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“So what I absorbed is the Source of the Demonic Evil Spirit Is it powerful” Mu Xue asked.

“How should I put it Its kind of mysterious.

This Source can strengthen your supernatural powers and enhance your comprehension.

It can give you the attack ability with attributes.

Whats more, it can change your spiritual force from the root.

Youll benefit from it in many aspects.

After all, this kind of thing is very precious in the Cultivation World.

You can take your time and grasp it bit by bit,” Zhang Han replied.

“Hee-hee, Master, I have a Source now.

I dont need to look for it anymore.

Later, Ill go to the Kunlun Immortal World and snatch some Sources for you, Maam, and Mengmeng,” Mu Xue said with a serious look.

Sect Leader Mu felt rather speechless.

“Have you forgotten me”

However, it could be seen from Mu Xues clear eyes that she really meant what she said, which made Zi Yan and Zhang Han smile.

As for Mengmeng, her big shining eyes blinked.

No one knew what she was thinking about.

“Lets go together.”

Zhang Han waved his hand.

Zhang Mu immediately made arrangements for everyone present.

The ones in the Elixir Realm would all go to the Kunlun Immortal World.

Those in the Heaven Realm would head for the Ancient Mine.

Those in the Earth Realm would be divided into groups, and each group would be sent to a different worldlet.

At the same time, the Heavenly Knights Sect, the Luo Fu Sword Sect, and the Shuiyun Sect also sent their disciples out in search of the Source.

They were not the only people shocked by the news.

The entire Kunlun Immortal World was also astounded.

“A streak of light suddenly appeared in the East Domain.

After it landed, it turned out to be some form of energy.

Its said that the person who absorbed it directly leaped from the Elixir Realm Early-Stage to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

It was a miracle-working treasure bestowed by heaven!”

“I just got the latest news.

In the west of the North Domain, at the border between the North Domain and the West Domain, there was also a streak of light.

It was some kind of orange energy.

The one who absorbed it is Li Tai, an 18-year-old talent of the Lake Combating Sect in the North Domain.

He also broke through from the Elixir Realm Early-Stage to the Last-Stage in one breath.”

“Two treasures fell from the sky in one day Does… does this mean our good fortune is coming”

The entire Kunlun Immortal World was in turmoil because of that.

But that was not the end of the good news.

In the Ancient Mine Plain of the worldlet, when Wang Xiaowu was about to go down to the mine, he was hit by a shot of energy.

Next, he advanced to higher realms in succession and eventually reached the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.

The news quickly spread back to Mount New Moon.

Everyone knew that a great number of people would find their luck these days.

Many martial artists left to try their luck, so Mount New Moon appeared to be kind of deserted.

When the family of three walked to the dining room…


Mengmeng grabbed Zhang Hans hand and mumbled, “Are we not going to the B-grade relic at the Breeze Lake tomorrow Do you have something else to do”

“There is nothing more important than accompanying you on a fun trip,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Well, Daddy is the best.

But Im okay with that.

I can go there by myself.

Daddy, if youre busy, you dont have to go with me.

Ill take Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot with me anyway.” Mengmeng slyly swiveled her pupils.

She really wanted to visit a relic on her own for a change.

“No, youre still too young and innocent.

What if you are in danger” Zi Yan slightly arched her eyebrows.

“Oh, Mummy, Daddy already told you that I have a portal with me.

If Im in any kind of danger, Daddy can come to rescue me in just a second.

Besides, Ive been to a lot of relics.

Ive also visited the Kunlun Immortal World twice and traveled to the Ancient Mine.

Ive seen a lot of the world.

Mummy, umm, didnt you say last time that hardships were good for children” Mengmeng muttered, “Also, Ive got Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, as well as so many treasures.

There wont be any problem.

Daddy has promised me that I can go visit a relic on my own once, but he hasnt honored that promise yet.”

Her arguments were both reasonable and emotionally acceptable.

