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Chapter 30: Number One in the Province!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Yan and Yang Wei left the restaurant and headed towards the house Yang Wei had rented.

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Now, Lu Yan was certain that his house was definitely surrounded by reporters. He decided to go to Yang Weis house first.

“By the way, Yang Wei, I havent asked you how your performance was in the university entrance examination. What did you summon in the university entrance examination with your special summoning technique”

Lu Yan sat in the front passenger seat and asked Yang Wei, who was driving.

When Yang Wei heard this, he could not help but smile.

“Brother Yan, you definitely wont expect what I summoned during the university entrance examination. Youll be shocked if I tell you.”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows. “Looks like you summoned something good. Your university entrance examination results were not bad, right”

Yang Wei was overjoyed. “Its not just a good thing. I directly summoned a freaking dragon! A huge dragon!

“Brother Yan, you dont know. At that time, I hid to the side and that dragon destroyed all the undead creatures in a few moves.

“My final passing time is 19 minutes and 20 seconds. If not for the fact that I wasnt able to control that dragon, I would definitely be able to reduce the time to 15 minutes, or even 10 minutes!”

“Unfortunately, I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to summon anything good. In the end, I chose the ordinary level. Otherwise, my university entrance examination points would definitely be very high.”

After Yang Wei finished the university entrance examination, he was prepared to show off to Lu Yan. Unfortunately, Lu Yan did not answer his calls.

Later, when Yang Wei saw Lu Yans university entrance examination video, the deep desire to show off in his heart was instantly destroyed.

Now that Lu Yan mentioned it, he was excited again.

“Its right to choose the ordinary difficulty. This way, even if you had summoned a trash creature, you would still have a chance to pass.”

“However, you dont have to regret it. The results of a summoner are usually not very important. As long as the summoned creature is powerful, many universities will specially recruit you.”

Hearing Lu Yans words, Yang Wei also smiled evilly and said, “Hehe, thats true. Seeing the dragon I summoned, I think the various universities will probably fight each other to the death just to recruit me.”

“In any case, they dont know that my summoning ability is random. They probably think that my summoning beast is a dragon.”

The two of them quickly arrived at Yang Weis rented house and chatted for a while.

Yang Wei looked at Lu Yan and asked, “By the way, Brother Yan, which university are you going to With your results, you can basically enter all the good universities, right”

Lu Yans eyes flickered. “Thats not decided yet. Well see.”

Now that the university entrance examination results were not out yet, everything was still unknown.

Yang Wei nodded. “Brother Yan, let me know what school you choose. Ill choose the same school as you.”

Lu Yan nodded. Putting everything else aside, as long as the people from the university thought that Yang Weis summoned creature was a dragon, they would definitely recruit him no matter what his score was.

For the next two days, Lu Yan stayed in the house Yang Wei rented.

This was because his place had already been exposed and a large number of reporters were waiting for him.

In the past two days, other than eating and training, Lu Yan also went to the hospital to visit Luo Liuli.

Soon after, it was the fourth day after the university entrance examination. It was also time for the university entrance examination results to be announced.

At ten in the morning, Lu Yan was training in his room and completing the mission today.

Yesterdays mission reward was not good. All three options were not very appealing. In the end, Lu Yan chose the four skill points.

Todays mission reward was not bad. Lu Yan still wanted to complete it quickly.

Just as he was doing jumping jacks, Yang Wei rushed in with his phone.

“Brother Yan! The university entrance examination results are out! Youre the number one in Linan City and also the number one in the entire Suhang Province!”

At this moment, Yang Wei was very excited, as if he was the one who had obtained the first place in the entire Suhang Province.

Lu Yan was also stunned.

Although he knew that his university entrance examination results would definitely not be bad and that he would definitely be ranked in the top three in the entire province, he did not expect to be ranked first in the entire province!

It had to be known that in the entire Suhang Province, the university entrance examination results of Linan City had always been relatively inferior.

Moreover, this was the first time someone from Linan City had obtained the number one spot in the entire province.

The entire Linan City instantly went into an uproar.

“Damn! The provincial champion has appeared in our Linan City.”

“Awesome, its simply a miracle for a necromancer to become the top champion!”

“Hahaha, Ive long said that our Linan has the strength of a dragon this year. You always say that Im a blind fortune-teller. Do you believe me now”

The various newspapers and news also published this news. The entire Internet also crazily circulated the video of Lu Yans university entrance examination.

There were many top provincial scores, but only one of them was a necromancer.

For a moment, various discussions about necromancers rose.

“If a necromancer can become the top champion of a province, does that mean that we were wrong to think that necromancers are the weakest combat profession”

“Wrong my ass. Dont you know how many examples there are before this Do you know any necromancer that has powerful combat strength This Lu Yan is only an exception.”

“I dont care. I want to become a necromancer. Look at how handsome Senior Lu Yan is holding that black scythe.”

“Im not trying to discourage you, but a necromancers weapon is a staff. Judging from the way Lu Yans weapon looks, I can tell that hes definitely a special one. If you change your profession to a necromancer, just dont cry when you regret it.”

Everyone had basically watched the video of Lu Yans battle during the university entrance examination and had a deep impression of Lu Yan holding the black scythe and slashing it.

Was this an ordinary necromancer It was definitely impossible!

At this moment, Yang Qians interview with Lu Yan quickly became viral.

After all, this was the only interview video Lu Yan had revealed so far. It directly became viral and the number of views soared.

It even caused the website of Linan TV to collapse. Yang Qian had made the right bet.

She would definitely make a killing from this interview.

At this moment, in a villa in Suhang Province, a young man holding a staff and emitting a cold aura stared fixedly at the screen.

The screen displayed the battle scene of Lu Yans university entrance examination.

The veins on the young mans forehead bulged. He clenched the staff in his hand tightly and raised it. Several ice awls directly shot onto the screen in front of him and exploded.

“That was supposed to be my title of the top provincial champion! My family reward!”

“Lu Yan, right You better not let me encounter you in the real world. Otherwise, Ill make you understand the difference between an opportunist and a true genius!”

The youth turned around and left. A large amount of cold aura spread from his body, directly freezing the ground.

Lu Yan was about to call Luo Liuli to tell her about becoming the top provincial champion when his phone rang incessantly.

After hanging up, another phone rang. It was completely seamless.

Lu Yan could only keep declining calls and did not have the chance to call Liuli at all.

It just wouldnt stop ringing!


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