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Chapter 19: Hailan Exchange

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Hearing Li Jianfengs words, Lu Yan frowned. “What do you mean by that”

Li Jianfeng looked at Lu Yan and said, “Im also doing this for your own good. Singas faction is huge and complicated. Theres no benefit in going against them.”

“Ive seen your university entrance examination video. Your performance was very good. Your future achievements are limitless. Dont ruin your future because of Singa.”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. “Director Li, do you mean that Singa still wants to attack me after injuring my sister like this”

Before Li Jianfeng could speak, Zhang Fengyu said angrily, “Is Singa trying to rebel Lu Yan will definitely be ranked in the top three in the entire province this time. If they dare to attack Lu Yan, Ill fight them to the death!”

Li Jianfeng looked at Zhang Fengyu and said, “Old Zhang, you should know how powerful Singa is. Moreover, the Public Security Bureau needs evidence to do things.”

“If Singa sends outsiders to deal with Lu Yan, even if theyre discovered, it wont implicate Singa.”

Then, Li Jianfeng looked at Lu Yan and said, “I know that youre definitely furious, but thats the situation.”

“Youll be very accomplished in the future. Its not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. You can take revenge on Singa when you grow up. Only in that way can you protect your own life.”

Zhang Fengyu was stunned and knew that Li Jianfeng was telling the truth.

Now that the university entrance examination results were not out yet and Lu Yans ranking was still unknown, he indeed did not have any strength to resist Singa.

Perhaps this was the best choice for Lu Yan now.

Li Jianfeng originally thought that Lu Yan would be furious. After all, young people were still more rash.

However, to Li Jianfengs surprise, Lu Yan looked at him very calmly and said, “Director Li, how will you handle this matter”

Li Jianfeng pondered for a moment and then said, “Well capture Hu Wei and get him to compensate for the medical fees, but this matter wont implicate Singa.”

Lu Yan was silent for a moment before nodding. “I understand. If theres nothing else, Director Li, I would like to be alone now.”

Li Jianfeng looked at Lu Yan and sighed. Then, he stood up and left.

Zhang Fengyu also quickly followed.

As soon as he arrived outside, Zhang Fengyu said angrily to Li Jianfeng, “Are we just going to let this matter rest Hu Wei is Singas subordinate. This must have been ordered by Singa. Wheres the person behind all this Arent you going to investigate”

Li Jianfeng said helplessly, “It cant be helped. The stability of Linan City is the most important. What if Singa riots because of this Capturing the direct murderer, Hu Wei, and getting him to compensate is already the limit of my ability.”

Zhang Fengyu opened his mouth, but in the end, he did not say anything.

He knew very well that stability was just an excuse. The most basic reason was that it was not worth it to get into a conflict with Xinga for Lu Yan.

In the ward, Lu Yan sat quietly by Luo Liulis bed and looked at her in thought.

“Wu ~”

Luo Liuli frowned and slowly opened her eyes. As soon as she woke up, she snorted.

The sword aura swept through her body, making Luo Liuli feel pain every moment.

“Little Yan” Luo Liuli looked at Lu Yan and whispered.

Lu Yan returned to his senses and hurriedly asked Luo Liuli, “Sister Liuli, how are you feeling”

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Luo Liuli relaxed her eyebrows and smiled at Lu Yan. “Im fine. Little Yan, you dont have to worry about me.”

“By the way, Little Yan, how was your performance in the university entrance examination”

Lu Yan looked at Luo Liulis efforts to change the topic and his heart ached.

“Sister Liuli, why dont you care about your own situation”

The smile on Luo Liulis face froze. Then, she looked at Lu Yan and said, “Little Yan, you should also know that someone attacked me. However, no matter who the other party is, dont take revenge.”

Luo Liuli knew very well that to be able to cause such damage to her in a short period of time, the other party was definitely not weak.

Moreover, she and Lu Yan had only recently refused Singas invitation, so Luo Liuli was certain that it was Singa.

Lu Yan had just awakened a combat profession. Luo Liuli did not want Lu Yan to provoke a colossus like Singa.

Seeing Luo Liulis serious expression, Lu Yan whispered, “Sister Liuli, dont worry. I wont be rash. The Public Security Bureau will handle this matter.”

“Thats good. Little Yan, you havent told me how you performed in the university entrance examination this time.”

Lu Yan forced a smile and said, “Not bad. When the university entrance examination results are out, Ill show you. I just hope that Sister Liuli wont be too shocked by the results.”

Hearing Lu Yan say this, Luo Liuli smiled. “Looks like you did well, Little Yan. Im even looking forward to seeing the university entrance examination results.”

Lu Yan chatted with Luo Liuli for a while more before Director Huang came in and injected Luo Liuli with a blood essence tonic. Then, Lu Yan left the ward.

Luo Liuli needed to rest now. Moreover, Lu Yan also had something to do.

After leaving the hospital, Lu Yan directly took a taxi to the Hailan Exchange in Linan City.

The Hailan Exchange was a chain store in the country that sold various things.

They sold equipment, skill books, special items, and even some foreign races.

When the Void Gate opened, it not only brought demons, but also other races like the elves.

Wars also often occurred between foreign races and humans. It was also common for some foreign races to be captured and sold.

For example, there were even special trafficking teams that captured and sold beautiful women like the elves.

After arriving at the Hailan Exchange, Lu Yan directly walked in with a crystal card worth 3 million energy coins.

“Sir, welcome to the Hailan Exchange. Im Xiao Qi, a shopping guide. What do you want to buy”

As soon as he entered, a beautiful woman in a uniform welcomed him and smiled at Lu Yan.

Lu Yan looked at her and directly said, “You also sell information here, right”

The shop assistant was stunned for a moment. There were very few people who came to buy information.

However, she was still very professional. Then, she smiled and said, “Of course. Sir, please follow me. Ill bring you to the information exchange.”

Lu Yan nodded and followed the shop assistant into the Hailan Exchange.

The entire Hailan Exchange was very huge. There were various items displayed inside. Along the way, Lu Yan saw several platinum level equipment.

Such things that were fought over for crazily outside were casually thrown into the display cabinet of the Hailan Exchange.

Of course, the prices were also shocking.

After entering, the shop assistant brought Lu Yan into an exquisite room.

After pushing the door open and entering, Lu Yan saw an old man reading the document in his hand.

“Uncle Li, this gentleman wants to buy information. I brought him here. Please attend to him,” the shopping guide said to the old man inside with a very respectful expression.

The old man waved his hand and got the shop assistant to leave. Then, he looked at Lu Yan and smiled. “Sir, what information do you want to ask”

“The prices here vary according to the intelligence level.”

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly said, “How much is the information on Hu Wei and Wang Feng”


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