir. Follow me.” After hearing Lu Yans request, the shop assistant directly brought Lu Yan to the east wing.

Scythe weapons were considered relatively unpopular equipment. However, the Hailan Exchange was still a national chain and had equipment that was even more unpopular.

Soon, the shop assistant brought Lu Yan to a row of black scythes.

There were more than twenty black scythes of various styles here.

Lu Yan checked carefully and compared the various attributes. He chose a black scythe that was somewhat similar to the Netherworld Soul Scythe.

[Black Bone Scythe]

[Grade: Gold]

[Equipment Strength 15, Intelligence 9. Made from the spine of the Bone Dragon. Possesses the strength of the undead.]

[Additional Skill: Spirit Tide: Condense the undead power to form a tide that attacks the souls in the area ahead. It can intimidate and cause stiffness.]

The quality was not bad and it even came with its own skill. It was not bad among gold level equipment.

“How much is this scythe” Lu Yan asked directly.

The shop assistant said, “Sir, the current price of this scythe is 500,000 energy coins.”

The price of weapons and equipment would fluctuate. Now, 500,000 energy coins was a passable price. It was not expensive, but it was not cheap either.

“I want it. Bring me to see the defensive equipment.”

The shop assistants smile widened. She directly brought Lu Yan to the defensive equipment area and let Lu Yan take his pick.

The defensive equipment here was everywhere. Lu Yan picked for a long time and considered the prices before choosing a full set of defensive equipment.

[Wind Spirit Armor]

[Grade: Gold]

[Equipment Physique 5, Agility 4. Armor blessed by a wind-type spirit. Very lightweight.]

[Wind Spirit Helm]

[Grade: Gold]

[Equipment Physique 4, Agility 3. A helmet blessed by a wind-type spirit. Very lightweight.]

[Wind Spirit Bracer]

[Grade: Gold]

[Equipment intelligence 5, agility 2. Bracer blessed by a wind-type spirit. Very lightweight.]

[Wind Spirit Boots]

[Grade: Gold]

[Equipment intelligence 3, agility 8. Boots blessed by a wind-type spirit. Very lightweight.]

The four parts had good attributes. Most importantly, they all had the effect of a set.

[Set effect: Wind Spirit: Agility 6, obtaining a silent effect. The user will not make any sounds when walking.]

Since Lu Yan wanted to deal with Hu Wei and Wang Feng, it was naturally impossible for him to do it openly. This Wind Spirit Set was very suitable for him.

Of course, the price was not cheap either. It required an entire 1.5 million energy crystals.

After buying it, Lu Yan only had 900,000 energy crystals left.

Lu Yan looked at the shopping guide beside him and said, “Bring me to the special items area to take a look.”

Special items were usually one-off and had various effects.

The shop assistant brought Lu Yan to the special item area and introduced them one by one.

Soon, Lu Yans gaze landed on a talisman.

[Soundproof Talisman]

[After using it, you can completely isolate the sounds in an area within a hundred meters from the outside world.]

This was a useful item. It might not be useful against Hu Wei, but it would definitely be useful against Wang Feng.

At this moment, Lu Yans gaze landed on a tattered sheepskin scroll.

There were strange words written on the sheepskin scroll, and it was unknown what they were.

The introduction on it interested Lu Yan.

[Undead Sheepskin Scroll]

[The sheepskin scroll obtained from an undead creature can give you a random undead-type skill book.]


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