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The man in white responded and took action in an instant.

His figure split into two, two into four, four into eight…

It was very similar to the shadow duplication skill Zhang Han once displayed.

Before the man got close to Su Beimu, there were more than a hundred figures that looked exactly like him.

This scene seemed cool, which also gave his enemy quite a headache.


Su Beimu sighed softly, and a long sword appeared in his right hand.


The sword was unsheathed, and the movements of his figure became erratic.

In an instant, he turned into a streak of light.

Holding the sword in his right hand, he moved forward levelly, as though he had turned into a light spot.

When people looked at the light spot, they suddenly felt an upsurge of dizziness.


The sword was shoved back into the sheath.

Shaking his head, Su Beimu said, “I once saw a person perform the shadow duplication skill that was much better than yours.

After that, I tried to figure out how to deal with this move.

Finally, I spent three years studying before I comprehended the Light Spot Strip of Sky.

Sadly, I am no match for that person anymore.

You just performed that skill.

But you were merely showing off your incompetence in front of an expert.”


Hundreds of shadows disappeared.

The real white-clothed man was revealed.

His eyes were full of disbelief as he collapsed onto the ground and breathed his last breath.

“One more fighter got killed”

The onlookers were really flabbergasted.

“They have won all the five battles.

Could the alliance of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family and more than 10 forces be nothing but a paper tiger

“No, that cant be.

The fighters they sent out were all famous figures.

“It must be that the other party is too strong.”

“Another sixth-tier treasure”

Wei Fan showed a faintly excited look.

The expressions of Hu Bin, Li Mu, and the others kept changing.

“Could it be that these people all have sixth-tier treasures No kidding!”

Yet, they already showed two by far, which were a sword and a broadsword.

Such six-tier weapons were rare but commonly used.

Who wouldnt want those


Wei Fan suddenly burst into laughter and kept applauding.

“Good, well done.

Very bravo.

Go on.

Next one.”

His laughter showed that he already thought these two sixth-tier weapons were in the bag.

“Then lets continue.

I dont believe that they will be invincible among their martial peers.

Those who are going to fight will have to weigh their own strength.”

In the face of such a scene, Hu Bin was no longer angry.

Although the fighters on their side were all killed, a sixth-tier treasure was worth much more than their lives.

At this moment, all he was thinking about was how to compete with Wei Fan for the treasures.

At the same time, Li Mu, Zhong An, and the others also fell silent.

They were all eager to see if the other three also had sixth-tier treasures.

“Two kinds of sixth-tier treasures…”

Nina glanced at Zhang Han and whispered, “Now they cant leave at all.”

“They shouldnt have shown off their wealth.

They ought to run away before this all began.

If they stay here, they will die.” Ninas subordinates sighed.

Mengmeng asked under her breath, “Daddy, are Uncle Wu Ming and the others in danger”

“No, not at all.

They all know were here.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Otherwise, they would have run away the moment they had the chance.

These people are all very astute.”

“Uncle Zhang, youre going to take action” Ninas expression changed.

“If so, you should not only watch out for Wei Fan, but also pay heed to the Tiger Talisman Royal Familys red mechas, especially the several red mechas around the square.

Theyve brought a lot of mechas with them.”

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He really didnt think that those things were worthy of his attention.

“Brother Han.”

Chen Changqing was simmering with the desire to fight.

“Theyve had their moment.

Now, its our turn to display our powers, right”

“Go ahead,” Zhang Han said with amusement.


At this time, a man in black sitting behind Li Mu leaped down to the square.

He was holding a fifth-tier long broadsword in his hand.

“I dont need anyone else to take action.

I alone am enough to deal with them.”

He had the determination to defeat the five on his own.

He also had great confidence in that.

Just as the sound of discussion was heard everywhere, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Yan Chen and the others.

“Holy cow, Emperor Qing, why did you come up here” Yan Chen rubbed his forehead.

“What are you doing in our battle”

The sudden appearance of an extra fighter caused the discussion to grow more heated.

“Who is he”

Li Mu and the others had such a question.

Hu Bin shot a baffled look in Ninas way.

“Why is the man who came with Nina butting in It seems that he and the other five know each other, dont they

“Nina, dont blame me for not sparing your feelings.”

Hu Bin turned around and sized Chen Changqing up.

“Emperor Qing”

Wei Fan looked disdainful.

“Your name is quite imposing.

I wonder if you really have that kind of strength.”

“Youll know in a moment.”

Chen Changqing flexed his muscles, making noises come from all his bones.

He looked calmly at the man in black in front of him and said, “Go back and ask a mechanic martial artist to fight me.”

“What did you say” Hu Bins eyes turned cold.

