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Chapter 101 Shocking Talent

“Not the handmade noodles.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a chuckle and said, “To do the fine hand-pulled noodles.”

“Of course, Mengmeng wants to eat the fine hand-pulled noodles, so the boss has definitely made it very special.” Zhao Feng laughed on one side.

“Huh, I see.

Im just wondering why making noodles.

It is Mengmeng who wants to eat them.” Liang Mengqi snorted.

The boss basically granted Mengmengs all requests.

But he didnt pay so much attention to them.

Liang Mengqi knew that they werent able to order food yet.


Zhang Han nodded and his hands began to move.

He grabbed the dough with his hands, and the aura continuously gathered on the dough through the palms.

The arms were spread out and the dough was stretched into a cylinder as thick as an arm.

As Zhang Han started, the eyes in the room gradually gathered.

Every time Zhang Han started cooking, they always watched for a while, because Zhang Hans movements were simply artists for them.

In the eyes of people, Zhang Hans hands moved at different frequencies.

The dough on the palm began to rotate, and gradually, the dough was getting finer and finer while the rotation was getting quicker and quicker, like a vortex that gradually formed in the sea.

Meanwhile, Zhang Hans aura was concentrated on the right hand, and the five fingers were making the fist.

Under the spiritual guidance, a noodle like a little finger flew through the gaps of the fingers to the boiling pot.

Were the noodles as thick as a finger That was nonexistent.

What Zhang Han wanted to do was the fine noodles.

As for how fine were the noodles Of course as fine as possible!

Zhang Han moved his right hand in a circle with a quick melody.

The noodles that passed through the fingers were constantly rotating forward.

It was like holding a ribbon in his hand and waving it constantly to form a conical spiral.

This was the case with the noodles at this time, and the noodles began to become finer as the rotation progressed.

Little by little, until the time noodles fell into the boiling pot, the fineness of the noodles was like a hair!

The noodles in the boiling pot broke off every twenty centimeters, which was a feat that could be accomplished under the control of spiritual power.

In this way, the noodles were constantly flying, and the process of turning the dough into silk threads shocked everyone!

It was well known that it was a trick when the boss was cooking, but it wasnt expected that he could dazzle others to such a degree.

People around couldnt help marveling at this.

“How is this possible”

“God, its terrible, right How are the noodles pulled”

“This is the first time for me to see handmade noodles to be made in this way.

Fuck, look at the noodles, the fineness of the noodles is almost like the silk!”

“Its amazing, and its really amazing.

The boss has such craftsmanship, which is not a feat for the average person.”

“I am afraid that the first king of handmade noodles in the mainland is not as good as one-tenth of the boss.”


In the northern part of Shanbei, there was a ramen master who was very powerful.

The noodles he made was as fine as the hair, but it was really exaggerated.

In fact, the noodles were not as fine as the hair.

But now, people looked at the faint noodle silk and were deeply shocked.

This was really as fine as the hair, and they also didnt understand how this skill was going on.

What they knew was the noodles flew as the vortex.

How terrible and shocking it was!

The one who was most shocking at this time was Zhao Feng.

When Zhang Hans palms moved, his eyes became bigger and bigger, and eventually widened like a bulls eyes.

The pupils in the eyes were shrinking as the noodles were formed, and the expression was like seeing something terrible.


Zhao Feng stunned for a while, and suddenly he remembered a legend that the captain said, and he was shocked.



“Is the boss…”

Zhao Feng was petrified, staring at Zhang Han with unbelievable eyes.

It was remembered that when he was in the special forces, he fought with the captain privately for half an hour.

Finally, he was easily taken down by the captain.

Zhao Fengs defeat was very thorough but he was convinced.

However, the captain said, “In this world, there is an invisible society, where there are countless formidable intellects, even I cant touch the circle.”

Zhao Feng asked what was the invisible society, but the captain just laughed but did not say anything.

When he left far away, he left a sentence, “Although you and I are powerful, we are still the frogs at the bottom of the well.

The group of people is unimaginable beings, like…martial arts.”

Martial arts Was it like the martial arts in the story where people had inner power

Zhao Feng speculated incredulously.

Until now, he almost had forgotten that thing, but after seeing Zhang Hans talent and the scene in front of him, Zhao Feng couldnt help feeling shocked.

He was faintly aware that the boss was the master of the invisible society! The boss was very likely to be the strongman withinner power!

Otherwise, how could the boss reach this level He wasnt able to do this with pure power!

But what Zhao Feng didnt know was that his guess was almost close to the fact.

Relatively speaking, Zhang Han, who was in Qi Refining Stage, was indeed the equivalent of a martial arts master with inner power.

