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Chapter 2: Hidden Profession, Undead Monarch

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“Lu Yan has awakened the necromancer profession. His luck is really good. Hes in the accompanying class but obtained a combat profession.”

“Tsk, so what The necromancer is still only the weakest combat profession. They can only summon a few skeleton soldiers. Their combat strength is very weak.”

“Thats right. There are very few necromancers. There are basically no top-notch necromancers. There are very few skills and techniques passed down, and they basically have no potential.”

“However, its not bad either. After all, hes in the accompanying class. Its already not bad for him to successfully awaken a combat profession.”

Lu Yan did not care about the surrounding discussion. The voice in his mind made his body tremble.


When he first arrived, Lu Yan still hoped to have his own cheat code.

However, after three years, Lu Yan was already in despair. He did not expect a system to appear.

Six years of body nurturing

The corner of Lu Yans mouth twitched. No wonder his body was so weak. Even the blood essence tonic Sister Liuli gave him was not very effective.

Previously, Lu Yan thought that his physique was too weak. Now, it seemed that this profession auxiliary system had been absorbing his nutrients.

However, Lu Yans attention then landed on the rewards.

[Second Profession Awakening: Exploit your potential fully and undergo a second awakening. Theres a chance of awakening a hidden profession.]

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Looking at the description of the second profession awakening, Lu Yans heart suddenly pounded.

Was there a chance for him to awaken a hidden profession

It had to be known that hidden professions were very rare. Basically, it was only possible to awaken when one changed a profession for a second or third time. Moreover, the chances were terrifyingly low.

There were only a handful of people in the entire Dragon Country who had awakened a hidden profession.

Without hesitation, Lu Yan directly chose to awaken a second time.

A dark light directly appeared from Lu Yans body, enveloping Lu Yans body and fusing into the faint green light.

“Old Wang, hows the situation in your class Twenty people in our class have already awakened combat professions.” The form teacher of Class Seven, Li Xiaoyu, looked at Lu Yans form teacher, Wang Mude, and asked.

Wang Mude glanced at Li Xiaoyu and said angrily, “I only have fifteen people who have awakened combat professions.”

Wang Mude knew that Li Xiaoyu was here to show off. After all, there were very few classes that had more than twenty students who awakened combat professions.

It was already relatively good if there were fifteen to sixteen of them. More than twenty was very rare.

Li Xiaoyu smiled when he heard this and said, “Huh, only fifteen Now, there are only some students from the accompanying class left. I think thats all. Tsk tsk tsk, Im afraid Teacher Wang will have to give up the title of top class from last year.”

Wang Mude raised his eyebrows. “Its not certain yet. The university entrance examination results are the ones that determine the top class.”

“Also, there arent fifteen people in our class who have awakened combat professions. There are sixteen!”

As he spoke, Wang Mude pointed at Lu Yan on the awakening platform.

Li Xiaoyu narrowed his eyes and looked. Then, he said in disdain, “Thats a student from the accompanying class, right Its indeed not bad for a student to awaken a combat profession. Unfortunately, hes only a necromancer.”

“Dont tell me you dont know the combat strength of a necromancer Summon a few skeleton soldiers This is reality, not a game. Demon beasts are not stupid. They wont only attack skeleton soldiers.”

“With a Necromancers physique, he can probably bid farewell to this university entrance examination. Moreover, this student of yours looks very weak. His physique score is probably less than ten. He wont be able to do well.”

Wang Mude snorted and said, “The university entrance examination results are not out yet. Everything is still unknown. Teacher Li, you should focus on your own class.”

“Haha, I dont have any other intentions. I just came to chat with you. Since Teacher Wang doesnt welcome me, Ill talk to Teacher Wang after the university entrance examination results are out.”

After Li Xiaoyu finished speaking, he shook his head and left, his expression very smug.

Wang Mude looked at Lu Yan on the awakening platform and frowned.

Although he was surprised to see a student from the accompanying class awaken a combat profession, the situation of their class this year was not optimistic.

There were only sixteen students with combat professions. Their class would probably not be selected for the top class this year.

At this moment, a cry sounded from afar.


A dazzling light rose from the profession awakening platform in the distance and slowly entered a girls body.

“Its the advanced version of the warrior profession, berserker! I didnt expect someone in the school to awaken an advanced combat profession!”

“Generally speaking, a second or even third profession awakening is needed to awaken an advanced combat profession. If you advance a combat profession in the first try, your future will be limitless.”

“I heard that other than the fixed rewards, the school will also distribute additional rewards for students with advanced combat professions. If only I had awakened an advanced combat profession.”

“What are you thinking Although an advanced combat profession is not as rare as a hidden profession, its still a rare existence. Our school has only produced one in ten years.”

When everyone turned to look at this girl, no one noticed the profession awakening light on Lu Yans body flicker twice.

“Second awakening completed. Congratulations on awakening a hidden profession, the undead monarch.”

“The undead power will be at your disposal at any time.”

A voice flashed in Lu Yans ear, and the light retracted into his body.

Lu Yan felt as if his body was filled with strength.

[Name: Lu Yan]

[Level: 0]

[Profession: Undead Monarch]

Lu Yan checked his information. When he saw the skill column, he discovered that there were three more skills.

[Talent Skill: Undead intimidation: As an undead monarch, all undead will fear your might. When facing you, their attack and defense will decrease by 50.]

[Talent Skill: Netherworld Soul Devouring: As an undead monarch, you can devour the soul power of helpless creatures and use it to obtain 1% of the other partys strength.]

[Talent Skill: Undead Army: As an undead monarch, you can command a huge undead army. Theres no limit to the number of undead you can control.]

Talent skills!

People with combat professions either inherited their skills from the experience of their seniors or comprehended them themselves . Those who had talent skills after waking up were definitely geniuses.

As for Lu Yan, he directly obtained three talent skills!

Moreover, these three talent skills were very abnormal.

It could be said that the undead intimidation gave Lu Yan an absolute advantage when facing undead creatures.

Now, although there were not many necromancers and very few undead-type combat professions, there were many undead-type demon beasts. It could even be said that there were a lot of them.

Lu Yans talent skill was still very useful in the real world.

The second talent skill, Netherworld Soul Devouring, was too abnormal. It was simply like the Star Sucking Art. Although it could only obtain 1% of the other partys strength, it was still extremely impressive.

As for the third talent skill, it directly removed the upper limit of the number of undead he could control.

It had to be known that ordinary necromancers could only control two undead in the beginning.

The highest level necromancer was a level 65 necromancer. He could also only control less than a hundred undead.

Although they could increase the quality and combat strength of the undead, it was naturally better to be able to control more undead.

Now, Lu Yan could directly control endless undead.

Of course, although there was still some control restriction and he still needed enough strength to control more undead.

However, with this talent skill, Lu Yan could completely build an undead army!

At this moment, the system sounded.

“Congratulations to the host for awakening the hidden profession, the undead monarch, in the second awakening. The system will help develop the hosts profession. The daily mission has now been activated. You can obtain the daily reward after completing it. Please check.”


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