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Chapter 21: Master Level Skill

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The sheepskin scroll of the undead

He could obtain a random undead skill book

Seeing this sheepskin scroll, Lu Yans eyes lit up. This was very useful

Although the undead skill book he obtained was random and he might obtain something good or a trashy skill, it was still a very good item for Lu Yan.

After all, there were not many undead-type skill books. Other than the basic ones, there were basically none circulating in the market.

He had just asked the shop assistant. There were indeed undead-type skill books in the Hailan Exchange, but there were none in Linan City. After all, there were really too few undead-type skill books.

“How much is this sheepskin scroll” Lu Yan looked at the shop assistant and asked.

The shop assistant took a look and directly said, “Sir, this sheepskin scroll costs 100,000 energy coins. Its considered relatively cheap among items of the same level.”

Lu Yan nodded. The shop assistant was right. If it was a book similar to this one but was for another profession, the price would not be lower than 500,000 energy coins.

After buying this sheepskin scroll, Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly opened the sheepskin scroll according to the shop assistants instructions.

In an instant, Lu Yan felt an undead power surge out of the sheepskin scroll and quickly entered his body.

Soon, Lu Yan felt an additional force in his body.

[Corpse Stealth (Master Level)]

[Mobilize the undead power to cover your body. It can hide your figure and allow you to pass through objects. The stronger the undead power, the better the effect.]

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. He did not expect to obtain a master level skill. His luck was still very good.

Moreover, this Corpse Stealth was a stealth skill, which was exactly what he needed now.

Lu Yan pondered for a moment. He still had 800,000 energy coins left. He thought for a moment and looked at the shopping guide beside him. “Do you have any storage items here”

The shopping guide nodded and said, “Yes, the storage items here are divided into the kind that store inanimate objects and the kind that can store living things. I wonder which one you want, sir”

“Just the ones that can store inanimate objects,” Lu Yan said directly.

Storage items that could store living things were much more expensive than storage items that could only store inanimate objects. Lu Yan did not have the money to buy them.

Moreover, Lu Yan did not need storage items to store living beings now.

The shop assistant nodded and then brought Lu Yan to the storage area.

There were all kinds of storage items here. There were bracelets, necklaces, and so on.

The price would also vary according to the storage space.

Lu Yan quickly chose a small necklace. The storage space inside was not big, only ten cubic meters, but the price had already reached 500,000 energy coins.

At this moment, Lu Yan had finished purchasing everything he needed at the Hailan Exchange.

He had arrived with three million energy coins but was now only leaving with 300,000 energy coins.

After paying for Luo Liulis medical fees, there would not be much left.

Generally speaking, the number one reward of a school was enough for the candidates to improve themselves for a month.

Moreover, they would be able to improve their bodies to the limit every day.

However, Lu Yan basically spent it all in less than an hour.

With everything he had bought, Lu Yan directly returned home.

At this moment, it began to rain.

Lu Yan made a simple meal and began to train after eating.

After exercising, he took a shower and picked up his phone. There was an additional missed call.

It was Yang Weis.

“Yang Wei Whats up” Lu Yan called back.

“Damn! Lu Yan, youre too disloyal. You ran away after the university entrance examination. Why didnt you wait for me

“Also, youre famous now. You cleared the nightmare level so quickly. If not for repeatedly confirming, I would have thought that the candidate had the same name as you.

“Sigh, I heard that youre definitely in the top three in the entire province this time. Hurry up and come out. Lets celebrate tonight. I remember that youre still a virgin, right Ill help you fix that tonight.”

As soon as he answered, Yang Weis excited voice sounded from the other end. Those who did not know better would think that he was about to become the top three in the entire province.

Lu Yan smiled. “I still have something to do today. Ill treat you to a meal tomorrow. By the way, I have something to ask you for help with.”

Yang Weis despicable voice sounded. “What kind of help Could it be that youre too shy to go out and you want me to deliver girls to your house”

Lu Yan said directly, “Get lost. Im not as desperate as you. Do you have a shabby car that doesnt work that well The kind you dont drive. I want to use it and not worry about returning it.”

Yang Wei was stunned for a moment before saying, “A shabby car I have a Mustang that I havent driven in a long time. Ill get someone to send it to you.”

A Mustang

The corner of Lu Yans mouth twitched. Wasnt this brand worth a million yuan

Although it was not worth a million energy coins, it was still a very good car. How was that a shabby car

It seemed that Yang Wei was even richer than he had imagined.

Lu Yan then said, “Theres no need to send it over. Ill give you an address. Just get someone to park the car there. Put the key in the car and leave the car unlocked.”

“Alright! Ill arrange it for you now, but dont forget about our meal tomorrow.” Yang Wei agreed readily.

After hanging up, Lu Yans gaze landed outside the window.

At this moment, the night had already darkened, and the rain outside was also getting heavier. It seemed like Linan was going to be baptized by the storm tonight.

The lights of the surrounding residents had basically been turned off.

Lu Yan also turned off the lights in the room and laid on the bed.

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Three hours later, Lu Yan opened his eyes and looked at his phone. It was already two in the morning.

Lu Yan quickly got off the bed and directly put on the equipment he had prepared beside him. He held the black scythe tightly. Then, he opened the window and watched as the wind and rain came from outside before jumping down from the window..

The height of the third floor was not a problem for the current Lu Yan.

A muffled sound landed, but it was not obvious among the crackling of the surrounding rain.

The place Lu Yan lived in was relatively dilapidated to begin with. Under the heavy rain, the street lights did not light up, and the surroundings seemed to have fallen into darkness.

Taking advantage of the night, Lu Yan quickly left. After making several turns, he arrived at an alley.

A new luxury car that was not very shabby was parked there.

“This Yang Wei is really rich. Looks like Ive underestimated him in the past.”

Lu Yan opened the car door and directly got in. After starting the engine, he stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

There were basically not many cars on the street in the heavy rain. Lu Yan did not care that the road was slippery and directly stepped on the accelerator.

The black Mustang was like a ferocious beast as it roared and rushed forward.

Lu Yan was driving towards the west side of the city!


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