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Chapter 3: I Want All of It

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The teacher beside him saw Lu Yan in a daze and said, “Dont be stunned. If youre done awakening your profession, then go down. Its already not bad for you to awaken the necromancer profession.”

Lu Yan returned to his senses and nodded before walking off the stage.

At this moment, his attention was on the daily mission.

[Todays mission: Push-up (0/300), Jumping-jacks(0/100), Pull-up (0/200)]

[After completing todays mission, you can choose to obtain the following reward.]

[Reward 1: Obtain 3 free attribute points.]

[Reward 2: Obtain 3 skill points.]

[Reward 3: Obtain a professional skill book.]

[Reward 4: I want all of them (Only children make choices. I want all of them. This is an option that rarely appears.)]

This was the systems daily mission. It was somewhat similar to the game system.

Free attribute points and skill points were both very precious. The former could increase ones physique, and the latter could increase ones skill proficiency.

There was no need to mention the professional skill book. It could allow one to instantly comprehend an ability. It was naturally an excellent choice.

Of course, compared to the fourth reward, the first three rewards were not attractive.

He naturally wanted all of them.

Lu Yan opened his body attributes.

[Strength: 8]

[Physique: 6]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

Lu Yans strength and physique were relatively low, making him look very weak. However, his agility and intelligence were not bad, exceeding the average of ten points.

In particular, Lu Yans intelligence was twice that of an ordinary student. This made his learning ability very powerful and his combat skills and knowledge in various aspects were very good.

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After obtaining the attribute points, Lu Yan prepared to increase his physique first to prevent his body from being too weak.

“Lu Yan, not bad. Youve awakened a combat profession. Although its only a necromancer, its already not bad for you.”

A little fatty bumped into Lu Yan and smiled at him.

When Lu Yan saw the other party, he also smiled and said, “Yang Wei, youve awakened the profession you want. However, do you really plan to summon demon girls”

When Yang Wei heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly and said righteously, “Tsk, how is that possible Am I that kind of person I naturally want to summon the strongest creature.”

Lu Yan looked at him suspiciously. “Based on my understanding of you, this doesnt seem like you at all. The Yang Wei I know always talks about things that can only be said in discreet locations.”

A drop of sweat appeared on Yang Weis forehead. Then, he whispered into Lu Yans ear, “Lower your voice. Dont let everyone think that Im a pervert.”

“Also, Im not lying. I really want to summon the strongest creature.”

“You also know that Ive been painstakingly cultivating my summoner knowledge for this day.”

Lu Yan nodded. “Thats true. The pages about demon girls in the summoning book have all been torn by you.”

“Lu Yan! Dont undermine me!” Yang Wei glared at Lu Yan.

Unfortunately, even though his chubby face was wide open, he did not look threatening at all. Instead, it was somewhat cute.

“Alright, alright, I wont talk to you anymore. Ill go and receive my reward first.”

Lu Yan smiled and shook his head before heading to the place to receive the awakening reward.

Yang Wei was from the ordinary class, but he had a good relationship with Lu Yan and could be considered his only friend in the school.

Looking at Lu Yans back, Yang Wei muttered, “Im serious. I want to summon the strongest creature.”

“But who said that the demon girl cant be the strongest”

Yang Wei chuckled and could not wait to return home. He wondered if he wanted to quickly return and try to summon a demon girl.

Lu Yan arrived at the place to receive the reward and learned that the reward for awakening a combat profession this year was an essence tonic and 100,000 yuan.

The essence tonic was the condensed version of the supplement tonic. An essence tonic could help increase any attribute by one point, equivalent to one free attribute point.

Lu Yan did not want either of the rewards. Instead, he chose to exchange the two for a high-grade healing liquid.

Lu Yan had originally planned to use the reward to exchange for healing items for Sister Liuli.

A tube of high-grade healing liquid was not enough for Sister Liuli to recover, but it could at least improve her injuries.

After he took the university entrance examination and obtained a good ranking, he would be able to obtain a large number of resources as a reward. At that time, he would be able to completely heal Sister Liulis injuries.

After obtaining the hidden profession and auxiliary system, Lu Yan was very confident in himself. He would definitely be ranked in the university entrance examination this time!

A tube of high-grade healing liquid could be exchanged for one essence tonic and 50,000 yuan. After exchanging for the healing liquid, Lu Yan was still able to obtain 50,000 yuan.

After leaving the school, Lu Yan rushed to the Peoples Hospital in Linan City.

In Room 208 on the second floor of the Inpatient Department of the Linan City Peoples Hospital.

On the third bed, Luo Liuli, who was covered in bandages, was frowning at Director Huang in front of her.

“38,000 Why have the medical fees gotten more expensive again”

Director Huang looked at Luo Liulis exquisite face and said coldly, “I know that you dont have the money to treat your injuries in one go… However, if you treat your injuries intermittently like this, your condition will become worse. The medical fees will naturally also end up increasing.”

Luo Liuli bit her lip when she heard this.

She originally thought that after successfully awakening her profession, she could begin to accept missions to maintain her life and even help Lu Yan increase his physique. She did not expect to be severely injured on her first mission.

If the reward at that time had not been exchanged for the blood essence tonic, she might have been able to avoid being severely injured.

However, Luo Liuli did not regret it.

She and Lu Yan relied on each other for survival. In the orphanage, Lu Yan often secretly gave her leftovers and helped her fight.

In Luo Liulis heart, Lu Yan was her family.

Moreover, Lu Yans body was weak at that time. If he did not have the blood essence tonic to increase his blood essence, he probably would not have been able to withstand the profession awakening.

Therefore, exchanging the reward for the blood essence tonic was the best choice.

Previously, when her teammates on the mission learned of this, they even said that she was obsessed with this younger brother. Regarding this, Luo Liuli only replied with one sentence.

“Im not in a relationship and its not like Im hurting anyone. I can do whatever I want. What does that have to do with you”

Luo Liuli retracted her thoughts and had an anxious expression. She did not want to see Lu Yan burdened by all the medical fees.

Seeing this, Director Huang said coldly, “With your appearance, if you become a plaything for those rich young masters, the other party will help you pay for the treatment. Moreover, they will give you a large sum of money. This might be a way out.

“In the face of death, its best not to persist in so-called dignity. Ive witnessed too many deaths. If you die, youll lose everything.”

Director Huangs voice was very cold. He was used to life and death and knew Luo Liulis situation. This was the only solution he could think of.

“Thank you for your concern, Director Huang. However, Director Huang, you should just do your job.”

At this moment, Lu Yan pushed the door and entered.

Director Huang was stunned for a moment before sneering. “Then pay the medical fees first. Its already been three days. The total is 38,000.”

Lu Yan took out his bank card and the tube of high-grade healing liquid and said to Director Huang, “Ill pay for the medical fees directly. Moreover, I still have 12,000 inside. Ill use that to pay for the future fees in advance.”

“Director Huang, please inject this healing liquid into Sister Liuli. Thank you.”

Director Huang was stunned for a moment. She looked at Lu Yan and then received the bank card and the healing liquid before directly turning to leave.

Looking at Director Huangs back, Lu Yan frowned slightly. Director Huangs medical skills were still alright, but he was too cold.

On the hospital bed, Luo Liuli was slightly stunned when she saw Lu Yan hand over the bank card and the healing liquid. Then, her face revealed a happy expression.

“Little Yan, did you successfully awaken your profession”


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