“How dare you specifically request to fight our Tiger Talisman Royal Familys fighter with such an attitude Do you really think that our Tiger Talisman Royal Family is a pushover”

“Go to hell!”

The man in black revealed a ferocious look on his face.

He launched his attack.

Like a meteor shower, the energy he shot out kept falling from the sky.

When his attack approached Chen Changqing, the latter was still flexing his knuckles.

Just as he sensed the aura of the opponents attack—

“Demonic Dragon Rules the Vast Universe!”

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

The earth-shattering roars of a dragon were heard.

A dense black fog rose simultaneously, which instantly covered the man in black and the meteor shower he conjured.

The black mist surged as if it were a black hole that could devour everything.

When the fog dissipated, the man in black was already gone.

With one move, that man was killed in a second!


Many people on both sides of the square felt their throats rather dry.

“F-Fast kill again”

“Where did these ruthless people come from”

“Theyre too strong.

Theyre really invincible.

Who else at the same level can defeat him”

“I feel that this person is even stronger than the previous ones.

He is simply horrifying.

Is he the one that these people rely on”

But the audience was given no time to digest what had just happened.

Suddenly, a black figure appeared in the arena.

“Huh Is that man still alive

“Hold on! Geez, why does this person in black have breasts”

As soon as everyone saw that it was a beautiful woman with a plump figure, they heard an enchanting voice saying, “Tee-hee, its my turn.

Next fighter, come on.”

“Aunty Xue also went up” Mengmeng blinked and looked stunned.

Mengmeng finally had a different feeling about the battle when someone who was close to her stood in the arena.

She felt that… since Aunty Xue was taking this round, her opponent would suffer big-time.

Hearing Mu Xues words, Hu Bin and the others looked rather displeased.

“D*mn, can we at least win once

“Well, the sixth-tier treasures are not important now.

The key is whether we can win at least one battle for a change.

Are those at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage on our side all good-for-nothings”

“Ill kill her!”

All of a sudden, a stern shout sounded.

A thin-faced man sitting very close to Zhong An showed up.

Seeing that man, Hu Bin and Li Mu both closed their eyes.

“You are not as good as some of the previous fighters.

Why going down there anyway Is it because you think that as the fighter is a woman, she might be a pushover that can make you our first winner

“Youre too naive.

Now she dares to step into the arena, how could she not have any trump cards”

“Hahaha, when Im fighting a man, my fighting capacity is 100 percent,” said the thin-faced man, who was staring straight at Mu Xue.

He licked his lips and continued in a very lewd tone, “If my opponent is a woman, my fighting capacity is 200 percent.

If its a pretty woman, my fighting capacity is 300 percent.

Youre definitely a knockout.

Look at your plump body and sexy curves.

Hey, I think my fighting capacity can be 500 percent.

Dare to take a bet”

“Whats the bet for” Mu Xue narrowed her eyes.

“If I win, you will do my bidding for a day.

If I lose, you can deal with me however you want,” the thin-faced man said.

“Youre courting death!”

Suddenly, an angry shout sounded.

A man appeared from the side.

It was the furious Ding Jiuming.

“Stay out of my business!”

With a glare, Mu Xue made Ding Jiuming, who was about to take action, stop in his tracks.

Eventually, he chose to just stand aside, staring at the thin-faced man with a murderous look on his face.

However, that man not only had a wanton tongue but also had a quite treacherous way of doing things.

Just as Mu Xue and Ding Jiuming were talking, his figure turned into a shadow and quickly approached Mu Xue.

Then, he reached out for Mu Xues plump front.

“He wants to make a pass at me”


Mu Xue laughed evilly.

“Mind you, I have a sixth-tier treasure as well.”

In the eyes of others, Mu Xue with her sword seemed to be dancing in the wind, and her sword was like a rainbow that lit up the sky.

She performed the Shadow Stab!

Eight jets of Sword Qi, which corresponded with the Eight Trigrams, charged over from eight directions.

“Ah, wait!”

The thin-faced mans face paled greatly.

With his cry of alarm, he died.


Mu Xue put her Demon Dancing Sword back into the sheath and waved it at Wei Fan and the others, who had been struck dumb in the front.

“Want this Come and take it!”


Wei Fan gave a gasp.

He almost couldnt help but go there and fight Mu Xue.

Nevertheless, he forced himself to calm down.

With a wicked smile, he said, “There is no rush.

Let the competition continue.”

“Sure, lets go on.” Hu Bin also wanted to see how many sixth-tier treasures this group of people who came out of nowhere had.

“How many more fighters do they have to send to the arena At the very least, I can see more than 10 people by Princess Ninas side.

Well, thats quite a lot.

Am I gonna make a big fortune”

“Next one.”