“Why do you want to visit a relic by yourself so badly” Zi Yan inquired, a little at a loss about whether to laugh or cry.

“Because it wont be exciting if I have someone follow me and protect me all the time.

I dont want to be treated like a child anymore.” Mengmeng added in a disgruntled tone, “Besides, Aunty Xue started to go to the relics at the age of 10.

But Im nudging 12 but I havent done that once.”

Zhang Han sighed softly and said, “Mengmeng, its not that you cant go play on your own.

Ill let you have your wish.

This time, youll go to Breeze Lake by yourself, which is right next to the Kunlun Mountain Range.

You have to cross some cities nearby.

Youll travel by air, by car, and on foot.

Youll also climb mountains and cross rivers before you enter the relic and go on the adventure.

Do you think you can handle all that”

Seeing that Zhang Han was so supportive, Zi Yan was slightly stunned.

“How could he let Mengmeng go there alone without getting worried”

“Sure! I can do it!” Mengmengs eyes glittered with exultation.

“The most important thing is that you have to take this.” Zhang Han took out the bouncy ball Yue Wuwei gave him from his Space Ring and added, “If you meet any trouble, just crush this with your strength and you will be safe.

Well, anyway, Dahei and the other two can basically guarantee your safety in a B-grade relic.

This time, I promise you that I will let you play on your own.

Next time, Mummy and I will accompany you, okay”

If he hadnt had that talk with Yue Wuwei, Zhang Han would never have let Mengmeng go to the relic alone.

Now, the whole framework of the Saint Warrior Planet was clear in his mind, so he knew that Mengmeng would not face any real danger.

This planet was constituted by the Kunlun Immortal World, the Main World, the ancient relics, the Ancient Mine, the Kings Domain, the Boundless Sea, and the Northernmost Sea.

That was the world of the Saint Warrior Planet, where Yue Wuwei served as a housekeeper.

It could be said that he was almost omnipotent on this planet.

Therefore, Zhang Han and his family were very safe.

Since Mengmeng wanted to play by herself, Zhang Han saw no reason to object.

After all, she had been longing for this trip for a long time.

“Okay, Ill let you handle this your way.”

Zi Yan also smiled with resignation.

Then, with mixed feelings, she said, “My girl has all grown up.

I cant make you listen to me anymore.

You can go out and play all by yourself now.


“Well, Im always your sweetheart,” Mengmeng immediately retorted.

“Youve got a smooth tongue.”

Zi Yan pressed her lips and smiled.

Then, she reminded her, “Dont forget to crush the ball Daddy just gave you if you are in any danger.

After you do that, an old man will come to you and bring you back home.”

“Which old man” Mengmeng was taken aback.

“Hes just an elderly man who appears to be around 60,” Zi Yan answered.

“Got it.”

Grinning, Mengmeng assured them.

They soon arrived at the dining room.

Mengmeng looked around with her big shining eyes.

“Uncle Feng and Aunty Xue are both gone.

Who shall I consult about booking a plane ticket”

“Are you asking me” Zi Yan glanced at her and said, “Your father said that you are doing this adventure on your own, so dont expect us to help you.”


Mengmeng snorted and started to eat.

After lunch, the little girl ran back to her room to make plans for the trip.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood under the thunder yang tree.

“Is it really okay for her to go there alone” Zi Yan asked with concern.

“Of course its okay.

As the guardian of this planet, Yue Wuwei can send Mengmeng directly back to Mount New Moon from the relic if anything goes wrong,” Zhang Han said with a reassuring smile.

“Since this Saint Warrior Planet has been sealed, the relics that have appeared are very stable.

There wont be any accidents.”

“Then what are you going to do next” Zi Yan was relieved upon hearing Zhang Hans explanation.

She then asked, “The Source Energy seems to be very useful.

Shall we just ask Yue Wuwei for some more Why dont we exchange treasures for it”

“Well, thats a good idea.

