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Chapter 7: university Entrance Examination Begins

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A Level 20 succubus!

Lu Yan was directly stunned when he heard this. How was this possible

The creatures summoned by a summoner were usually about five levels higher than the summoner. One was already a genius if they were able to summon a creature ten levels higher.

On the other hand, not only could Yang Wei summon different creatures, but he could also actually summon creatures that were twenty levels higher than him

These words sounded abnormal, but this was the truth. Lu Yan had no choice but to believe it.

Could it be that Yang Wei was a genius summoner

However, looking at Yang Wei now, Lu Yan could not think of the other party as a genius.

Lu Yans thoughts raced. Then, he looked at Yang Wei and asked, “Can you control the golden python you summoned last time”

Yang Wei thought for a moment and said, “Yes! That golden python was very calm after coming out and even lowered its head to me.”

Lu Yan stared at the succubus in front of him and whispered, “Youre able to summon a controlled creature and also summon a creature above level twenty. Yang Wei, your summoning ability seems completely random”

At this moment, Yang Wei wanted to cry. If he could choose, he would definitely not want this random summoning ability.

Although he could summon lecherous creatures like a succubus, how was he supposed to do anything if he did not have control

Now, the summoned creatures were directly messing with him. Moreover, they might even kill him!

Although Yang Wei was a pervert, he was not willing to sacrifice his life for lust.

“Lu Yan, what should we do now I feel that this succubus was absorbing my essence previously. Will she really suck me dry” Yang Wei was somewhat afraid at this moment.

Lu Yan shook his head and then looked at Yang Wei. “Dont think too much first. Calm down and see if you can undo the summoning.”

Yang Wei slapped his forehead. “Thats right. Why didnt I think of removing the summoning!”

Then, Yang Wei bit his finger and used his blood to draw a circular summoning formation pattern on the ground.

Circulating the strength of his body, Yang Wei directly slapped the summoning formation pattern.


The summoning formation solidified and transformed into a circle of light that quickly enveloped the succubus on the bed in front of him.

The succubus looked at Lu Yan, her eyes revealing a trace of hatred. Then, she disappeared into the circle.

“It… it worked.” Yang Wei fell to the ground and wiped the sweat from his forehead, his body instantly relaxing.

Lu Yan looked at Yang Wei and frowned. “Whats wrong with you Why is your summoning ability so strange”

The chubby cheeks on Yang Weis face squeezed as he smiled bitterly. “How would I know Well, it definitely cant be because Im the main character so my life is more special, right”

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Lu Yan thought for a moment and looked at Yang Wei. “Dont be discouraged. This might not be a bad thing. Although the creature you summoned cant be controlled, at the very least, you can cancel the summoning.”

“Imagine if you summoned a powerful creature in the university entrance examination and hid far away. If you let that creature fight, you might be able to obtain high marks.”

Hearing Lu Yans words, Yang Wei was stunned for a moment. “Will this really work”

Lu Yan said, “Of course. In any case, you can cancel the summoning. Whats there to be afraid of”

Hearing this, Yang Wei changed his dispirited state and instantly became energetic. He jumped up and laughed. “Hahaha, I knew it. I, Yang Wei, am a genius. Im the only summoner in the world who can summon a creature that surpasses my level by 20.”

Lu Yan looked at Yang Wei and could not help but attack, “However, if you end up summoning a caterpillar, it will be over.”

The smile on Yang Weis face froze, but then he said indifferently, “Who cares If I really summon a caterpillar, Ill accept it.”

After learning that his summoning ability might be very useful, Yang Wei no longer had his previous worries. He shamelessly pulled Lu Yan over to let him admire a new video tape he had gotten.

Lu Yan directly refused. He was not as free as Yang Wei and still had many things to do.

After leaving Yang Weis house and returning to his own house, Lu Yan exercised for a while before washing up and sleeping.

Although increasing ones physique could quickly increase ones physical fitness, so could training. However, the speed was relatively slow.

Previously, perhaps because of the nurturing system, although Lu Yan had been training, his body did not improve much.

However, now, Lu Yan could clearly sense that as he trained, his bodys strength was also increasing. Although the speed was very slow, it was better than nothing.

For the next three days, other than delivering food and chatting to Luo Liuli every day, Lu Yan also trained at home and completed his daily missions.

Luo Liuli had already been injected with the high-grade healing liquid and her condition had stabilized. As long as Lu Yan obtained a good result in the university entrance examination, he would have enough resources to completely treat Luo Liuli.

“However, I was not given the option to receive all the daily mission rewards for the past few days. I only had two choices for the past two days. I could choose either the free attribute points or the skill points. Moreover, I only got two points on the second day instead of three.

It seemed that the rewards of the daily missions were also random.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly chose the free attribute points. After all, he only had the Undead Netherworld Armor skill now and it was already at the third level. That was already enough for him.

The most important thing now was to increase his physical attributes.

Although there was a third option for the third days reward, the third option was a skill book for the fighter profession. Although the Fighter was a second awakening profession and this skill book could be sold for a good price, Lu Yan still chose the free attribute points.

The most important thing now was to increase his strength.

On the third day, he obtained two attribute points. The total reward for the three days was seven attribute points.

Lu Yan opened up the data panel.

[Strength: 8]

[Physique: 9]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

After thinking for a moment, Lu Yan added these seven free attribute points to his strength and physique. After all, his intelligence was very high now and did not need to be prioritized.

Moreover, physique was the most important. After all, it concerned the well being of his body, so Lu Yan added four points.

The undead monarch did not just use spells to attack. Its physical attack was also powerful, so its strength also had to be increased by three points.

[Strength: 11]

[Physique: 13]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

After adding the free attribute points, Lu Yans every attribute had surpassed the ten-point average of a high school student. His body had improved greatly.

In particular, the increase in his physique made Lu Yans body feel much tougher, and his muscles became more and more obvious.

Looking at his body attributes, Lu Yan nodded in satisfaction and directly rushed to the school.

It was time for the university entrance examination!

The current Lu Yan was extremely confident in completing the achievement mission.

Top ten of the school

Perhaps he could even take it further!

However, just as Lu Yan rushed to the school, a dark car quickly drove out of the Singa headquarters and sped towards the Peoples Hospital.


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