When Instructor Liu stepped onto the arena, a mace immediately emerged in his hand.

“Who will fight me”

Hearing his question, many people drastically altered their expressions.

“Another sixth-tier treasure”

“But… who would go this time”

Many Elixir Realm Last-Stage cultivators sitting at the rear looked at one another with hesitation.

“You wanna fight him I wont anyway.”

“No, no, no, I wont do that either.”

“I dont know who wants to go.

The sure thing is that I dont.”

“How can there be any volunteer Whoever goes there will die!”

One second, two seconds… a whole minute passed.

Still, no one left their chairs.

Hu Bin, Li Mu, and the other leaders all looked rather awkward.

“No one else dares to fight”

“Let me try his power.”

In the end, a man more than two meters tall sitting directly behind Hu Bin turned up on the square.

He instantly unrolled his mecha and cast countless iron pieces.

Before he got near to Instructor Liu, those iron pieces turned into large mechanical troops.

The number was double that of what the previous mechanic martial artist had conjured up.

Instructor Liu didnt know what to say.

“Is the script right Why do their opponents seem so weak but mine looks a little troubling”

Even Instructor Lius smile turned a little stiff.

“Smash them!”

Instructor Liu rushed forward with the mace.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom…”

The firepower of the mechanical troops showered over.

In the face of such intense attacks, Instructor Liu could only be on the defensive.

Occasionally, he jumped forward and hurled the mace, destroying a large pile of machines.

But when some of the machines were gone, the opponent would conjure up some more.

The number of the mechanical troops was maintained quite steady and the firepower was very balanced.

That made Instructor Liu howl in a flap.


Seeing Instructor Liu being beaten, Jiang Yanlan wasnt worried but laughed instead.

She had found her long-lost pleasure.

Back then, she liked to beat him very much.

But since they got married, she never used violence on him again.

Oh, no, she did beat him once before.

But… that night, Instructor Liu kept her up in bed for a whole night.

That was Instructor Lius exclusive way to get back at her.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

In the end, Instructor Liu gritted his teeth and cast endless secret skills with his mace.

The mechanical troops finally couldnt maintain the balance.

Gradually, their number became smaller and smaller.

“One Hammer Suppressing Heaven and Earth!”

Instructor Liu exerted all his strength and vertically flung his mace at his enemies.


A sudden explosion was heard from the mecha of his opponent.

The man flew back more than one hundred meters before hitting the ground, all his fierce aura gone.


But at least he didnt die.

At present, except for the first one who was knocked out and this person, the other fighters on their side were all killed.

As a result, the rest of those at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage were too scared to go to the arena.

Only a few people had a grave look in their eyes.

They were weighing their chances of winning.

After thinking about it for a while, they thought it was a fifty-fifty chance.

“Nailed it.”

Instructor Liu carried the mace on his shoulder and walked to Chen Changqing.


Then Jiang Yanlan rapidly flew to the arena.

The corner of Yan Chens mouth twitched when he saw this.

“Dont tell me all of you are planning to battle, are you”

“Well, lets fight each of their fighters once first.

I think they are itchy to battle as well,” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

He made that remark in front of the more than 1,000 people on the scene.

Wei Fan and the others did not look pleased.

“Do they regard us as their stepping stones”

“Next!” Hu Bin yelled furiously with a ferocious look.

“Ill go and fight.”

A man in blue sitting beside him sighed.

“Never thought that I would have to take action on such an occasion.”

While speaking, he turned to look at the many Elixir Realm Last-Stage cultivators sitting behind him.

“Were so sorry.”

One of them cupped his hands to him and said, “Lord Min, we never knew you would have to handle it yourself.”

“Is Zou Min going to fight”

“He should be one of the strongest three cultivators at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage.”

“If he cant win, no one else can.”

There was a sensation among the people on the scene.

“Go.” Hu Bin said coldly, “Kill her.”


Zou Min nodded faintly and entered the arena.

“Im from the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

I can be a mechanic martial artist or an orthodox cultivator.

You have no odds against me.”

Zou Min slowly marched forward, giving others a sense of pressure without them noticing.

Jiang Yanlans eyes were also clouded with solemnity.


Like the man who had just been stunned by Instructor Liu, Zou Min released a series of mechanical troops while walking.

Facing the strong firepower coming at her, Jiang Yanlan raised a fiery red rain-proof cover.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”

Gradually, there was a blaze raging within five meters around Jiang Yanlan.

“Well, well, well.”

Seeing her defense, Zou Min put on a disdainful look.

A weapon that no one had ever seen before appeared in his right hand.

It was as if he was wearing the claw of a fierce beast.

Its nails were sharp and bone-chilling.

