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But elves dont do the same” Mengmeng asked curiously, “Is it that you can only sleep in your own room”

“Normally, thats the case.

But there are no specific rules on that.

Its mainly a habit,” Nina replied.

“Oh, I see.”

Mengmeng didnt impose her idea on Nina.

Instead, she said, “Come to my room after dinner.

Lets have a chat, shall we”

“Sure.” Nina smiled.

She then looked at Mengmeng and said earnestly, “Mengmeng, youre really nice.”

“Well, dont mention it.” Mengmeng immediately smiled.

“You are the first elf I know, and also the princess of the Elf Clan.

Were like sisters.”

“Thats true,” Nina replied with a smile.

Sometimes, friendship could be established very quickly.

The key was that two people clicked.

After spending more than a day together, Nina and Mengmeng got to know each other better.

“Mengmeng, whats your world like” Nina inquired.

She sat on the bed as Mengmeng invited her to do so.

Then, Mengmeng took out a few bags of snacks.

The two started to chat while enjoying the snacks.

“Its basically just the same as I described before.

As for the specifics, the planet we live on is Earth.

Most of its surface is covered by the ocean.

There are many countries on Earth.

Also, it offers many beautiful places.

We live in Hua nation.

Our people have black eyes, black hair, yellow skin…”

“Wait.” Ninas expression became dazed.

She quickly asked, “You people are quite fair-skinned.

Why do you say your skin is yellow”

“Isnt it a little pale yellow” “Mengmeng pointed out, “Its not particularly white.”

“Thats to say, there are people with other skin colors on your planet, arent there”

“Yes, there are black people, white people, brown people, yellow people.

Well, in terms of gender, there are men and women.

Hey, there are also lady-boys in our place.”

“What is a lady-boy”

“I dont know exactly.

I guess its a man who looks like a woman.

I merely saw some pictures of them on the smartphone.”


After a while, Zhang Guangyou and the others brought back a lot of dead spirit beasts.

When they saw Zhang Hans finished house, they also controlled all kinds of wooden planks to fly to the air with a wave of their hands and then moved them to the right places.

Soon, their houses were neatly built.

It only took them about three minutes.

After that, they started a fire by the lake, made a barbecue stand, and began to roast the meat they brought back.

An hour later, everyone took a seat at a rectangular table.

Night had fallen.

In front of them hovered the giant Dal Star.

This strange phenomenon was the only thing that constantly reminded them that this was not Earth.

Anyway, they had no idea how far this place was from Earth.

The mysterious Cultivation World was slowly being unveiled.

“Uncle Zhang.”

During dinner, Nina still could not help but put in a word of caution.

“They will definitely inform the masters on the east side of the river.

There are several forces in alliance with the Tiger Talisman Royal Family.

Those forces have about six people at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

They will soon know that there are several sixth-tier treasures on the land.

Maybe others will also want to fight for the treasures.

I have also sent someone to inform my uncle.

I dont know how they would react to this.

Those people on the east side of the river can get the news early or late.

If many of them really come here for the treasures, Uncle Zhang, you will need to be careful.”

“Well, thank you for your concern.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Woo-woo-woo, woo-woo-woo-woo.”

Dahei, who was sitting on the opposite side of the table, took a large bite at the roasted leg of a spirit beast and smacked its lips.

It seemed to be enjoying the food very much.

However, when it heard Ninas words, it stretched out its huge fists and shouted twice, as though saying, “Whoever dares to provoke us will be punched to death by me.”

“Its Dahei, isnt it It seems to be able to understand our words,” Nina said and looked at Mengmeng curiously.

“Yes, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot are quite human-like.

They can understand our language.”

“Im also very impressed that they can even transform.”


When Dahei is in its biggest form, it can be almost 100 meters tall.”

“Thats sort of odd…” Ninas eyes were filled with surprise.

“In the Sea Dragon Star Area, Ive never heard of such kind of gorilla.”

“They grew up eating supreme treasures, so its not surprising that they have special powers,” Zhang Han explained, for he saw that Mengmeng didnt know what to answer.

“Supreme treasure” Ninas face became even more bewildered.

Zhang Han didnt continue to explain because the answer was too profound for them to understand.

It could be said that Dahei and Little Hei had absorbed the Source Energy of the Thunder Yang Tree since they were young.

Later, they had absorbed the energy of all kinds of treasures.

Then, after they each absorbed a kind of Source Energy given by Yue Wuwei, their bodies had changed essentially.

As they talked, the way the several other elves looked at Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot altered.

“The spirit beasts that grew up eating treasures…”

There were countless spirit beasts in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area.

Their number was larger than the number of human beings.

However, under normal circumstances, most of the spirit beasts at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage still didnt have very distinct intelligence.

However, the gorilla in front of them could already communicate with human beings.

Was it that the spirit beasts that fed on treasures were smarter


Dahei curled its lips at Nina.

It was saying, “Dont ask me why Im so smart.

Im born so, okay”


Nina and Mengmeng kept chatting over the food and drinks.

Beside them, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Guangyou, Wu Ming, Xu Yong, Ah Hu, Zhao Feng, and the others were eating and drinking happily.

“Tomorrow, were going to explore the secret realm.”

Wu Ming suddenly said, “The old man once told me that the Lost Continent was all about the secret realms.

We may find some good things there during this trial.

But secret realms can also be dangerous.

I like danger.

The nervousness and the suffocating sensation that danger inspires are what make an exploration fun!”

“The old man Are you talking about Yue Wuwei” Zhang Guangyou took a big gulp of wine and savored for two seconds before he responded.


I am a member of the Black White Palace.

Who else could I be talking about” Wu Ming also took a swig of the Cloud Shadow Skys special wine and said with a hearty laugh, “Maybe the old man is secretly observing us from the sky right now.

He is a man who has it all.

He has our Palace Master as his wife and a sweet daughter.

His daughter is about the same age as Mengmeng.

Maybe the two girls will become friends in the future.

Our little princess is also very cute and adorably fierce.”

“Yue Wuwei.

He is really mysterious.” Zhang Mu shook his head repeatedly.

He had seen Yue Wuwei before.

At that time, he found Yue Wuwei unfathomable.

He never thought that man could have such a powerful background.

Also, when Zhang Han was little, Zhang Mu thought of him as a simple, nice boy.

But after he returned to the secular world and reunited with his family, he was surprised to find that he could no longer see through Zhang Han, who had even found such a powerful woman as his granddaughter-in-law.

As the saying goes, when a man gets to the top, all his friends and relatives get there with him.

Thanks to Zhang Han, all those people had directly advanced to the Elixir Realm Last-Stage, except for Zhang Mu, of course.

Now, Zhang Mu was at the peak of the Elixir Realm, not far from reaching the Yuan Ying Realm.

By this time, in terms of strength, he still felt that he was no match for Deep Flame, who was sitting right next to him.

To break through to the Yuan Ying Realm, all he needed was a right opportunity.

“Brother Flame, I was wondering if this secret realm would provide an opportunity for you to make the breakthrough.

Ill help you tomorrow if there is a chance,” Zhang Mu said.

“Dont be like this, