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Chapter 10: Level-Up Reward

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“ A necromancer Am I seeing things”

“Thats right. Although its shocking for a very powerful mage to choose the nightmare level, its also imaginable. However, how could a necromancer dare to choose the nightmare level”

“Could it be that hes fooled by the fact that the dungeon is the Undead Swamp”

When they saw that the next person to choose the nightmare level was a necromancer, the surroundings were in an uproar.

It was already very exaggerated for a mage to choose the nightmare level difficulty, let alone a necromancer.

When they saw Lu Yans name, the surrounding students were stunned again.

“Lu Yan Do you know this senior Why havent I heard of him before”

“Of course youve never heard of him. This Lu Yan is in the accompanying class and is not from an ordinary class.”

“What! A necromancer and a student in the accompanying class actually dares to choose the nightmare difficulty This senior is really ambitious.”

“What do you mean by that I think hes just using this method to attract attention. He knows that he cant get any good results as a necromancer, so hes using this method to attract attention. Hes just a clown.”

The principal of the Fourth High School, Zhang Fengyu, frowned slightly and was very dissatisfied with this behavior of treating the university entrance examination as a performance.

Wang Mude also frowned. Lu Yan was his student and it was not bad for him to be able to awaken a combat profession. Even as a necromancer, Wang Mude still felt that Lu Yan had some potential.

However, why did he choose the nightmare level

Could it be that he was really trying to get everyones attention

However, he remembered that Lu Yan was usually careful and would not do such a thing.

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Could it be that he was confident

Then, Wang Mude shook his head. How was this possible

The outcome was already decided when a necromancer chose the nightmare level.

He would probably end the university entrance examination by being teleported out from the secret realm.

At this moment, Lu Yan slowly opened his eyes and discovered that he had appeared in a swamp.

The surrounding environment was very damp, but there was a small path in the swamp ahead that the two of them could pass through.

On both sides of the tunnel, the dark swamp kept bubbling, emitting a faint stench.

It was the nightmare difficulty!

The attributes of the undead creatures here would be higher than ordinary and difficult. Basically, 99% of the candidates would not choose the nightmare difficulty.

After all, if they could not clear it, their score would be lower than if they had chosen the ordinary level. The risk was too high.

The countdown had already begun. Lu Yan did not hesitate. He took a deep breath and directly walked onto the small path in front of him.

As soon as he stepped on it, a large number of bubbles surged out of the swamp on both sides. Then, two skeleton soldiers appeared from the swamp.

These two skeleton soldiers emitted a dense undead aura. Their bones were white and they held long sabers, giving off an extremely dangerous feeling.

At the same time, the swamp behind him also began to surge, and skeleton soldiers began to reveal their heads.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly used his skill, Skeleton Elite.

His mental strength was instantly consumed a little. Then, two skeleton elites appeared under Lu Yans feet.

Compared to the skeleton soldiers that appeared in the swamp beside him, the skeleton elites that appeared beside Lu Yan were clearly much taller. Moreover, they were wearing old bone armor and held white bone spears.

As he ordered the two skeleton elites to welcome the skeleton soldiers rushing over from both sides, Lu Yan checked the attributes of the skeleton soldiers that had appeared in the surrounding swamp.

[Skeleton Soldier]

[Level: 5]

[Strength: 16, Physique: 20, Agility: 7, Intelligence: 0]

As expected of the nightmare difficulty, the skeleton soldiers that had just come out were already at level 5. Moreover, their attributes were clearly higher than ordinary skeleton soldiers of the same level.

A strength of 16 was already far superior to most candidates. Coupled with a physique of 20, it was enough to make all the candidates despair.

Unfortunately, it was useless!

In front of Lu Yan, all the undead creatures attack and defense were reduced by half.

In other words, the strength of the skeleton soldier Lu Yan faced was 8 and the physique was 10.

The attributes of the skeleton elites far surpassed the other party. Lu Yan did not even need the undead rage to kill the two skeleton soldiers beside him.

As the two skeleton soldiers died, two streams of light appeared from their corpses and quickly entered Lu Yans body.

Killing demons could increase his level-up power.

The two skeleton soldiers directly increased Lu Yans level by one level.

The university entrance examination was actually also a safe environment for the candidates to advance. After all, there was no protection mechanism when killing demon beasts in the real world. They would not be teleported away in the face of a death threat.

This could also be considered a benefit for the candidates.

The candidates could constantly kill demon beasts to level up. Then, they would face higher level demon beasts and finally kill the final demon beast boss to pass the assessment.

Ding… detected that the host has obtained combat experience to level up. As an undead monarch, you can completely control the level-up power. The system will transform your strength into free attribute points for the host to decide.

The voice that appeared in his mind stunned Lu Yan for a moment before a happy expression appeared on his face.

After changing to a combat profession, one could obtain combat experience to level up by killing demon beasts.

However, the distribution of the level-up power was automatic. According to the different professions, the focus would also be different. For example, when a warrior leveled up, the level-up power would prioritize on strength and physique. On the other hand, intelligence was prioritized for mages.

Of course, this was not absolute. The level-up power would be distributed differently every time and was uncontrollable.

However, Lu Yan could transform the level-up power into free attribute points and then freely assign them!

In this way, he could completely make up for his shortcomings and increase his strength.

Soon, Lu Yan could sense that he had four free attribute points and one skill point.

Every time he leveled up, he would obtain four free attribute points of strength and one skill point. After reaching the second level, the number of free attribute points and skill points he obtained would increase.

However, ordinary people would not be able to choose how the points were assigned. Lu Yan could choose for himself.

This was a huge advantage.

However, the increase in attributes was not only dependent on the level-up power obtained from leveling up, but also on the usual training and resources.

Therefore, there were cases where one would have higher attribute points despite having a lower level.

It was the same for skill points. One could rely on comprehension and training to increase their skill proficiency. One did not need to only rely on skill points to increase their skills.

After all, this was reality and not a game.

Lu Yan retracted his thoughts and ordered the two skeleton elites to attack the surrounding skeleton soldiers as he thought about how to increase his attributes.

After thinking for a moment, Lu Yan directly invested all his free attribute points into his strength.


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