Hes a very rich man.

If we dont rip him off, who else should we rip off” Zhang Han suddenly laughed.

Zi Yan, who was usually serious and reserved, laughed with him.

For the first time, Zi Yan felt that it was quite fun to rip someone off.

At this time, in the Black White Palace of the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine, Yue Wuwei suddenly shivered while playing with his daughter.


He was quite perturbed.

“Why do I feel that someone is plotting against me”

At six oclock the next morning, Mengmeng got up and ran to the cloakroom.

“What shall I wear”

Mengmeng blinked.

She soon picked out what she would wear.

She chose a pair of black jeans, dark red sneakers, and a white hood…

After washing up and dressing up, Mengmeng looked into the mirror.

“My hair is a huge problem.”

She made a face at the mirror.

“You only know how to wear your hair in a ponytail.

Humph, go to Mummy and ask for a beautiful hairstyle.

“But if I were to fight, wouldnt my hairstyle be ruined Shall I just let my hair hang down on the shoulders”

Mengmeng whizzed back to the mirror.

Eventually, she decided to get herself a pretty hairstyle regardless.

Thus, she ran to her parents bedroom.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

“Mummy, Daddy, get up.

The sun is high in the sky.

Are you gonna sleep in like children”

“Come on in.

Were making the bed,” Zi Yan replied.

Mengmeng pushed the door open and burst in.

“Mummy, Ill set off in minutes.

What hairstyle do you think I should have”

“Your hair has just reached your shoulders.

Ill make you two short braids.”

Zi Yan changed out of her pajamas and got up to braid hair for Mengmeng.

“Wheres Daddy” Mengmeng looked around and asked.

“He is off to pick some fruit for you.

He is going to make cups of smoothie for you to enjoy on the journey,” Zi Yan said.

“Hee-hee, thats sweet.”

“Stay still.

Or I cant do your hair well.” Zi Yan reached out and softly pinched Mengmengs tender face.

“You should cherish this opportunity to go out on your own.

I and your Daddy will accompany you on all the adventures after this one.”


“What did you work on last night Tell me about your arrangement for this trip.”

“I told Uncle Dongheng that I was going to take a plane to Daming City.

I asked him to arrange a driver and a car for me and drive me to Mumen Village.

From there, Ill travel on foot to the north.

After walking for about 25 km, Ill arrive at Breeze Lake.

The plane will take off at 7:30 a.m., and itll land in Daming City at 9:30 a.m.

Ill reach Mumen Village at 10:30 a.m.

Then, the walk to the destination will take me an hour, so Ill arrive at the relic exactly at 11:30 a.m.

The relic will open at around 11 oclock.

Its fine if Im a little late.”

“Well done.

Your plan is quite clear.” Zi Yan immediately broke into a smile.

“Of course.”

Mengmeng did her research very well last night.

When Zi Yan finished doing Mengmengs hair, Zhang Han also came back.

He made five cups of smoothie and asked Mengmeng to put them in her Space Bracelet.

After breakfast, the little girl waved goodbye to her parents.

“Mummy, Daddy, dont worry.

Ill be back in a while.”

“Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, go with me.

Im taking you out to have fun!”


“Woof, woof!”

“Coo, coo.”

The three hopped over happily.

With great ease, Dahei and Tiny Tot shrank a lot and climbed into Mengmengs schoolbag.

Little Hei just walked on Mengmengs side.

They ran to the gate of the dining room and got on Sun Donghengs sports car.

“Boss, madam.” Sun Dongheng got out of the car and said, “Ill send Mengmeng there myself.

Dont worry, Ill definitely take good care of her.”

“Eh Its hard to say wholl be protected.

” Mengmeng snorted.

“I can take you down single-handed.”

Sun Dongheng was bereft of speech.

Reluctantly, he decided to accept the reality.

After saying goodbye, Sun Dongheng drove away from Mount New Moon.

