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They were not the only ones who were surprised.

In the Kunlun Immortal World.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were on a sightseeing tour.

“Ah Hu, when do you think we should have children” Liu Jiaran asked under her breath.

She was now 26 years old.

Having been with Ah Hu for several years, she started to consider having a baby.

“Why do we need a child to burden us” Ah Hu grunted, “Well also go to play in the vast cosmos.

Why not enjoy being with each other.

If we had a child, you wouldnt be able to go out and have fun for years.”

“Youre right.

Its just that…” Liu Jiaran scratched her head and said, “my dad has been urging us.”

“Huh” Ah Hu was dazed.

“He just cant wait to have grandchildren, can he”

“Yeah, he does yearn for grandchildren.

His company is not as busy as it used to be.

He doesnt attach much importance to the development of his business.

He has much leisure time now.

The point is… Xiao Ling may have been pregnant because her period is late.

But even if she is not pregnant, I can tell that she and her husband are also planning to have kids.

If we two beat them to it, our kid will be older than my younger brother or younger sister that is coming.

Wouldnt that be quite funny”

“Er, well, you do have a strong taste of fun, dont you”

Ah Hu grinned, which inspired a series of laughter from Liu Jiaran.

Right at this moment—


A cluster of energy appeared several hundred meters above his head.


In an instant, Ah Hus sharp eyes looked over.

When he found that it was that kind of energy cluster, his eyes lit up.

“We saw one! Quickly inform Brother Feng and the others.”

Before Liu Jiaran could do anything—


The cluster of energy directly plunged and mercilessly hit Ah Hu on the head.


The energy knocked Ah Hu senseless.

He even became cross-eyed.

Gaping at Liu Jiaran, he steeled himself to utter one sentence.

“Hurry, inform Brother Feng.”

The concept of this “inform” was completely different from the previous one.

When he said it for the first time, he meant to tell Brother Feng that he was going to capture the cluster of energy and bring it back to their boss.

But the second time he said that, he was simply asking Zhao Feng to come and protect them.

Because Ah Hu fainted right after he finished speaking.

“Ah Hu!”

Liu Jiaran was startled.

She quickly took out the talisman and contacted Zhao Feng, who was not far away.

However, Zhao Feng was also experiencing something extraordinary.


Zhao Feng put an arm around Liang Mengqis shoulder and said, “Do you think its time for us to have a baby”

“Oh, sure.

But are you fertile” Liang Mengqi glanced at him breezily.

“Why am I not”

Zhao Feng, who was usually calm and collected, couldnt help but stamp his feet at this time.

“Why dont we try it now This place is quite picturesque… We can do it right here right now.”

“What are you thinking”

Liang Mengqis face hardened.

“How embarrassing it would be if someone walked in on us”

“Who would walk in on us in this deep forest” Zhao Feng laughed and said, “Whats more important is, I have this.

With this formation flag I got from Uncle Wang, Im sure no one can hear or see us.”


Liang Mengqi quickly nudged him.

“Did you already plan this out before you came here”

Zhao Feng leaned over and began to make out with her.

The mood on the field became more and more erotic.

Liang Mengqis face had blushed tomato red, which looked even more attractive.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to make his next move…

“Eh Ah Hu is looking for me”

Zhao Feng took out the talisman and attentively felt the induction.

“Somethings happened to him.

Hes been knocked out by a cluster of energy.

Lets go and have a look.”

As soon as he said that…


A streak of Source Energy came into being in the air, about 100 meters over Zhao Feng.

The next second, with great accuracy, it landed on Zhao Fengs head.

“Quick, inform Xu Yong…”

With a plop, Zhao Feng passed out.

That gave Liang Mengqi quite a turn.

She hurriedly fetched out the talisman to notice Xu Yong.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Yong bustled over with a ruddy face.

“Sister-in-law, Im not gonna hold on for long.

Quickly inform Instructor Liu.”

With that said, he ran to Zhao Feng and slumped to the ground.

Just like that, Liang Mengqi spent quite a while turning to others for help.

Eventually, it was Mu Xue who led the team to the site.

She had made Jiang Yanlan, Instructor Liu, and Elder Meng float in the air and follow her.

They had all fainted.

After meeting up with Liu Jiaran, they found out that those who blacked out had all been hit by Source Energy.

“Treasures that fell from the sky”

Mu Xue muttered, “Why didnt I feel giddy or lose consciousness when I absorbed that energy Elder Meng and Xu Yong remained sober for quite a while before they fainted.

But Zhao Feng and Ah Hu passed out right after they were hit.

Could it be that… you are showing off your love and even the heavens cant stand it”

As soon as she said this, Liang Mengqis face turned pink.

