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Chapter 102 Dont Compare With This Restaurant

“Smells good…” One of the men couldnt help swallowing and whispered, “The noodles seem delicious.”

“Yes.” The manager of the next shop shook his head gently and said, “They usually eat very elegantly, and this kind of eating manner is enough to explain everything.

Ah, unfortunately, I am not a member.”

“The egg fried rice made by the boss is so delicious, the noodles should be delicious too.

Look at their heads, and they will go into the bowl.” Xiao Mei, who was standing opposite to the manager, grinned and said.

Sometimes the environment could also affect the minds of others, and seeing some people eating very happily would also affect the appetite of others.

For example, if a person who didnt eat much had lunch with a person who ate very happily, he would unknowingly eat a few more mouthfuls.

But now, all of those sat at the members tables were swallowing noodle soup.

When other people heard the sound of noodles entering their mouths, they urgently wanted to taste the noodle soup.

But it was not allowed.

They couldnt because they were not members!

The crowd smiled bitterly in their hearts.

Unexpected, Zhang Han had made a lot of noodle soup and had intended to offer nonmembers some noodle soup as well.

After finished cooking, Zhang Han called Zhang Li and directly took the food to the upstairs to eat.

“Mmmm….good!” Liang Mengqi drank up the last mouthful of soup in the bowl and said, “I can still eat another bowl!”

“I can still eat a bowl and a half!” Yu Qingqing also drank up all soup.

After saying one sentence, she suddenly remembered something and added, “Oh, no, wheres the cold dishes”

“Hey, forget to take it, the cold dishes are beside the boiling pot!”

Liang Mengqi patted her forehead.

After serving the noodles, her eyes were attracted by the fine and crystal-clear noodles.

Even the cold dishes on one side were forgotten.

So the two quickly got up and walked over to serve themselves each a bowl of noodle soup.

After taking two cold dishes, they walked back.

“Try the shredded potatoes, um~ sour and spicy, delicious.” Liang Mengqi put the potatoes in her mouth, which were sour and tasty.

“Mengqi, taste the cucumber.” Yu Qingqing just finished eating a piece of cucumber, her eyes were bright.

She liked this kind of vegetarian dish best.

She bit off the crisp and delicious cucumber and was unable to extricate herself from the delicacy.

The voices of the two reminded the other members.

They got up quickly and took the cold dishes when they served the second bowl of noodles.

The cold dishes were not too many, but everyone could have one dish.

It seemed that the boss had specially reserved for them.

At this time, not only the people on the first floor were amazed.

On the second floor, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li and the little princess Mengmeng also ate happily, and the sounds of swallowing rang out one after another, just like playing a piece of music.

Now, Zhang Hans cooking skill had completely conquered them.

If the first meal was accidentally delicious, then the second and the third meal was inevitably tasty.

As the saying went, “To conquer his heart, conquer his stomach first.”

This sentence could reflect the artistic conception that food was the paramount necessity of the people.

At this time, Zhang Han had completely conquered the stomachs of the diners and Zi Yan and Co.

At the same time, the international friend with blond hair waited for a moment at the door and entered the restaurant.

He stood at the door and waited for the reception of the waiter, but after waiting for two minutes, no one paid attention to him.

“Hello” the blond man asked tentatively.

“Whats the matter” Liang Mengqi was eating the one-third of the noodles remaining in the bowl.

Her stomach was about to swell, so the frequency of her eating noodles went down.

She planned to taste the noodles slowly.

Then she heard a cry behind her, that was why she turned her head to answer the man.

“Where are the attendants of the restaurant” The blond man asked hesitantly.

His Chinese was a bit bad, but it could also make people understand clearly.

After hearing the words, Liang Mengqi directly answered him using smooth English without further ado.

“There are no attendants.

There is a vacancy at the white dining table over there.

Go to the counter and serve yourself.”

Liang Mengqi introduced it briefly, but she did not know that her words caused a huge wave in the blond mans heart.

“Is this also called a restaurant”

“What the hell are the service and attitude”

“How did the owner open this restaurant Why”

The blond man was already a little unhappy.

The service was uppermost!

This was especially true for the catering industry, but the rules of this restaurant had caused a little discontentment in the blond mans heart.

Bad service!

Anyhow, he had lined up and already come in.

He was going to taste the food here and see if it was worth so many people lining up.

It turned out that when the blond man ate the first mouthful of egg fried rice, he had already been shocked.

For a moment, 10,000 bullet screens drifted through his heart, with the feeling of disbelief, suspicion, and exclamation mixing together.

Finally, the only two kinds of feeling left were admiration and enjoyment.

The blond man ate very embarrassedly and even had some rice on his face.

When others saw it, they smiled and shook their heads, understanding this kind of behavior.

Because when they first came here, they also ate like this.

A plate of egg fried rice was finished quickly.

The blond man looked at the empty plate, feeling a sense of loss.

