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Chapter 28: Singas Attitude

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The rewards for the daily mission were also random. The rewards for todays mission were not bad. There were 6 free attribute points, 3 free attribute points, 3 skill attributes, and 1 job skill book.

Lu Yan thought for a moment and chose 3 free attribute points and 3 skill points.

Lu Yan now had quite a lot of free attribute points, although most of them were spent on his strength. Moreover, compared to free attribute points, it was more difficult to increase his skill level.

As for the profession skill book, Lu Yan still had enough skills. He had to prioritize increasing his attributes and skill level.

Otherwise, it would be bad if he had many skills but not enough strength to use them.

Lu Yan checked his current attributes.

[Strength: 47]

[Physique: 22]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

With the five essence tonics, his physique had already reached 22. Lu Yan directly added 3 free attribute points to his intelligence.

[Strength: 47]

[Physique: 22]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 23]

With the three skill points and the one attribute point that he had yet to use, Lu Yan now had four skill points.

After the skill level reached level three, it no longer cost one skill point to increase one level. According to the level, the skill points needed to level up were also different.

For example, the Skeleton Elite and the Undead Rage each required three skill points to advance to level four. On the other hand, the Undead Netherworld Armor required six skill points to advance to level four.

Therefore, Lu Yan added the three skill points to the Netherworld Soul Scythe and kept the remaining skill points for later.

[Netherworld Soul Scythe]

[Grade: Exclusive Skill]

[Level: 3]

[Gather the undead power and summon the scythe from the Netherworld. Attack increased by 40%. Duration: 5 minutes. Cooldown: 4 hours 30 minutes.]

[Note: The Netherworld Soul Scythe can deal damage to the soul. When used to attack, it can cause 50% soul damage.]

[Note: The Netherworld Soul Scythe can condense into a physical body after being upgraded to level ten. It can be transformed into an exclusive weapon and is not limited by the duration and cooldown time.]

[Note: Consuming a soul crystal can double the effect of the Netherworld Soul Scythe, but the duration will be reduced by a minute.]

After the Netherworld Soul Scythe was increased to level three, the attack enhancement had increased a lot. At the same time, the duration had increased and the cooldown time had decreased. It was not a bad increase.

Just as he upgraded it, Lu Yans door was knocked on again. It was the other reporters.

Lu Yan dismissed him with a few words. Since he had received the money, he could only provide an exclusive report for Yang Qian.

After sending these reporters away, Lu Yan set off to the hospital to visit Luo Liuli.

When he arrived at the hospital, Luo Liuli had already woken up, but her brows were still furrowed.

Although she had the blood essence tonic to increase her physique and relieve the pain, Luo Liuli could still clearly feel the piercing pain.

It was as if a long sword was scraping her bones.

However, when she saw Lu Yan, Luo Liuli smiled.

“Little Yan, why did you come to my place Take a good rest after the university entrance examination. You can also go out to play with your classmates. This is a high level ward. Everything is very convenient. You dont have to worry.”

Lu Yan looked at the smile on Luo Liulis face and clenched his fists. Then, he smiled and said, “Im fine. I already rested very well yesterday. Im fine at home.”

After chatting with Luo Liuli for a while, Lu Yans phone rang.

It was Yang Wei.

“Brother Yan, you didnt ignore my calls today. You had something to do yesterday but you should be free today, right”

Lu Yan smiled and said, “Im free today. Were you thinking about our meal Dont worry, Ill definitely treat you to a meal today.”

Yang Wei was his only friend, so he definitely had to treat the other party to this meal.

Yang Wei said, “Brother Yan, how can I let you treat me Ive already booked a room. Its room 303 on the third floor of the Prosperity Restaurant. You can just come directly at noon. Ill wait for you.”

With that said, Yang Wei did not give Lu Yan a chance to speak and directly hung up.

Hearing the busy tone in his ear, Lu Yan smiled and shook his head.

This Yang Wei knew that he was in the accompanying class. He was the one who usually paid for his meals and drinks.

However, Lu Yan did not stand on ceremony with him. After all, they were friends.

Luo Liuli looked at Lu Yan and said, “Someones looking for you, right Little Yan, go and do what you need to do. You dont have to accompany me here.”

Lu Yan nodded and said, “A friend wants to have a meal together. Ill be gone for a while. Sister Liuli, dont worry, Ill make sure all your injuries get treated.”

Luo Liuli smiled and nodded, watching Lu Yan leave.

After Lu Yan left, the smile on her face disappeared and it turned into a frown.

The pain made her unable to sleep well at night.

However, she still gritted her teeth and persisted. After all, she needed to be even stronger than Lu Yan.

She did not want to become Lu Yans burden.

However, she did not intend on killing herself to reduce Lu Yans burden. That was only the most cowardly way.

In the Singa headquarters office, Boss Singa was sitting behind his desk, tapping his fingers.

However, this knocking sound was no longer as regular as before and seemed somewhat chaotic.

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“Liu Feng, based on your battle with that person, what do you think of his strength”

A faint voice sounded, making Liu Fengs body tighten.

“Boss, we only interacted a little. To be honest, the other party is very powerful. If hes a necromancer, with such a powerful strength, he should be at least level 40.

“But the strength of the zombie explosion the other party used is not that powerful. It didnt seem to be of a high level.”

The person behind the desk was silent for a moment before continuing, “Is it possible that the person you fought was Lu Yan”

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Liu Feng said firmly without hesitation.

“Boss, I saw Lu Yans university entrance examination battle recording. I have to say that the other party is indeed a very talented guy when it comes to undead power, but its still impossible for him to last a few rounds against me.

“Moreover, the other party gave me a very dense undead aura back then. It didnt seem like he had just awakened his profession at all. He should be the master the news mentioned.”

How could Liu Feng know that the reason why the undead aura on Lu Yan felt so dense was because Lu Yan was an undead monarch

The person behind the desk was silent again before saying, “Its really difficult to deal with a master who can summon an epic level bone dragon.”

“Liu Feng, send a message to the assassin who accepted the mission to kill Lu Yan. Tell him to stop. The reward will still be paid.

“Inform Singas people to avoid Lu Yan if they encounter him.”

A high level necromancer was not terrifying, but a necromancer who could summon an epic level Bone Dragon was very terrifying.

If the other party had the means to summon large-scale undead creatures and angered the other party, Singa would not have a good time.

It was not worth it to risk this just for Lu Yan.


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