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Chapter 17: The Furious Lu Yan

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Hearing Principal Zhang Fengyus words, the surrounding teachers and students fell silent and held their breaths as they looked at Lu Yan.

After all, Lu Yan had cleared the level so ridiculously, making everyone curious as to why he was able to do that.

Looking at the gazes of the surrounding teachers and students, Lu Yan fell silent as he pondered over Principal Zhang Fengyus question.

He could not say that he had awakened the hidden profession, the undead monarch, a second time and relied on the talent of an undead monarch to pass, right

Although he did not have to hide his strength, Lu Yan did not want to expose his hidden profession as an undead monarch yet. After all, he had yet to grow up.

At this moment, Wang Mude walked over and said, “Needless to say, of course its talent.”

“Didnt you see Lu Yan obtained the Skeleton Soldier Skill Book. However, after learning it and entering the secret realm, he comprehended it and it became a Skeleton Elite. This is enough for us to see Lu Yans talent in undead power.”

“The extremely defensive armor that appeared behind and the black scythe at the end must also be the undead power Lu Yan comprehended.”

“Although necromancers have very few skills, Lu Yans talent in undead power can be said to be unprecedented. He will definitely become the strongest necromancer in the future. Perhaps he can revive the necromancer profession.”

Wang Mude had a confident expression, as if he had long seen through the reason why Lu Yan was so powerful.

Hearing Wang Mudes words, the surrounding teachers and students nodded in agreement.

That was indeed the case. It could only be explained by his talent in undead power.

After all, they had clearly seen the Skeleton Soldier skill become the Skeleton Elite skill. Three days after Lu Yan awakened his combat profession, he had comprehended two powerful undead skills. No wonder he chose the nightmare level difficulty.

This was confidence in his own strength.

Lu Yan looked at Wang Mude and then smiled. “I just happened to comprehend two powerful undead skills. I was also quite lucky to clear the nightmare level this time.”

Although Lu Yan was being humble, the surrounding teachers and students still praised him.

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After completing the university entrance examination, it would take three days for the results to be released.

At that time, the various rewards would also be distributed.

Zhang Fengyu knew that Lu Yan was definitely in the top three in the entire province, so he gave Lu Yan the schools reward in advance.

Five essence tonics and three million energy coins.

Energy coins were a higher level currency. One energy coin was equivalent to ten yuan. However, some things could only be bought with energy coins.

Three million energy coins was equivalent to thirty million basic currency.

This was the highest reward of the Fourth High Schools university entrance examination. Zhang Fengyu was certain that Lu Yan would be the first in the entire school, and there was no doubt about it.

Therefore, there was no problem with giving it to him in advance.

Lu Yan received the reward and did not wait for Yang Wei. Instead, he opened his phone that had been turned off because of the university entrance examination and prepared to call Luo Liuli to tell her the good news.

However, just as he turned on his phone, Lu Yan saw several missed calls. They were all from Director Huang of the Peoples Hospital.

Why would Director Huang suddenly call him The medical fees shouldnt be used up so quickly, right

Lu Yan frowned slightly and called back.

“Hello Lu Yan I couldnt get through to your phone just now. Something happened to Luo Liuli. Come to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Director Huangs voice was somewhat anxious. After saying that, he hung up.

Lu Yans body froze before he suddenly rushed out of the principals office.

Zhang Fengyu was stunned for a moment before realizing that something might have happened to Lu Yan. He hurriedly chased after him.

The current Lu Yan was in high demand in the Fourth High School. Nothing could happen to him.

Lu Yan rushed out of the school and stood by the roadside to stop a car anxiously.

At this moment, a black car stopped in front of Lu Yan.

Zhang Fengyu rolled down the window and looked at Lu Yan. “Lu Yan, what happened Where are you going Why dont you get in”

Lu Yan did not speak and directly got into the car. He looked at Zhang Fengyu and said, “Principal, go to the city center hospital. Its best if you can hurry.”

Seeing Lu Yans anxious expression, Zhang Fengyu did not waste his breath and directly stepped on the accelerator towards the city center hospital.

In ten minutes, Zhang Fengyu rushed to the Peoples Hospital.

Lu Yan opened the car door and rushed in.

Zhang Fengyu hurriedly followed behind.

Soon, Lu Yan arrived at Luo Liulis ward, but he did not see Luo Liuli.

“Lu Yan! Over here!”

Director Huangs voice sounded from the side. He was standing at the entrance of the emergency room not far away and waving.

Lu Yan looked at the emergency room where there was an ongoing surgery and his heart suddenly sank.

Lu Yan grabbed Director Huangs wrist and asked, “Director Huang, what happened Wheres my sister”

Director Huang frowned and said, “At eleven this morning, when the nurse went to change your sisters dressing, she discovered that your sister was unconscious and her body was covered in blood and injuries. She was hurriedly sent to the emergency room for emergency treatment.”

“What!” Lu Yan said angrily, “How could this be Isnt this a hospital How could something happen to my sister”

Director Huang hurriedly said, “Dont be anxious. This matter has nothing to do with our hospital. After checking the surveillance cameras, we learned that a masked man entered your sisters ward and destroyed the camera inside. He should be the one who did this!”

“This is also your negligence! How can a stranger enter my sisters ward!” Lu Yan was furious when he heard that Luo Liuli was injured again.

Zhang Fengyu hurriedly went forward. “Lu Yan, dont be excited. Whats important now is your sisters situation. Youre Director Huang, right Hows Lu Yans sisters situation”

When Lu Yan heard this, he recovered a little. He let go of Director Huangs hand and stared fixedly at him.

Director Huang said, “From the situation at that time, Luo Liulis life was not in danger, but she has not recovered to begin with. The damage this time will deepen her situation, especially her right arm. It has been injected with sword aura and is very likely to be crippled.”

Lu Yans body trembled. He suppressed the anger in his heart and looked at Director Huang. “Surveillance cameras! I want to see the surveillance cameras!”

He wanted to know who had done this to Luo Liuli.

Director Huang did not hesitate to bring Lu Yan to look at the surveillance cameras.

The surveillance cameras showed that the situation was as Director Huang had said. A masked man in black entered Luo Liulis ward and quickly left. Then, the nurse discovered Luo Liulis situation and hurriedly informed the doctor to push Luo Liuli into the emergency room.

“Who is this guy!” Lu Yan looked at the masked man on the screen and wished he could tear him into pieces.

Director Huang said, “Were not sure yet. Weve already called the police, but the culprit was very cautious. He didnt reveal his appearance at all. Its probably very difficult to find him.”

At the side, Zhang Fengyu saw Lu Yans emotions fluctuate again and hurriedly went forward. “Lu Yan, dont be excited. I know the director of the Public Security Bureau. He has a tracking team formed by auxiliary professionals. We will definitely be able to find the murderer.”

“Ill call him now. Calm down first. You just finished the university entrance examination and have consumed a lot of energy. If you tire your body like this, there will be a problem.”


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