“Have I eaten all the food in my plate”

“Didnt I just start eating”

“Did I have an illusion”

His suspicion eventually turned into a sigh.

“Hey… How can the egg fried rice be so delicious Magical China, magical restaurant.”

After saying that, he stood up and walked to the kitchen counter because he had just seen a great deal of noodle soup in the boiling pot next to the egg fried rice.

After tasting the egg fried rice, although he wanted to eat another portion, he still planned to taste the noodles.

Liang Mengqi, who was originally on one side, shook her head after hearing the murmurings of the blond man.

But when she saw the man serving noodles, she quickly interrupted, “Hey hey hey! What are you doing”

“Whats wrong” The blond man stopped and said confusedly.

“Do you have a membership card” Liang Mengqi asked strictly.


“Now nonmembers only have egg fried rice and milk, and others are served for members.

This restaurant is much disciplined, so…” Liang Mengqi reminded him.

“But, but there is still a great deal of noodle soup here.” The blond mans mouth twitched slightly.

At the same time, he thought, “Oh, what restaurant rules! If the boss knows who I am, then he will be expected to ask me to taste his meal!”

“No more buts.

The rule is…” Liang Mengqi just answered.

Suddenly a voice came from the upstairs.

“What happened”

Looking around, she saw Zhang Han slowly walking down.

“Boss.” Liang Mengqi changed her expression, looking at Zhang Han with a smile, and said, “This friend wants to eat noodle soup.

I told him the rules of the restaurant.

Do I behave well Is there any reward”

“Reward” Zhang Han laughed and said, “There is no reward, but for the noodle soup, everyone can eat.”

“What” Liang Mengqis expression became stiff.


For a moment, those nonmembers looked towards them like hungry wolves.

“Can everyone eat” Liang Mengqi asked again.

“Yes.” Receiving Zhang Hans affirmation, those people couldnt take care of the egg fried rice that they hadnt finished yet and went straight to the counter.

They planned to serve a bowl of noodles first, even if they didnt eat first, it felt cool to put the noodles aside!

Having heard the sound of swallowing for a long while, they had been envious for a long time.

Now hearing that they could also taste the noodle soup, the surprise and excitement in their hearts made them feel like they had won the lottery.

It was the blond man who served himself a bowl of noodle soup after hearing the words.

Meanwhile, he began to size the boss up.

There were some doubts in his heart.

“No one had tasted that before, but the rules were changed as soon as I came.

Did he know my identity and want to please me”

However, he would not speak his doubts out loud.

His work was born to be secretive.

Everyone served the noodle soup and returned to the table.

After they had the first bite of the noodles, they couldnt help continuing eating.

The sound of eating noodles kept ringing in the restaurant.

Even the blond man was immersed in the feast of the noodle soup.

“Delicious, very delicious, how could it be so delicious…”

This was also the only thought in peoples minds.

After the blonde man finished eating, he only felt the endless aftertaste.

After seeing Zhang Han in the kitchen, he walked straight to the kitchen counter.

“Hello, boss.” The blond man greeted him first.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han responded without looking back.

“The meal here is delicious.

Why are egg fried rice and noodle soup so delicious Is there any secret spice additive” The blonde man asked doubtfully.

This meal was the most delicious he had ever eaten.

The deliciousness was somewhat outrageous.

Where there was an anomaly, there was a devil, so he had some doubts in his heart.

“Because the ingredients here are the best!” At this time, Liang Mengqi answered.

“Ingredients” The blond mans expression was stiff.

Obviously, this reason did not convince him.

He said, “Excuse me, when I was traveling, I have also eaten a few meals in the Michelin restaurant.

They used the worlds top Koshihikari as well as the top quality rice, etc, but there was no such fragrance.”

“Oh, dont compare the common things to our bosss rice.

The rice of our boss is the best in the world.” Zhao Dahu smiled and glanced at the man and replied with a disdain for the rice the blond man said.

“Impossible! Those are recognized by the people of the world.” The blonde man questioned.

“What is the use of recognition Have you just tasted it” Liang Mengqi frowned slightly and said.

Was this person still questioning after eating Was he looking for trouble Besides, she had also eaten in many Michelin three-star restaurants.

The food there was much better than that in ordinary restaurants, but it was just so so compared with the food in the restaurant of her boss.

Seeing Liang Mengqis expression, the blonde man didnt say anything more.

He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Hello boss, let me ask one more question.

I have also eaten Michelins royal flour, but it seems not as delicious as the flour of your noodle soup.

I just want to know if this is because of the ingredients, the seasonings, or the handcraft.”

At this time, Zhang Han smiled faintly.

He turned and looked at the blond man, saying, “Whether its because of ingredients, seasonings or handcraft, its the best here.”

“The best But I have eaten in a lot of Michelin restaurants…”

“Why do you always mention Michelin” Liang Mengqi snorted and said, “I will tell you that, Michelin is just a joke in the eyes of this restaurant.

The two cannot be compared.

You should not talk nonsense!”


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