Liu Jiaran was more composed.

She didnt react.

“What should we do now” Liang Mengqi swiftly changed the subject.

“We shall just wait.

They will regain consciousness very soon.

Then, they can cultivate here.

When they make a breakthrough, we can go back and give Master a huge surprise.” Mu Xue muttered, “This is funny.

Leng Yue has also got a cluster of energy.

All of a sudden, so many of us have gained such energy.

It feels so strange.

Its like someone has delivered it specifically to us.”

She was kind of puzzled.

As a matter of fact, her intuition was quite correct.

Those blessings were indeed delivered specifically to them.

An hour later, Zhao Feng and the others regained consciousness.

Feeling the raging energy in their bodies, they were overwhelmed by surprise.

They sat cross-legged and began to cultivate and absorb the energy right on the spot.

Five hours later—

“Hahaha, now, I am also at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage! This feels good!”

“Weve all made a breakthrough.”

“Care to spar with me”


They sparred with one another for a long while before they temporarily gained control over their rapidly improved cultivation.

After that, they left the Kunlun Immortal World and returned to Mount New Moon.

Mu Xue, who was taking the lead, cheerfully ran to the Thunder Yang Tree.

She looked at Zi Yan with a smile and said,


“Maam, guess what weve got in the Kunlun Immortal World”

“What is it”

“Balls of energy! Haha, several of us have obtained one, such as Zhao Feng, Ah Hu…”

Looking at Zi Yans beaming face, Zhao Feng was struck by enlightenment.

“Could it be…”

“Maam, does Master have something to do with the energy weve obtained” Zhao Feng asked hesitantly.

“Your Master No.

How could he get such energy for you” Zi Yan curled her lips.

“Ah, then, thank you so much, Maam.” Zhao Feng immediately cottoned on and thanked Zi Yan with a hold-fist salute.

“Thank you, Lady Boss.”

“Youre awesome, Lady Boss!”

“Maam, youre amazing!” Jiang Yanlan echoed with a smile.

“Maam, is it you who got us the energy How did you come into the possession of that” Mu Xue asked with a dazed expression.

“I asked Yue Wuwei for it.”

Zi Yan beamed and said, “You should hurry up and grasp the power after the breakthrough.

Have you all had mastery over your secret skills You gotta gain a thorough understanding of them.

In less than a month, we will go out to participate in a trial in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

If you were not strong enough, you would be in real danger.

Thus, these days, you should all do your best to cultivate and focus on mastering your secret skills.”

“Er, doesnt it sound like something Master would tell us Where is Master” Mu Xue asked curiously.

Normally, Maam would not say these things to them because she did not know much about cultivation.

Nor would she ask anyone to work hard on cultivation and study their secret skills.

Therefore, Mu Xue guessed that the speech Zi Yan just delivered was made on behalf of her master.

“He asked me to tell you that.

He is also cultivating in seclusion.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Oh, I see.

Then Ill go and cultivate in seclusion as well.” Mu Xue bid them goodbye and turned around, heading back to her villa.

“Lady Boss, what will the trial in the Sea Dragon Star Area be about Are we heading for the Sea Dragon Star Area So were leaving Earth, arent we” Instructor Liu probed.

He was kind of in a trance.

“Yes, were.

Therefore, we have to be well prepared.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Oh my God, were going to outer space.

Gee… Honey, lets go and cultivate in seclusion, too.” Instructor Liu turned to look at Jiang Yanlan.

“Maam, well go back and start to cultivate now,” Jiang Yanlan said.

“Lady Boss, so will us.”

Everyone said their goodbye and departed one after another.

In fact, they would work hard to cultivate even without Zi Yans instruction.

Yet, the talk Zi Yan gave them still made a difference.

Because it gave them a sense of pressure, which would help them cultivate more efficiently.

In addition to them, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Mu, and Dong Chen were all cultivating in seclusion.

Few had found the kind of Source Energy they had secured.

The sects in the entire Kunlun Immortal World were crazy about the energy.

The disciples of the sects were all scattered to look for such energy.

They could come across one another every time they traveled a few miles.

What they didnt know was that the opportunities they were pursuing were actually all reserved for certain people.

It was a shady deal, a glaring shady deal.

Initially, Yue Wuwei could have sent the clusters of energy to the designated people in secret.

But he chose to make such a splash.

Perhaps, it was because he had a whacky sense of humor.

Anyway, if he wanted to toy with the entire Kunlun Immortal World, he could make it happen with a mere snap of his fingers.

Perhaps choosing to knock Zhao Feng and Ah Hu unconscious was also one of Yue Wuweis whimsies.

