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Chapter 27: Powerful Master

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Lu Yan was stunned for a moment. He did not expect this Yang Qian to be so decisive.

However, Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly said, “My card number is 6210… We can start the interview after you transfer the money.”

Yang Qian quickly transferred the money and was invited into the house by Lu Yan.

Sitting on the sofa, Yang Qian did not say anything polite. After getting the cameraman to turn on the camera, she directly went straight to the point.

“Student Lu Yan, isnt the necromancer the weakest combat profession How did you clear the nightmare difficulty with the necromancer profession Moreover, you even obtained a good result of fifteen minutes and twenty seconds.”

Yang Qian placed the microphone to Lu Yans mouth.

Lu Yan smiled and said, “Necromancers are the weakest combat profession because you dont know much about necromancers. Moreover, the demons in this assessment are undead creatures. Because of this, necromancers also have some advantages.”

Yang Qian frowned and said, “But according to my understanding, there are also some people who changed their professions to necromancers this year. However, they all have a hard time passing the assessment of the ordinary level. There are even some who didnt even pass the assessment of the ordinary level.”

Lu Yan continued, “Theres also a difference between necromancers. Moreover, Im also very talented in undead power.”

“Talent” Yang Qian raised her eyebrows.

“Thats right. If not for my extremely high talent in undead power, my master wouldnt have accepted me.”

“Master” Yang Qian acutely noticed this word.

“Ah What master Did I say Master just now” Lu Yan looked at Yang Qian and asked with a strange expression.

“Lu Yan, you did mention your master just now. I wonder who your master is Is he related to your good results in the university entrance examination”

Yang Qian looked at Lu Yan with a smile and clenched her fists.

She thought to herself, “Brat, Ive already paid for this. You didnt hide anything just now. Dont play tricks on me here!”

Lu Yan chuckled in his heart. He had accepted the interview to lure out this so-called “master”.

Immediately, Lu Yan said with a vexed expression, “Aiya, I was careless. However, I cant reveal too much to you. I can only tell you that my master is a powerful necromancer.

“He has very high attainments in undead power. Three years ago, he found me and told me that Im very talented in the undead power and wants to take me in as his disciple.

“At that time, I thought that he was a liar. However, when he summoned the two epic level bone dragons, I realized how powerful my master is.

“After that, he also kept helping me cultivate the undead power, allowing me to successfully awaken the necromancer profession.”

Yang Qian looked at Lu Yan in shock and asked, “Do you mean that this master of yours helped you cultivate the undead power in advance so that you can successfully awaken the necromancer profession”

There were people who could guide students to change their profession to a specific profession.

However, without exception, those who could do this were all people who were awakening their second professions. Moreover, they had to be top-notch figures.

“Of course. Did you see the video of my assessment The extremely powerful defensive armor condensed from the undead power on my body and that incomparably sharp scythe are both skills my master taught me.”

“If not for those two skills, it would be impossible for me to challenge the nightmare level.”

Yang Qian was shocked. She did not expect Lu Yans good results to be because of a powerful master.

The powerful defensive armor and the powerful scythe were undead skills that had never appeared before.

To be able to do this, Lu Yans master had definitely reached the peak of the undead.

It could even be said to be a grandmaster level figure.

However, this outcome seemed to be very easy to accept. After all, it was strange to see a necromancer clearing the nightmare level so quickly. Without such a master backing him, how could he do it

Next, Yang Qian asked a few more questions. Lu Yan answered seriously and did not answer perfunctorily.

After Yang Qian left in satisfaction, Lu Yan sat on the sofa and recalled the entire process. There probably werent any mistakes.

At this moment, Lu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed his temples.

Ever since he was prepared to attack Hu Wei and Wang Feng yesterday, Lu Yan had already thought of the interview he would be receiving today.

The most important thing for todays interview was to reveal that he was a master with very powerful undead power.

This was because Lu Yan knew how powerful and ruthless Singa was.

Since they had already targeted him, they would not let him off just because of his performance in the university entrance examination.

On the contrary, this would increase his chances of being killed by Simba.

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Lu Yan wanted to survive, let alone swallow this anger. Therefore, he chose to kill Hu Wei and Wang Feng and then let this so-called “master” of his take the blame.

This way, not only could he vent his anger, but he could also intimidate Singa.

Other methods were not very useful against an underground faction like Singa.

Lu Yan also did not believe that Director Lis verbal warning could prevent him from being harmed by Singa.

Only powerful strength could make Singa afraid.

He did not have this strength yet, but he could “build” such strength.

If he was only an orphan who had only performed relatively well in the university entrance examination, Singa might not care.

However, with a powerful undead master behind him, it was enough to make Singa afraid.

Of course, this explanation would not last long.

However, Lu Yan did not need long.

He just needed to wait for his university entrance examination results to be released and then join a good university.

Unlike primary, middle, and high schools theory teaching, after arriving at a university, there would be various combat teaching and missions. When teachers and students fought together, the bond between them would be deeper. It was basically the relationship between a master and a disciple.

Their university classmates were also equivalent to fellow disciples.

At that time, the entire faculty, teachers, and students would be standing behind Lu Yan.

At that time, Singa would definitely not provoke him.

Even if they knew that there was no so-called master with powerful undead strength behind them, they still had to suffer in silence.

“However, I wont let Sister Luoli off so easily. Ill deal with you guys after I enter university to increase my strength!”

Lu Yans eyes revealed a trace of hidden hatred. Then, he ate a simple meal and began to train.

His mission today had not been completed.

An hour later, Lu Yan completed his daily mission.

This daily mission was arranged according to his physical condition. Now that his body had become stronger, the difficulty of the mission had also increased a lot.

[Todays mission: Sit-up (500/500), Poppy Jump (300/300), Pull-up (600/600)]

[You have completed todays mission. You can choose to obtain the following rewards.]

[Reward 1: Obtain 6 free attribute points.]

[Reward 2: Obtain 3 skill points and 3 free attribute points.]

[Reward 3: Obtain a professional skill book.]


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