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Chapter 29: Shi Yuhan (1)

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At noon, Lu Yan directly arrived at the Prosperity Restaurant inside the central building in the city center.

This was the central area of the entire Linan City. The geographical location was very good.

The Prosperity Restaurant occupied the entire fifth floor of the central building and could be considered the highest-end restaurant in the entire Linan.

Looking at the grandeur of the restaurant, Lu Yan had a new understanding of Yang Weis wealth.

After entering, the waiter greeted him very respectfully. After learning that he was an important guest of Room 303 on the third floor, the manager directly sent Lu Yan upstairs.

The manager opened room 303 and Lu Yan saw Yang Wei inside with his legs crossed and wiping his nose.

“Brother Yan, youre here!”

Seeing Lu Yan, Yang Wei went forward eagerly and waved his hand to send the manager away. Then, he brought Lu Yan to the extremely luxurious dining table inside.

“Brother Yan, the dishes have been ordered. I was waiting for you.”

As he spoke, Lu Yan patted the button on the dining table and informed the chefs below to start cooking.

Lu Yan looked at Yang Wei and scolded with a smile, “You brat, you were still calling me Little Yan previously. Why are you suddenly calling me Brother Yan now

Yang Wei immediately said, “Things are different now. Brother Yan, you dont know, but your university entrance examination video has already gone viral. Countless people know your name.

“Putting everything else aside, after my father found out that I was your friend, he directly gave me 5 million energy coins as a reward for my taste.

“This is the most honorable Ive ever been in front of my father. In the future, youll be my Brother Yan! My admiration for you is like…”

Lu Yan hurriedly stretched out his hand. “Stop, dont do this. Youre never this polite for no reason. It shouldnt be that simple, right”

Lu Yan knew Yang Wei very well. If the other party wanted to eat with him, he would definitely choose to do it at night and not in the afternoon.

When Yang Wei heard this, he revealed an awkward expression. Then, he looked at Lu Yan and said, “Brother Yan, isnt this because youre too famous

“You dont know, but many people want to see you now. My father even asked me to bring you back for a meal.

“What do you mean by bringing me back to see your father for a meal Its as if youre bringing your boyfriend back.” Lu Yan looked at Yang Wei and scolded with a smile.

Yang Wei smiled and said, “Even if I wanted you to be my boyfriend now, I dont think any of the junior sisters in our school will be willing to allow it.”

“Many junior sisters fe;; in love with you during the university entrance examination. Let me tell you, you left early back then. Otherwise, you could have directly bade farewell to your virginity that night.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Tell me, why have you invited me to a meal in the afternoon”

Yang Wei nodded and then said awkwardly, “Its like this, Brother Yan. At that time, I was very excited when I saw your video, so I reposted the video on social media. I also mentioned in the caption that you were my friend.

“Then, a friend found me and asked me to bring her to see you.”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows when he heard this. “This friend has an extraordinary relationship with you, right Otherwise, you wouldnt have asked to meet up beforehand.”

Yang Wei said excitedly, “Brother Yan, you know me best. If it were an ordinary person, I wouldnt have cared.”

“But this friends family is friends with our family. Although the two of us have only met a few times, the parents of both sides are very close. Moreover, she strongly requested it, so I had no choice.”

Lu Yan patted Yang Wei on the shoulder when he heard this. “Alright, its not a big deal. Its just a meeting. You dont have to be so nervous. You can be considered my only friend. This is a small matter.”

Hearing Lu Yans words, Yang Wei was stunned for a moment before his eyes revealed a touched expression.

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“Haha, Little Yan, I knew that you were the best. I already told that friend to wait. Since you agreed, I will tell her to come.”

Lu Yan nodded. Since Yang Wei had said so, he naturally had to meet the other party.

Soon, the door to room 303 was pushed open and a girl walked in.

The girl had a slender figure and a gentle and generous aura. She was wearing a light-colored dress that made people have a good impression of her at first glance.

Arriving at the dining table, the girl looked at Lu Yan excitedly and said, “Senior Lu Yan, hello. Ive finally met you in person.”

Yang Wei stood up and introduced, “Brother Yan, this is Shi Yuhan, the third daughter of the Shi family in Suhang Province.”

“Yuhan, theres no need for me to introduce Brother Yan to you.”

Shi Yuhan smiled and stretched out her hand to Lu Yan. “Senior Lu Yan, hello.”

Lu Yan looked at Shi Yuhan in front of him and nodded. Then, he reached out and shook her hand lightly.

Her hand was warm to the touch and seemed to be boneless, making ones heart flutter.

It had to be said that be it in terms of appearance, aura, or figure, this Shi Yuhan was very perfect. She was an existence that was completely superior to the prettiest girl of Lu Yans school.

“Junior Yuhan, youre not from our school, right” Lu Yan looked at Shiyu and asked.

With Shi Yuhans appearance, it was impossible for Lu Yan not to have heard of her if she went to the Fourth High School.

Shiyu Han smiled and said, “Thats right. Im from Linan First High School. Im in my second year of high school now. Its normal for Senior Lu Yan not to know about me.”

Lu Yan nodded. Linan First High School could be considered a noble school. It was still very normal for Shi Yuhan to be attending that school.

Then, Lu Yan glanced at Yang Wei beside him. He had previously underestimated this guys background.

Yang Weis family and this Shi Yuhan were old friends and should also be very powerful. So why was Yang Wei in the Fourth High School

“Senior Lu Yan, can I ask you some questions” Shi Yuhan looked at Lu Yan with a smile, but her eyes were filled with indescribable excitement.

Lu Yan was stunned for a moment. Before he could speak, Yang Wei beside him said, “Brother Yan, Shi Yuhan has always liked to study the undead since she was young. She has always been determined to become a necromancer.”

Hearing Yang Weis words, Lu Yan looked at Shi Yuhan strangely.

If it was really as Yang Wei said, then the Shi Yuhan in front of him was really strange.

Necromancers were reputed to be the weakest combat profession. Others could not wait to avoid this profession, but she actually liked and wanted to be a necromancer.

However, it was said that these rich children had special private teachers to guide their strength to ensure that they could change their profession to a satisfactory one.

Although it was not 100%, there was still a high chance of success. Her family probably did not want her to become a necromancer, right

Lu Yan looked at Shiyu Han and said, “Ask away. As long as its something I can answer, Ill definitely tell you everything.”

Shiyu Han nodded and began to ask Lu Yan questions.

They were all strange questions, such as why Lu Yans undead skills were so powerful and if there was a way to increase the effect of the undead skills.

Lu Yan tried his best to answer all the questions that could be answered. As for the questions that could not be answered directly, Lu Yan used his talented master as an excuse.

At this moment, the dishes began to be served. The three of them chatted and ate.

The smile on Shi Yuhans face deepened. Clearly, she was very satisfied with the conversation she had with Lu Yan this time.

After eating, they chatted briefly for a while. Seeing that Shiyu was almost done asking, Yang Wei left with Lu Yan.

After Yang Wei and Lu Yan left, Shi Yuhan recalled her conversation with Lu Yan and revealed an excited expression.

Then, Shi Yuhan looked at the napkin Lu Yan wiped his mouth with and was somewhat hesitant.

However, she quickly picked up this napkin and covered it over her face.

Shi Yuhan suddenly inhaled and sensed the smell of Lu Yan. The corner of her mouth curled up, and her eyes rolled up, revealing the whites of her eyes. Her face revealed an extremely satisfied expression.

“What a special undead aura. Uh… I really want him…”


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