After hearing the news from others, Zi Yan was a little stunned.

She muttered in a lower voice, “Yue Wuwei, that old man is really…”

Time flew.

On Friday, the final examination began.

It was a major examination in the semester.

The students were assigned to different rooms to take the exam according to their previous grades.

This way, no one could copy others answers in that those take the exam in the same room were all at the same level of learning.

There would be no better answers to copy.

The 40th examination room was unexpectedly lively.

“Old buddy.”

During the English exam, someone noticed that a student of another class was wielding his pen passionately.

Answers to the questions were simply pouring out from him.

“Uh-huh, he seems to know all the answers!” Therefore, the first student called him and winked at him several times.

“Oh, I see.”

The student sitting next to him was taken aback at first.

But then, he laughed in his head, for he was just randomly ticking the options.

Still, he cautiously let the other student have a quick glimpse of his answer sheet, which read ACBDCA…

When the results came out—

The student who let the other one copy his answer was walking in the corridor.

He happened to see the student who called him “Old buddy” during that exam standing in the corridor, being given a dressing-down by the teacher.

Of course, this was an interesting episode in school life.

The examination room Mengmeng had been assigned to accommodate almost all the top students in the first grade in the First Middle School.

At a glance, one would find that one-fifth of the students in the room were wearing glasses.

It was probably because they did not sit in the right posture when studying.

Even if one didnt have ones eyes glued to a smartphone screen, one could still be near-sighted if one read books at too short a distance.

Those top students did not find the exam a challenge.

Each of them was writing at a tremendous speed, for they knew all the answers for real.

The sound of pens brushing across the papers was the only thing one could hear in the examination room.

Mengmeng answered the questions very fast.

She was done when there was still half an hour to go before the end of the exam.

Thus, she lay the test paper casually on the table.

With her right hand holding her exquisite face, she looked out the window at the basketball court outside.

A few high school students were playing basketball there.

Staring at them, she was kind of lost in thought.

“High school… And then college

“When I become a high school student, Ill really be a big girl.

“What about when I enter college Ill be an adult then.

“What are Mummy and Daddy doing

“When can Dahei and Little Hei wake up They lie on the lawn and sleep every day, humph.

“Chen Chuan is about to reach the Qi Strength Level.

Hes only six years old.

“The Spring Festival is coming.

Hum, where are we going for vacation this time Where Would we travel abroad Perhaps to Maldives Singapore Dubai Well, I cant think of an interesting place to go…”

The little girl was wondering about many things.

In truth, it was boring to stay in the examination room after all the questions were answered.

There were two teachers invigilating the exam.

One was sitting in the front of the room.

The other was sitting at the rear.

After remaining seated for a while, they felt bored and began to walked back and forth in the room.

When the male teacher at the rear saw Mengmeng put down the test paper and stopped working on it, he placed his hands behind his back and walked slowly to the back of the row.

He slightly lowered his head and looked at the answers on Mengmengs test paper.


“Good job.

“Shes got most of the answers correctly.”

He kept nodding at Mengmengs test paper.

As a teacher, he liked students who could get good grades.

Just like that, Mengmeng spent that Friday and Saturday taking exams.

When the last exam ended on Saturday afternoon, the final examination was officially over.

And the holiday began!

After leaving school, Mengmeng was in high spirits.

She put her schoolbag aside and swayed her long legs.

“Im finally on holiday,” Mengmeng whooped.


Seeing her over-the-top gleefulness, Zi Yan glanced at her and coughed warningly.

“I heard that youve got a lot of homework for the winter vacation.”


Mengmengs smile stiffened, and her little face froze in place.

Then, with a dark look, she said bitterly,

“Mummy, you did it again! Why do you always have to say such a scary thing when Im enjoying myself”

“Hahaha…” Zi Yans sweet laughter immediately rang in the car.


Mengmeng snorted loudly.

“I was just stating the truth.” Zi Yan smiled and said, “You do have a lot of winter vacation homework to do.

Well, if you can get it done by next week, I promise to take you to a particularly fun and exciting place.”


The surprise came too abruptly.

Mengmengs eyes brightened up as she asked, “Is it a relic”


“Then, is it the Kunlun Immortal World”


“The Ancient Mine The Kings Domain”

“Wrong again.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was dazed.

“Then which place is it”

“The least I can tell you is that its fun, thrilling, and exciting.

I originally planned to take you there when the time came.

It must be a big surprise to you.

But when I thought of your homework, I figured if I didnt tell you about the trip in advance, you would probably just play during the entire holiday.

Thus, after some thought, I decided to tell you about the trip now.” Zi Yan stretched out her fair-skinned palm and affectionately pinched Mengmengs tender face.

