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“Youre awake! How do you feel Any pain”

Feng Wu crouched down by the bed and checked Jun Linyuans pulse.

His eyes were as pretty as ever, but there was no light in them.

He only stared at Feng Wu in silence.

The look was so cold that it made one shudder.

Feng Wu was the first to come in, and behind her were Feng Xun, Xuan Yi and the other elders.

The crown prince wouldnt look at anybody else, and his face had never looked so grim.

Feng Wus heart sank, and she had a bad feeling about this.

It was incredible!

The next second!

The crown princes face was as dark as a stormy night, and there was something very domineering about him.

Even Elder Helian wanted to shudder when the crown prince glanced at him.

“Get out!” The crown prince bellowed at Feng Wu.

Feng Xun panicked.

Boss Jun got angry all the time, but he had never been so furious.

He even shouted at Feng Wu, the girl he cared about the most.

Feng Xun wanted to step forward, when the crown prince glared at him.

“Get out! All of you!”

He was furious!

The air in the room seemed to have frozen.

Everybody thought the crown prince would jump out of bed and kill them all.

However, he didnt have any spiritual essence or the intent to kill anyone.

No one knew what to do.

Just then, he smirked.

“Im useless now, and you wont follow my orders anymore.

Am I right”

He was glaring at Feng Wu when he said that.

It was as if he wanted to drill holes in her with his eyes.

Feng Xun was panic-stricken.

That tone…

Feng Xun could tell Jun Linyuans mood from his tone.

He only sounded this way when he was extremely angry.

He looked like he was going to explode.

What did he mean he was useless now

Feng Xun recalled what Feng Wu had said earlier, so he turned around and looked at Feng Wu in astonishment.

Feng Wu nodded.


Feng Xun thought his head was going to explode.

The most unthinkable thing had happened.

Boss Jun, the genius crown prince, had been…

Feng Xun thought he was losing his mind.

He turned to look at the crown prince but only met the latters smirk.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

“I think we should leave.

Everybody out.”

Feng Xun knew how proud Jun Linyuan was.

He could never let anybody see his vulnerable side.

Everybody had to leave.

After some consideration, Feng Wu decided to leave the room and let Jun Linyuan calm down.

Once everybody else had left, Feng Xun went to Jun Linyuans side, trying to talk to him.

The crown prince stared at him.

“Even you are going to disobey my order now.

Is that it”

Feng Xun felt a chill run down his spine.

Boss Jun felt like a complete stranger.

How scary…

Feng Xun saw blue veins pop on Boss Juns forehead.

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