Mengmengs first completely independent exploration of a relic began!

“Mengmeng, Ive already reached the Peak Strength Stage.

What level are you at” Sun Dongheng asked.

“Im about to reach the Yuan Ying Realm,” Mengmeng replied.

“What What is the Yuan Ying Realm”

Sun Dongheng never paid much attention to these things, so he really didnt know.

“Oh, to be honest, Im almost in the God Realm.” Mengmeng switched her answer to a much lower realm.

“What Really” Sun Dongheng was stunned.

“Why would I lie to you Im just this close to the God Realm.

Little Hei, you know Im telling the truth, right” Mengmeng patted Little Hei, who was sitting before her feet in the passenger seat.

“Whoa-woo.” Little Hei nodded fervently.

“Ha, youre that awesome” Sun Dongheng laughed.

Then, he looked at the rearview mirror and examined his reflection, muttering, “Tsk-tsk, believe it or not, after becoming a martial artist, my skin is getting better and better.

Im even more handsome than before.

Gee, I am also an attractive young man now.”


Uncle Sun, where did you get such confidence” Mengmeng showed a look of revulsion.

“Well, if I cant get more handsome, why bother working so hard to cultivate I once had a girlfriend who dumped me for a more good-looking guy.

Since then, Ive been telling myself that wherever I fell, I gotta…”

“Gotta lie there and never get up,” Mengmeng cut in.

Sun Dongheng was lost for words.

After being silent for two seconds, he asked with hesitation, “Havent you noticed that I have become much more charming than before”

“Oh, are you hallucinating”

Sun Dongheng shook his head and said, “Mengmeng, my growing charm is an accepted fact.

Your words cant hurt me at all.

Give up.”

“Aunty Xue said that you now have a lot of traits that you didnt have before,” Mengmeng said in a dead-serious tone.

“What new traits did she mention” Sun Donghengs face was immediately lit with excitement.

Mu Xue was a very pretty girl on Mount New Moon.

Everyone knew that she was both pretty and powerful, only that she was not good-tempered.

Sun Dongheng had suffered a few setbacks dealing with her.

Still, he was very curious about how the beautiful girl thought of him.

Yet, under his curious gaze, Mengmeng coughed softly and replied lightly, imitating Mu Xues tone, “Youve picked up some feminine traits.”

Sun Dongheng was stunned.


That was heart-wrenching!

“Well… Well, were almost there.”

Sun Dongheng had no strength to speak anymore.

Fortunately, the car had arrived at the company.

It directly droved to the airport and pulled over on the side.

Sun Dongheng, Mengmeng, and two members of the security group got on the plane.

Two hours later, they arrived at Daming City.

After getting off the plane, they climbed into an off-road vehicle and soon reached the village near the relic that Mengmeng had pointed out.

“There are mountains in the north.

This is the end of the road.

The car cant go any further,” said the driver.

“This will do.

Well, bye-bye!” Mengmeng patted Little Hei on the back.

“Time to get out of the car.”


When Mengmeng got off the car, Sun Dongheng rolled down the window and called after her, “Take care!”

“Sure, dont worry!”

With that cheerful response, Mengmeng quickly ran to the forest.

A minute later, she disappeared out of sight.

An hour later.

“Hey Why am I still not there Did I take the wrong path”

Mengmeng looked around and could see nothing but mountains.

There was no trace of a lake.

Baffled, she looked down at the compass in her hand and said, “Yes, Im going in the right direction.

But why havent I seen the lake”


Little Hei vigorously pointed its head to the east.

“Is it over there”

Mengmeng gave a grunt, put away the compass, and sprinted to the east.

When she ran fast, she was basically leaping from one branch to another.

Every time her toes touched the ground, she moved more than 10 meters forward before safely landing on another branch.

Little Hei followed her on the ground.

It had released a trace of its pressure.

Thus, Mengmeng saw no mosquitoes or poisonous creatures along the way.

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