His figure suddenly moved and turned into multiple shadows, which sprinted to Jiang Yanlan at an extremely fast speed.

Before he arrived, the sharp claw on his right hand suddenly fired rays of cold light that shot into the air 10 meters above the ground and stabbed into the flames from the sky.


A huge energy wave spread out.

The blaze expanded even further.

“You like to play with fire”

Zou Min suddenly laughed.

“Then Ill let you have what you want.”


With a wave of his right hand, dozens of precious beads flew out, which turned into mechanical troops flying low in the air.

Aiming at the blaze, they fired light blue flames.

At this moment, Wei Fan looked slightly relieved.

“There is finally a decent Elixir Realm Last-Stage fighter.”

In his opinion, perhaps Zou Min would soon win.

“Hawks Claw!”

Once again, Zou Min executed his secret skill.

A claw print that was tens of meters long bore down, which seemed to have descended from the highest heaven.

Right at this moment—

“Dont rejoice too soon.”

Jiang Yanlans sneer came out of the flames.


A birds chirp spread throughout the field.


The flames within more than 10 meters around Jiang Yanlan transformed into a fiery bird.

The moment it flapped its wings, the heat waves it produced seemed to be able to burn down the world.

This strike was really horror-inspiring.


Wei Fan narrowed his eyes.

He knew things were not going well.

Hu Bins face paled drastically.

He bawled, “Retreat!”

In an instant, Zou Min knew that the power of this move was no longer at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, and that he could hardly resist it.

Thus, he hurriedly retreated dozens of meters.

However, he wasnt as fast as the fiery bird.

“Ice attack!”

Hu Bin could no longer just sit back and watch.

A half-meter-long gun appeared in his right hand.

He fired a bullet, which seemed to tear the air apart, making an ear-splitting sound.

On the way, the bullet already gave out a chilling aura.


The bullet collided with the fiery bird and exploded.

Everyone saw that some thick cold air surrounded the fiery bird.


This was a collision between water and fire.

This fight seemed to have become a war of attrition.

Seeing the huge fiery bird, Mengmeng swayed her head and said, “Aunty Jiangs strike is so beautiful.

Daddy, why cant I perform something like this”

“Er… youll master something like this in the future,” Zhang Han said, touching his forehead.

“My little girl is no longer satisfied with the Fireball Skill and the Fire Whip anymore.”

“Amazing, theyre all amazing,” said the elves next to Nina, who were all dumbfounded.

They had never expected that these people were all top masters.

“Are they really matchless among those at the same level

“Even Zou Min is going to be defeated, causing Prince Hu Bin to fire that shot.

This is simply too frightening.”

Even Nina was taken by surprise that those people were all so powerful.

She made a mental note that she should never judge a book by its cover.

“Ice attack!”

Seeing that his first shot failed to take down the fiery bird, Hu Bin frowned and fired another bullet.

It was no exaggeration to say that each of his weapons was priceless, and each bullet was very valuable.

He didnt expect that this opponent would cost him two ice bullets.

“D*mn it!”

Hu Bin was incensed.

Yet, he was also a little astounded because he had found that although the fighters were all at the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, those on the opposite side seemed to be much stronger.

By Ninas side, there were still quite a few people who hadnt fought yet.

He also noticed those peoples eager expressions.

But… how could the fight continue

Now that Zou Min wasnt a match for Jiang Yanlan, no one on his side was, unless he sent someone at the peak of the Elixir Realm to the arena.

But in this way, he would significantly disgrace himself.

Finally, the cold air released by the second bullet destroyed the fiery bird.

Zou Min also ran to Hu Bins side, panting and looking at Jiang Yanlan with lingering fear.

If Hu Bin hadnt taken action just now, he would have been in dire danger.

“She is very strong!”

Zou Min was so nervous that he felt he could hear his heart beating violently.

The aura that had surged out from the fiery bird had caused a chill to run down his spine.


The blaze dissolved, revealing Jiang Yanlan in a leather coat.

There was still a flame dancing on her right arm.

She waved her left hand and distinguished it.

Then she looked at Hu Bin and said, “You broke the rules.”

“We made the rules.

Why couldnt I break them” Hu Bin frowned and said coldly.


Youre a real rascal.

There is no point reasoning with you.” Jiang Yanlan didnt want to argue, so she made one mocking remark and went back to her group.

That made Hu Bin seethe with wrath.

He had completely lost his composure.

If Wei Fan had not been here, he would have really launched attacks in person.

“Do you really think that the mechas that our Tiger Talisman Royal Family put around the square are just decorative

“Even those at the peak of the Elixir Realm have to back off in the face of those heavyweight mechas, let alone an Elixir Realm Last-Stage cultivator like you!”

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