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Chapter 18: Sword Pill

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In the study of a manor in the eastern suburbs of Linan City.

Wang Feng knelt on the ground and did not dare to look directly at the figure behind the desk in front of her.

The figure placed his right hand on the desk and tapped his fingers lightly. He said somewhat helplessly, “Wang Feng, how many times have I told you not to be so anxious I remember telling you before, right We will only deal with this Lu Yan after the university entrance examination.”

“Now that his performance in the university entrance examination is so dazzling, and the professionals have told me that hes ranked in the top three in the entire province, youve made things difficult by doing that to his sister.”

Wang Feng lowered her head and said, “Boss, its my mistake this time. Before I attacked, I did some research on his background. I didnt expect a guy who has awakened the necromancer profession to actually have such a good performance in the university entrance examination.”

“Moreover, we were just trying to get him to inherit the strength of the Singa necromancer to complete the ritual. Its not a true recruitment. Thats why I arranged for Hu Wei to use his sister to make him accept the inheritance willingly.”

The figure said, “I know. If not for the fact that inheriting strength requires a soul that is not willing to resist, I would have directly gotten someone to capture him. However, sometimes, you never know whats going to happen.”

“Since it has already happened, it still needs to be resolved.”

Wang Feng hurriedly said, “I can personally bring people to apologize and ask for Lu Yans forgiveness. I wont cause trouble for Singa.”

When the figure heard this, his fingers that were knocking on the table paused.

“Wang Feng, youve been in Singa for ten years, right Youve always been in charge of recruiting but you were never able to advance further. Do you know why”

Wang Feng said, “Thats because Im not capable enough. I can only stay in this position.”

The figure smiled and said, “Youre right. However, theres another thing. Youre too narrow-minded and cant take a comprehensive view of the problem.”

“Just like whats our goal in Lu Yans matter Is it to recruit him If not, then why apologize You dont have to apologize for your mistake. Moreover, if apologizing is useful, there wont be so much conflict in this world.”

“Our goal is to complete the ritual. Since the method to inherit the strength of the Singa necromancers is no longer possible, well use another method. After all, with the corpses of three necromancers, we will still be able to complete the ritual.”

Wang Fengs heart skipped a beat as she suddenly looked up and said, “Boss, do you mean to kill this Lu Yan”

“But his university entrance examination results are so outstanding, he will definitely attract the attention of the higher-ups. This will cause trouble for Singa, right”

The figure stood up and continued in front of Wang Feng, “Look, youre looking at the problem one-sidedly again.

“This Lu Yans potential is indeed not bad, but thats all. Does he have any background Does he have any powerful backers If hes alive, naturally, many people will pay attention to him and even rope him in.

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“But if he dies, he will be worthless. The higher-ups wont touch our Singa for a dead person.

“Even if he performs well in the university entrance examination, its still meaningless. Hes only an orphan without power.

“In this world, not everyone can defy the heavens and change their fate.

“Kill him and bring the corpse back. Then, find a necromancers corpse and complete the ritual. Once the matter is resolved, the ritual can also be completed. This is the solution you were supposed to propose to me”

Wang Feng lowered her head and said, “I… I understand.”

“Go and make arrangements. Remember not to use Singas people to kill him before the university entrance examination results are out.”

Lu Yan waited in front of the emergency room for half an hour. At this moment, his emotions had also stabilized.

The director of the Linan City Public Security Bureau also thought very highly of this matter and directly investigated it himself.

At this moment, the door to the emergency room opened and Luo Liuli was pushed out.

At this moment, Luo Liuli was completely wrapped in bandages like a mummy. There was also a sword wound on her forehead, leaving a mark.

Luo Liuli closed her eyes tightly and frowned, as if she was enduring some pain.

“Doctor, hows my sister” Lu Yan hurriedly went forward and asked the doctor who saved her.

As the doctor took off his mask, he said, “The patients condition is already stable, but a large amount of sword aura has been injected into her body and cant be removed. The person who did this should be a swordsman. Hes quite ruthless.”

“We can only temporarily stabilize her situation, but she will constantly suffer from the pain of the sword aura roaming in her body. If we want to resolve it, we have to either find a mid-grade sword pill to resolve the sword aura in her body or break the tendons in her feet and hands to let the sword aura be released. However, in the case of the latter, she will also become a cripple.”

Mid-grade sword pill

Lu Yan frowned slightly. A sword pill was something a swordsman condensed from his lifetime of Sword Dao comprehension and sword aura.

Usually, it was condensed when one was about to die and would be left behind as an inheritance. Moreover, not all swordsmen could condense a sword pill.

Moreover, swordsmen who condensed the sword pill had to endure the pain of ten thousand swords piercing their bodies. Basically, very few swordsmen would choose to condense the sword pill.

This caused sword pills to be very rare.

Moreover, he needed a mid-grade sword pill.

As for the idea of breaking her tendons, Lu Yan did not consider it at all.

As long as there was a trace of hope, Lu Yan would not let Luo Liuli become a cripple.

“Doctor, is there any way to ease the pain brought by the sword aura” Lu Yan looked at the doctor and asked.

It would probably take a while to find the mid-grade sword pill. Now, he had to help Luo Liuli relieve the pain of the sword aura.

The doctor said, “Increasing ones physique can relieve pain. A bottle of blood essence tonic a day can reduce the pain to the minimum.”

Lu Yan nodded. Then, Luo Liuli was pushed into the key ward and guarded by someone.

After the surgery, Luo Liuli still needed some time to wake up.

Zhang Fengyu looked at Lu Yan and said, “Dont worry too much. Ill help you investigate the matter of the sword pill.”

Lu Yan looked at Zhang Fengyu and said gratefully, “Thank you, Principal. If theres any news of the sword pill, you have to inform me.”

No matter how expensive it was, Lu Yan had to help Luo Liuli obtain the sword pill.

At this moment, the Director of the Public Security Bureau, Li Jianfeng, found him.

Zhang Fengyu went forward and asked, “Old Li, hows the investigation going”

Li Jianfeng looked at Zhang Fengyu and nodded. Then, his gaze landed on Lu Yan.

“Are you Lu Yan Weve already found the murderer. Its Singas Hu Wei.”

Lu Yan looked up and said, “I want to know his information. Please tell me, Director Li.”

Lu Yan would definitely not let this guy off for doing such a thing to Sister Liuli.

Li Jianfeng frowned when he heard this. Then, he looked at Lu Yan and said, “Lu Yan, I came here today because I wanted to tell you about this.”

“What I mean is, dont go too deep into this matter. Well take responsibility for it.”


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