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Chapter 4: Achievement System Activated

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Lu Yan looked at Luo Liuli and smiled. “Yes, Sister Liuli, Ive successfully awakened my profession.”

The smile on Luo Liulis face widened when she heard this. However, she then blamed Lu Yan, “Xiaoyan, you shouldnt have rewarded me with the healing liquid after my job change. Im fine like this. However, this will affect your university entrance examination in three days.”

Lu Yan said seriously, “Sister Liuli, if not for the fact that you helped me increase my blood essence and exchanged the reward for a blood essence tonic, things wouldnt have ended up like this. Its only right for me to do this.

“Moreover, you should know your bodys condition very well. If you dont use the healing liquid now, youll damage your body even more.”

“You.” Luo Liuli smiled and shook her head. Then, she continued to ask, “By the way, Little Yan, what profession have you awakened It should be a combat profession, right”

Compared to auxiliary professions, combat professions were naturally better. Luo Liuli hoped that Lu Yan would awaken a combat profession.

Lu Yan was stunned. Then, he looked at Luo Liuli and said, “Its a combat profession, but its a necromancer.”

Lu Yan thought for a moment and decided not to tell Luo Liuli about him obtaining the hidden profession, the undead monarch.

On the one hand, he did not know how to explain. On the other hand, it was safer.

After all, assassinations targeting some geniuses appeared from time to time in the Human Alliance. Although the situation in the Dragon Country was relatively good, they could not be careless.

Although he had now obtained the hidden profession, the undead monarch, he had only obtained a huge potential and had yet to transform it into his own strength.

It was best not to expose himself first.

The smile on Luo Liulis face froze when she heard this. Then, she looked at Lu Yan and consoled, “Although youre only a necromancer, youve at least awakened a combat profession and have a lot of development potential. Little Yan, dont be discouraged.”

Luo Liuli naturally knew how weak the combat strength of a necromancer was. Moreover, to be honest, their development potential was not high. After all, without anyone to lead the way, the skills and combat experience passed down were very limited.

She was only comforting Lu Yan.

Lu Yan smiled and said, “Dont worry, Sister Liuli. Im going to get a good ranking in the university entrance examination.”

“Then Ill look forward to your performance.” Luo Liuli heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Lu Yans fighting spirit.

However, she would have never guessed that Lu Yan had already obtained the hidden profession, the undead monarch.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Then, three people in black suits walked in.

The person in the lead was a woman. She was slender, but there was a scar at the corner of her face, making her look somewhat ruthless.

Behind her, two men followed like lackeys.

The woman walked straight towards Lu Yan and asked, “Are you Lu Yan”

Lu Yan frowned. “Yes, why”

The woman said, “My name is Wang Feng and Im the talent manager of Singa. I came this time to invite you to join Singa.”


Lu Yans eyes suddenly constricted.

Singa was one of the three big gangs in Linan City. Its characteristics were that the members were dressed in suits and looked like upper-class people.

However, they were ruthless and violent. Their reputation was the worst among the three gangs.

Lu Yan said without hesitation, “I wont join Singa.”

Generally speaking, only students who had no confidence in the university entrance examination or were very poor would directly join a local faction like Singa without participating in the university entrance examination.

After all, if he succeeded in the university entrance examination, he could enter a university.

The resources of a university far exceeded the resources of these local factions. Just the fact that they had instructors leading the team was enough for them to beat the local factions.

Lu Yan now had a hidden profession, the undead monarch. He would definitely be able to obtain a good result. It was much better for him to enter a university than to enter Singa.

Although he was also relatively short of money now, as long as he was ranked at the top after the university entrance examination, the reward would be enough for Lu Yan to completely treat Luo Liulis injuries. Moreover, he would also have a lot of excess wealth.

Wang Feng narrowed her eyes when she heard this and said, “The profession you awakened is a necromancer, right Its the weakest combat profession. You can forget about the university entrance examination. Our Singa has a level 25 necromancer. We can help you stand firm on the path of a necromancer.”

“Also, we can also treat her injuries.”

Hearing Singas conditions, Luo Liuli, who was on the hospital bed, hurriedly said, “Lu Yan, dont agree to this. Getting into a good university is more important than anything.”

Luo Liuli could only join an organization to accept missions because she did not get into a university during the university entrance examination. She did not want Lu Yan to suffer the same fate.

Lu Yan also shook his head. “I wont join Singa. You dont have to say anything else.”

Wang Feng looked at Lu Yan and Luo Liuli when she heard this. Then, she sneered and said, “Youre only a necromancer but youre actually thinking of entering a university How laughable. The two of you are orphans and dont have the wealth to support the improvement of your physique. You were lucky to awaken a combat profession. Your only way out is to join a local faction.”

“I wont force you. After you fail the university entrance examination, Ill talk to you again. However, at that time, the benefits of joining Singa wont be as abundant as now.”

With that said, Wang Feng directly left with her people without any hesitation.

Lu Yan frowned. It was not a good thing to be targeted by Singa, but Lu Yan did not care.

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After the university entrance examination, as long as he was ranked at the top, Singa would not dare to touch him.

After talking to Luo Liuli for a while, Lu Yan left the hospital and returned home.

He was still thinking about completing the mission today. After all, the option of collecting all the rewards was not available every time.

Wang Feng, who had left the hospital, sat in the car and watched Lu Yan leave, her eyes revealing a chill.

“Tell Hu Wei to come to the hospital in three days for the university entrance examination and make sure that Luo Liulis condition worsens.

“Brat, no one I fancy can escape.

“Since youre unwilling to agree obediently, Ill force you to agree.

“You should be glad. If not for the fact that our necromancer was severely injured and on the verge of death, I would not have taken a fancy to a necromancer like you.”

With a cold snort, Wang Feng directly got her driver to drive the vehicle away.

Lu Yan did not know that Wang Feng was already prepared to attack Luo Liuli. He quickly returned to his old home in the old city area and could not wait to do push-ups, prepared to complete the mission today first.

Lu Yan and Luo Liulis home was rented and was relatively old in the old city. However, there was still a lot of training equipment inside.

Lu Yan spent half an hour to complete the 300 standard push-ups. Just as he was about to start jumping-jacks, he suddenly heard a voice.

Ding… detected that the host is preparing for the university entrance examination in three days. The achievement system has been activated. You can obtain rewards by increasing your achievement points to a certain level.

“The achievement mission has been activated. The first achievement missionbecome famous in school has been activated.”

“Become famous in school: Rank in the top ten in the university entrance examination in three days and become a celebrity in the school.”

“Mission reward: 10 free attribute points. 100 achievement points”


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