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Chapter 100 – Noodle soup

“Flavor cold dish” “Thats great!” Yu Qingqing said happily.

She loved these side dishes very much.

Zhang Han had specially prepared these two cold dish, because they wanted to eat noodles at noon, With cold dish, it could be said to be a perfect match.

Potato filament is a famous flavor dish in Zhejiang province, which belongs to Zhejiang province.

The procedure is very simple.

Cut the potatoes into shreds, put the shredded potatoes into clear water, to prevent the potatoes from rusting and discoloration.

Make the potatoes silk fly water clear and cooked, reserve the red and green peppers, cut the shredded potatoes into pieces.

Cool them with cold water, add the red and green peppers.

Put in a teaspoon of pepper oil, a teaspoon of chili oil, a little salt, a little MSG, a little sesame oil, add with a little vinegar, then mix them according to personal taste.

It was just the usualprocedure, but in this restaurant, there was a king of seasonings — — fragrant wood.

No matter what dish it was, as long as the fragrant wood was sprinkled, the fragrance would make ones mouth water.

The other one was a cucumber shot.

It was also a very common household dish, so the recipe was even simpler.

The main ingredient was cucumber, which was made with various seasonings.

It was cool and refreshing, suitable for summer.

The cucumber was cold, eating in summer could clear heat and remove fire, eliminate toxins from the body; and it also had beauty effect.

Furthermore, eating cucumber in summer with delicious taste could also help digestion.

Slapping cucumber has the effect of opening up the stomach.

In addition to low calorie, cucumber can remove dampness, heat and detoxification; its dietary fiber has the effect of promoting the excretion of toxic substances and lowering cholesterol.

In fresh cucumber, propanedioic acid, which inhibits the conversion of sugar to fat, has the function of weight loss.

Of course, if one were to describe the effects on the market, they would not mention the effects.

If it were only that kind of pure green food, then it would be fine.

Furthermore, not only was the green food nutritious, but their effects were also very good.

This was what people usually called nourishing food.

And for crops grown in the Mount New Moon, this nourishment would increase by two times.

It could be said that eating New Moon Bays food all year round would greatly improve ones physical health.

At present, the people in the big city were all living in ahot water environment, where day and night were reversed, and their bodies were in a sub healthy state.

The hospital was becoming more and more popular.

However, life was like this; the times had progressed; no one could change anything, so eating a little bit more pure green, healthy food was also a very good choice.

Otherwise, the food on the market would not be of all kinds.

Pure green food would be more expensive.

The good food from the production area would be called special food, which would be called private use.

Back to the main topic, there were more and more people lining up outside the restaurant at noon.

It could be said that after several days of brewing, Mengmengs casual restaurant already had a bit of fame in this street.

As long as one wasnt blind, they could see it from nearby.


Suddenly, a blonde foreign friend who was casually walking on the street made a sound of surprise and walked towards the restaurant.

He first observed the area outside the dining room.

From the clean and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, he could see that the interior was neatly decorated.

“It looks pretty good.

Lets try it out here at noon.”

The golden-haired man mumbled in English and walked to the place where the customers lined up.

He looked at the people beside him and smiled.

He asked in Chinese with a curled lips, “Hello, is this restaurant great”

“More than great Let me tell you, this restaurant is the best restaurant Ive had since I was a kid! Beyond anyone else!” The man beside him replied solemnly.

“Is it really that powerful” The golden-haired mans eyes lit up.

“Of course.” When a young girl at the back saw her foreign brother was very handsome, she smiled and said, “Hes not exaggerating at all.

This is the best meal Ive had since I was young.

Its super delicious.

You would feel sorry if you didnt taste it.”

The blond man smiled and said, “Then what are the specialties of the delicacies here”

“Egg Fried Rice.”

“What else”

“Egg Fried Rice.”

“Is there nothing else”


“Oh, oh, thats good.

What is the specialty of the delicacy”

“Egg Fried Rice.”

“Puff …”

“This foreign brother.” Finally, the young man next to the blond man patted his arm and said, “Theres a lot of delicious food here, but you wont be able to eat it.

We can only try the Egg Fried Rice.”

“Why” The golden-haired man asked in confusion.

“Do you recognize Chinese characters”

“I do.” The golden-haired man nodded.

“Then take a look at the notice board over there and youll know why.”

“Alright.” The golden-haired man nodded and walked to the side of the door.

He looked at the notice board very seriously and muttered:

“Business hours” Only three hours Three hundred yuan for each serving of Egg Fried Rice and a hundred yuan for each serving of milk Do other dishes have to be tasted by members “Oh my god!”

When he saw the information below, he suddenly exclaimed in shock and could not believe his eyes.

A membership card for a million yuan per card And it was even the top ten, followed by ten million membership cards Heavens, how could a ten million membership card be possible

At this moment, he was completely dumbfounded, and he didnt know what was going on.

He returned to his seat in a daze.

Seeing his expression, the crowd couldnt help but let out satisfied smiles.

This was completely within reason.