“Oh, dont keep me guessing.

Just tell me,” Mengmeng urged.

“Its the Lost Continent,” Zi Yan said briskly.

“Where is the Lost Continent” Mengmeng asked, her big eyes blinking with confusion.

“Thats a… magical land in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Our Earth is hidden in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

The Sea Dragon Star Region is vast.

There are many planets and enigmatic places in this star area.

Well, honey, tell us some magical places.” Zi Yans knowledge of the Sea Dragon Star Area was rather limited.

Therefore, after making the short introduction, she called Zhang Han, who was behind the wheel, to help her explain.

“Haha.” Zhang Han was amused.

Then, he began, “The amazing part is that the Lost Continent is a piece of land floating still in the universe.

Its like the floating land in that game called Demonic Dragon that you play, only its thousands of times bigger than that in the game.

In addition to the Lost Continent, there are many interesting places in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

For example, the Milky Way Waterfall is a huge waterfall in the universe, which is extremely spectacular.

Also, there is the Butterfly Planet, on which live all kinds of butterflies.

The scenery there is also very beautiful.

There are also dwarves, giants… The stories Daddy told you are actually not made-up tales but real events.”


Mengmengs expression froze.

She just looked at Zhang Han in a daze.


Five seconds later, she finally came to his senses and shouted, “Really Were leaving Earth to travel in the universe Whoa! Daddy… Eh But we dont have a spaceship.”

After saying that, Mengmeng asked suspiciously, “Mummy, are you just fooling me”

“Why would I fool you Its real.” Zi Yan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“Then how can we go to other places” Mengmeng pressed.

“By boat.

Someone will take us to space,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“You dont have to worry about that.

With the current technology of the earth, we cant travel in space yet.

Even if we could leave the earth, we wouldnt be able to find other worlds.

Because we can only use a specific method to go to the Cultivation World.”

“In that case, Ill definitely focus on doing my homework next week.

Ill finish it all and then go out with you.

Mummy, how long will we travel” Mengmeng asked.

“About a month,” Zi Yan replied.

“Well, hee-hee-hee…” Feeling excited and curious about the upcoming trip, Mengmeng began to giggle in the back seat.

“Daddy, weve seen spaceships many times in science fiction movies.

Are there also spaceships in the Cultivation World” Mengmeng inquired.

“Of course, there are,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“There are a lot of worlds with advanced technology.

Although the strength of a cultivator can be very strong, when the development of science and technology reaches a certain level, people can be equally strong with just technology.

Take the mechanics as an example.

An A-list mechanic is on par with a whole army.

Some of them can even suppress masters at the Tribulation Stage.

However, with only weapons built from technology, ones power is very limited.

Yet, a mechanic martial artist is much more powerful, for he or she has the combined power of technology and personal martial strength.

But I dont know much about this myself.

Technology does make peoples life easier.

For instance, when traveling from one Star Area to another, many people take warships.

The entertaining and domestic installations inside those warships are extremely sophisticated.

“People from different walks of life have their own way to travel.

Rich people often have their own strange beast as their ride, such as your Mummys little cursed roc.

It has a Seed Space where Dahei and Little Hei can be put into.

When Tiny Tot has two more epiphanies, well be able to travel in space riding on it and even go to places where many warships cant reach.”

“Its amazing.” Mengmengs eyes were particularly bright now.

She asked, “Is the Cultivation World highly dangerous For example, if we ride a warship, will we suddenly be blasted by other warships and then fall into the vacuum and cant breathe”

“That cant happen most of the time.

Because in addition to some technological energy defense, these warships are equipped with various defensive formations.

They can jump over secondary spaces.

Of course, there are also some Space Bandits.” Zhang Han deliberated for a moment and said, “Our world is basically the same.

You can regard the Sea Dragon Star Area as a county of our Hua nation.

Cultivators are just like ordinary people.

Some of them are rich and some are broke.

You can compare their strength to peoples figures.

Some are bulky, which means they are strong.

Some are skinny, which shows that they are weak.”

“Thats not right, Daddy.

There are many planets in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

How can we compare it to a county” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Because the Cultivation World is relatively large.

In comparison with the Cultivation World, the Sea Dragon Star Area is very small.

In terms of scale, it may not even make a county.

A planet in it is basically just a community.

You will understand this after we visit it a few times in the future,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Well, it turns out that the Cultivation World is similar to our city.

The gist is that there are many interesting places to visit, right”


“Then, what exactly are the interesting things there Are all guns in the world of science and technology laser guns Are their cars all flying in the sky Are their buildings as spotless as those in the movies” Mengmeng asked eagerly.

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