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Chapter 9: Difficulty Choice

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Lu Yan was stunned for a moment. He did not expect the two basic skills to have been upgraded.

[Skeleton Elite (level 0): Summons two Skeleton Elites to fight for you. Skeleton Elite Attributes: Strength: 12, Physique: 16, Agility: 6, Intelligence: 0 (Skeleton Elites die in battle and enter cooldown. Cooldown time: 5 minutes.)]

[Undead Rage (level 0): Instantly doubles all attributes of controlled undead creatures, lasts for 30 seconds, and increases the movement speed of charging undead creatures by 30%. (Cooldown time is 3 minutes.)]

Looking at the two new skills, Lu Yans eyes revealed surprise.

The skeleton soldier had become a skeleton elite. Although its intelligence had not increased, its other three attributes had increased, especially its physique. With 16 points, it could completely be used as a meat shield.

On the other hand, the Undead Rage was even more abnormal. It could double the attributes of all the undead creatures he controlled and even increase its movement speed by 30%.

The movement speed of undead creatures was relatively slow. Although it only increased their movement speed by 30%, it was still a huge increase for undead creatures.

Although the Undead Rage could only last for 30 seconds, it was definitely an abnormal skill that could be extremely useful at the critical moment.

Lu Yan waved the wooden staff in his hand excitedly and returned to the field, waiting for the university entrance examination to begin.

At ten in the morning, the secret realm in the center of the field emitted a light that directly enveloped all the candidates.

The information of the secret realm instantly appeared in everyones minds.

[Secret Realm: Undead Swamp]

[Level: 0 ~ 10]

[Difficulty: Simple/Difficult/Nightmare]

[Condition to clear the level: Kill the undead creatures in the Undead Swamp. The killing of every undead creature will be counted as points. The time spent clearing the level will also be accounted for. Students, please consider the balance between killing undead creatures and the time spent in the level.]

[After clearing the level, the assessment will end. The assessment will be graded according to the number of undead creatures killed and the time taken to clear the level. A special reminder is that the harder it is to enter, the higher the score for killing undead creatures and clearing the level.]

The rules were very simple. Kill undead creatures and clear the dungeon. The more undead creatures one killed, the faster one would clear the dungeon.

As for the difficulty, the ratio of the number of undead creatures killed, and the time it took to clear the level, they were all accounted for by the authoritative figures. In the end, after being evaluated, they would announce the results in the form of points to ensure fairness.

“Damn! Undead Swamp Whos the examiner this year He actually came up with such an unorthodox test.”

“Thats right. Although there are many undead creatures in the real world, they move slowly and can be avoided. Therefore, everyone doesnt know much about undead creatures.”

“This is going to be interesting. I remember that there is an introduction about the Undead Swamp in the secret realm in the textbook. However, its in a relatively remote place and theres very little information recorded. With such a situation, the examiners will definitely be able to test the candidates ability to adapt to the situation.”

The surrounding teachers and second-year students also saw the information of the assessment and discussed.

Lu Yan was overjoyed. Undead Swamp

In other words, he would be facing undead creatures.

This meant that he would be able to use his Undead Intimidation skill.

[Talent Skill: Undead intimidation: As an undead monarch, all undead will fear your might. When facing you, their attack and defense will decrease by 50.]

Lu Yan looked at the introduction of the skill and was very excited.

All undead creatures attack and defense would decrease by 50%. This was a very powerful effect, enough to double Lu Yans speed.

In that case…

Lu Yan pondered for a moment before entering the secret realm.

The surrounding candidates also chose the difficulty one after another. The light that enveloped them instantly entered the ancient bronze mirror in front of them and disappeared with their bodies.

When the candidates entered the secret realm, it meant that the university entrance examination had begun and they had begun recording the time spent in the independent secret realm.

In the center of the field, the examiner in charge of the university entrance examination waved his hand, and a huge screen appeared in the center of the field. On it were small screens that showed the various candidates in the mystic realm.

“I wonder whats the fastest record for passing this time. I remember that the fastest person to pass the ordinary difficulty test last year only spent 20 minutes and 50 seconds.”

“Although the speed of passing is important, the number of undead creatures killed is also very important. If the speed of passing is very fast, but the number of undead creatures killed is not enough, the points wont be too much.”

“Have you all forgotten that the difficult choice is the most important The difficulty of the nightmare level far exceeds the difficulty of the ordinary level.”

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“Thats right. In the past, some powerful people chose the ordinary level. Although they only took a short time to kill the demon beasts and clear the level, in the end, their results were inferior to the candidates on the nightmare level.”

“However, choosing the nightmare level is also equivalent to gambling. After all, the nightmare level difficulty is not something that just anyone can pass. Once you fail, your points will still be very low no matter how many demon beasts you kill. The most important thing is to obtain high points and to make sure you pass.”

“Thats right. After all, our teachers had reminded us repeatedly not to take the easier difficult. Moreover, even the stronger candidates will at most choose the difficult level. Only the top few will choose the nightmare level.”

“Damn! Look, someone chose the nightmare level difficulty.”

Just as everyone was discussing, a cry sounded, making everyone turn their gazes over.

“Thats Zhou Xinghao, right I remember that his family is very rich. They provide him with blood essence supplements every day. Moreover, his family even specially trained him in combat. His previous assessment results were all at the top.”

“His combat profession is a warrior. He probably also has had essence tonics to increase his body attributes in the past few days. Its relatively normal for him to choose the nightmare level.”

“Even so, the chances of him clearing the Nightmare Realm are only about 60 percent or so. Once he fails, it will be over.”

The 60 percent chance sounded quite high. However, this was the university entrance examination after all. Once an accident happened, it would have a huge impact on the future.

At this moment, another cry sounded. It was so sharp that it was somewhat like a scream.

“Damn, damn! What did I just see A mage! A mage chose the nightmare difficulty!”

In an instant, everyones gazes directly slid over. After all, a mages body was very fragile. It was very difficult for them to clear the nightmare difficulty.

In the entire Linan City, there were probably less than five mages who dared to choose the nightmare level, let alone their Fourth High School.

At this moment, everyones gazes landed on an image on the screen in front of them.

Below the screen was the information of the candidate.

Candidate: Lu Yan

Profession: Necromancer

Difficulty: Nightmare!


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