When they had first seen this news, their stunned expressions hadnt been any less than his.

After a while, the blond man came back to his senses.

He had a complicated expression on his face as he took out his cell phone from his pocket and gave the restaurant a sign.

He then opened his notebook and wrote:

Mengmengs casual restaurant, XXX XX Street, XX Year XX At noon record:

It was a very special restaurant, there were tens of people lining up at the door; it was a bustling business.

The restaurant had a membership system, from one to ten, each membership card costed 1 million, number 11 to 20, 10 million each; it was inconceivable, the nonmember temporarily only had Egg-Fried Rice and Milk, Egg-Fried Rice was 300 yuan per serving, milk was 100 yuan per cup.

The price was slightly higher.

After recording all of this, the golden-haired man put away his phone and waited silently for the crowd to line up.

In the dining hall, when the food was about to be cooked, Zhang Han took out the big pot, which was filled with spirit water that were poured into the Mount New Moon, and placed it on the stove to boil the water.

Seeing this, Liang Mengqis eyes lit up, and hurriedly asked: Boss, do we have new delicacies


“Whats that”

“Noodle soup.”

“The noodle soup “Thats fine too.

Ill try it later.” Liang Mengqi said in a slightly disappointed tone.

She had eaten noodle soup a few times, but in the end, it was really just noodle soup, just like how it passed the water surface.

She didnt have any experience with taste buds at all, and after that, Liang Mengqi had never eaten a noodle soup again.

However, she still looked forward to what Zhang Han had cooked.

After all, there had never been a time when the bosss food tasted bad.

On the other hand, the eyes of Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu, who were standing in front of him, lit up.

Zhao Feng, who was at the side, shook his head slightly.

He knew that if he wanted to eat something good, he had to get on good terms with the owner.

In the morning, he had heard from Zhang Li that they had eaten chicken last night, and the fragrance that was described by them made Zhao Feng drool uncontrollably.

Now that Zhao Feng had seen Yu Qingqing and the others like this, if he were to say it out loud, he would probably spoil their appetite.

Noodle soup were food that Zhang Han decided to prepare after considering it.

It was simple and tasty, but the key thing was that the quality of the Mount New Moons noodles was good, and it could completely explain the true meaning of noodle soup.

Noodle soup were Chinese noodles snacks.

As the name implied, it was basically not flavorings, especially those that were colored.

For example, soy sauce, cooking wine, meat broth, red oil, etc.

The noodle soup was its original flavour, embodying the pure fragrance of the noodle soup.

The pure white noodles and clear soup with a few side dishes made it taste light and refreshing.

There were a few procedures for cooking the noodle soup.

The noodle soup, the sliced noodle soup, and the noodle soup were all quite complicated.

Experienced people and inexperienced people used the same noodle soup to make the noodle soup.

Sometimes, in order to ensure the strength of the noodles, a scientific proportion of salt water was added.

The salt water and the noodles would increase the strength of the dough, making it easier to pull the noodles, so that there would not be a situation where the dough was broken or too thick.

But Zhang Han didnt need it at all.

With Mount New Moons spirit water here, why need anything like salt water

Zhang Han prepared the dough.

There was a lot of knowledge in kneading dough, but it was not always possible to fill up the bowl of water at once.

One could dig a pit in the middle of the flour and slowly pour the water into it, stirring it slowly with chopsticks.

When the water is sucked dry by the flour, knead the flour repeatedly with your hands so that the flour becomes many small pieces of flour, commonly known as “snowflake noodles”.

In this way, the flour will not be too late to absorb and spread everywhere, or stick full of paste, and then sprinkle water on the “snowflake”, hand stirring, so that it becomes a ball of small dough, called “grape noodles”.

At this time, the flour has not absorbed enough moisture and its hardness is quite large.

The flour can be compressed into a piece, and the paste on the basin or panel can be wiped off forcefully.

Then, the flour on the “grape flour” can be washed and sprinkled on the “grape flour” so that the grape flour can be kneaded into a smooth flour fungus with both hands.

This kind of blending method is called “three steps of adding water”, which can make the whole blending process clean, flexible, and achieve the effect of “dough light, basin light, hand light”.

When Zhang Han was kneading the dough, the spirit energy in his body was flowing into his hands, making the kneading process much more efficient.

If it were another person, then he would have taken 8 or 10 minutes to mend the noodles, but Zhang Han only took two minutes.

Now that the noodles were ready, the boiling water was almost boiling.

At this time, the second step was to cut the noodles.

Just as Zhang Han was about to pick up the blade, he thought for a moment and then retracted his hand.

“Boss, the way you knead dough is so cool.”

At this time, Liang Mengqi came over.

She didnt really feel it before, but now she felt that a man who could cook was really handsome.

No, it should be that the owner was really handsome.

After all, no one could cook such a delicious meal except their boss.

“Bosss handmade noodles will definitely smell good.” Liang Mengqi pressed her hands on the counter, her eyes brimming with vitality as she watched Zhang Hans actions.


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