But in essence, the road Zhang Han practiced was the road to the immortality, which was the most orthodox road, while others were not necessarily the case, especially in this aura exhausted earth.

Yes, nowadays, the earth was developing faster and faster, the aura was gradually dissipating, and only some geomantic treasure ground would have the aura.

Zhang Han certainly knew this.

For another example, there was no aura.

If the aura in the body was consumed, it couldnt be added.

It could only rely on the formulas inside ones body to slowly cultivate.

This method was a lot harder and slower to recover, which was also a very helpless fact.

Take the eyes back to Zhang Han.

The noodles rotated as the vortex flew into the boiling pot gradually.

Quick as lighting, the whole process lasted only one minute.

A pot of dough all turned into noodles that were as fine as the hair in a minute.

If this was spread out, many people were not able to believe.

Even the people in the restaurant didnt believe their eyes, it was just because this scene was too scary.

Zhang Han gently exhaled with the noodles falling into the boiling pot.

After finishing these noodles, it actually consumed more than half of the aura of Zhang Han.

This half of the aura, even though Zhang Han practiced Treasure-searching formulas, it would take him an afternoon to recover.

While the noodles were cooking, Zhang Han started to cook the fried rice with egg for this noon.

When his body moved, people regained consciousness.

“My god!”

Liang Mengqi screamed with dilated eyes at the side of the bar, “Too handsome, the boss is too handsome.

What shall I do, I am fascinated by you.”

“Right, if I were a girl, I must pursue the boss!” Zhao Dahus tone turned into a soft voice because of the shock.

At this time, Yu Qingqing did not care about Zhao Dahus attitude, and her eyes gazed at Zhang Han.

The admiration in the look was beyond words.

In the face of praise, Zhang Han didnt have any expression and didnt respond.

He still cooked the fried rice with egg as usual.

He was just thinking in his heart, “Were my movements and skills just too exaggerated”

This time making the noodles wasted more than half of his aura.

Although it was for the pursuit of speed, but watching these peoples overreaction, it seemed that he had adopted the wrong way.

“Alright, Id better perform in a more normal way next time.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

While coking egg fried rice, Zhang Han added salt and fragrant wood powder into the noodle soup.

The egg fried rice and noodle soup finished soon.

Zhang Han also made the potato chips and cucumbers one after another.

People came to dinner as usual.

“Wow, what fine noodles! They are crystal clear and so beautiful like art!”

Liang Mengqi exclaimed while holding a bowl of noodle soup, and went back to her seat to prepare for a big meal.

In fact, Liang Mengqi was also very fond of pasta.

The last time she ate dumplings, the dumpling wrapper was soft and delicious, which made her have a good aftertaste.

Now she had pasta, though it was light noodle soup, she still had to taste it first, even temporarily giving up the egg fried rice.

And Zhao Dahu was a person who especially liked to eat spicy food.

Over the years, his stomach had some small problems.

Sometimes, eating some stimulating food would cause stomachache.

But since he came to this restaurant, his stomach had never ached once.

At this time, he would like to add some chili oil into noodle soup, but there was no preparation for the sauce, even soy sauce or vinegar, so he could only eat it like this.

Noodles were Yu Qingqings favorite, especially Anhui board noodles.

But now there was noodle soup, she thought it was not bad.

The three who first served noodles started to take action and enjoy lunch.


They unanimously picked up a spoonful of soup and drank it after blowing it.

The soup had a very strong taste of the flour.

When the soup was drunk, only a sense of sweetness that couldnt be described was poured into their throat.

At this moment, the soup seemed to have turned into a flow of fresh water, nourishing their bodies and mind and making them feel comfortable.

“Yummy.” Liang Mengqi said with great admiration.

“Taste the noodles!” Yu Qingqing couldnt help picking up the chopsticks and tried to pick up the noodles gently.

Because the noodles were too fine, she was afraid to pinch the noodles off with a little force.

But what was unexpected was that the fine noodles would be so strong.

With her strength getting stronger, the noodles were still not broken.


Yu Qingqing ate a big mouthful of noodles, and the noodles entered the mouth, making the mouth full of the noodles smell.

Such fine noodles were not like a batter in her mouth, but made her feel that every noodle was flexible and strong.

This taste was really a wonderful experience.

“Its the first time for me to know that the taste of noodle soup is like this! This is the real noodle soup!” Yu Qingqing commented with eyes blurred, and then her movements accelerated.


The people at the members tables ate seriously even regardless of their images, causing the sound of eating noodles a little loud, which leaded people on the other side who ate egg fried rice to watch over.


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