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Chapter 8: Skill Upgrade

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In the Fourth High School of Linan City.

All the third-year students were gathered at the field. They were all excited.

This was because they were about to face this years university entrance examination.

Around the field, the first and second-year students were also all present to experience the university entrance examination atmosphere in advance. In a while, they would watch the university entrance examination to increase their experience.

In the center of the field, an ancient bronze mirror was floating quietly. Light circulated on it, emitting a terrifying fluctuation.

This was a secret realm. It was the masterpiece of a spatial mage that had awakened his profession for the third time. It could seal a demon cave inside and form an existence similar to a dungeon.

The content of the annual university entrance examination was to clear the demon cave sealed in the secret realm.

However, the difficulty of the secret realm was different every year. The types of demon beasts inside were also different. However, the number of demon beasts the candidates faced every year were the same.

The assessment would be carried out at the same time in the entire country. Whoever passed first would complete the assessment.

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Then, they would be ranked according to the time and difficulty of the level.

The first place in each province would become the top provincial champion. On the other hand, the first place in the entire country would become the top champion!

After the ranking was decided, those with better results would receive rewards from the school and the country and could choose outstanding universities.

“Students, the secret realm will open in an hour. You will all enter and undergo the assessment in an independent secret realm space. Your ranking will be based on the time you take to pass.

“In addition, if you encounter a fatal danger, dont be afraid. The secret realm will directly teleport you out. Of course, your results will also be directly fixed and determined.

“Now, you can go and receive your basic equipment and skill books and prepare to enter the secret realm.”

The main examiners voice reverberated throughout the entire field, making all the surrounding students excited.

“I wonder what dungeon the secret realm is this time and what demon I have to face. I hope its not a powerful demon. Otherwise, it will be difficult.”

“Hmph! No matter what demon it is, Ill become the top ten in the entire school and obtain the rewards from the school and the country.”

“Im a mage. Ive been training my positioning crazily for the past three days. As long as I rely on my positioning skills, Ill definitely be able to obtain a good ranking.”

Hearing the discussions of the surrounding students, Lu Yan looked at the secret realm in front of him and took a deep breath.

Then, Lu Yan activated his characteristic panel.

[Name: Lu Yan]

[Level: 0]

[Profession: Undead Monarch]

[Talent Skill: Undead intimidation: As an undead monarch, all undead will fear your might. When facing you, their attack and defense will decrease by 50.]

[Talent Skill: Netherworld Soul Devouring: As an undead monarch, you can devour the soul power of an invincible creature and use it to obtain 1% of the other partys strength.]

[Talent Skill: Undead Army: As an undead monarch, you can command a huge undead army. Theres no limit to the number of undead you can control.]

[Undead Netherworld Armor (level 3): Summon the undead power to form a Netherworld Armor around ones body that can resist any damage. Current resistance value: 35. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown time: 5 hours.]

[Strength: 11]

[Physique: 13]

[Agility: 12]

[Intelligence: 20]

Compared to the other candidates, Lu Yan had three talent skills and the Undead Netherworld Armor. His four attributes also surpassed the ordinary level.

These attributes could be said to be relatively high in the entire school.

After all, before awakening, the other students could only use blood essence tonic to slowly increase their physique. The difference was not big.

Although the rich candidates could obtain essence tonics to increase their strength in the three days after the awakening and the university entrance examination, essence tonics were not the same as attribute points and required time to absorb.

Moreover, it was impossible for them to inject too many essence tonics in a short period of time. No matter how rich one was, increasing ones attributes by three points in three days was the limit.

Therefore, Lu Yan was still very confident in himself.

In this university entrance examination, he had to at least get into the top ten of the school!

“Lu Yan, dont worry. Even if you dont make it for the university entrance examination, you can still come to my fathers company. Ill guarantee to make you rich.” Yang Wei had arrived beside Lu Yan at some point and patted his shoulder as he pretended to be old and experienced.

Lu Yan shook his head and looked at Yang Wei. “Why Do you want to take responsibility for me Stop thinking about it. I want to get into the top ten of the entire school this time.”

Yang Wei said angrily, “Stop bragging. Top ten With your skills as a necromancer, you probably wont even be able to pass the second tier. You might as well directly work at my fathers company.”

“Alright, go and receive the basic equipment and skill books first.” Lu Yan did not explain much to Yang Wei and brought him to the schools treasure vault at the side.

Before the university entrance examination, the school would distribute basic equipment and skill books to all the candidates so that the candidates would have enough combat strength.

All the candidates had to wear basic equipment to ensure fairness.

After all, powerful equipment could directly affect the assessment results.

“As for the skills, there is no requirement. If you have comprehended other skills, you can naturally use them. This is your talent and not an external factor.

Soon, Lu Yan received his basic equipment and skill book.

[Wooden Staff (Whiteboard): Intelligence 1]

[Wooden Armor (Whiteboard): Physique 2]

The basic equipment everyone received was similar. However, warriors had axes (strength 1) and archers had bows (agility 1). Wooden armor was a must.

Then, there were the two basic skill books. Although there were not many necromancers, it was not a problem for them to inherit basic skills.

Opening the two skill books, two lights instantly spread out and directly enveloped Lu Yans body.

Soon, Lu Yan felt that he had obtained two new skills.

[Skeleton Soldier (level 0): Summons two Skeleton Soldiers to fight for you. Skeleton Soldier Attributes: Strength: 8, Physique: 12, Agility: 4, Intelligence: 0 (Cooldown begins once skeleton soldier dies in battle. Cooldown time: 5 minutes)]

[Undead Charge (level 0): Allows the summoned undead creature to charge within ten meters ahead, causing 20 magic damage and increasing the attack speed of the undead creature by 30%. (Cooldown time is 3 minutes)]

The two skills could only be considered the most basic necromancer skills. They were ordinary and the skeleton soldier attributes he summoned were not bad.

Actually, necromancers were somewhat considered as summoners. It was just that they summoned undead creatures.

Of course, compared to summoners, the summoning ability of a Necromancer was not too outstanding. The most powerful thing was still necromancer spells.

Unfortunately, there were not many necromancers to begin with, and there were even fewer necromancy spells passed down.

Just as Lu Yan was about to return and wait for the secret realm to open, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Ding… Because the host is an undead monarch, the necromancer skills you obtained have automatically advanced into undead monarch skills.

“The skill Skeleton Soldier has been upgraded to Skeleton Elite. The skill Undead Charge has been upgraded to Undead Rage. Host, please take a look.”


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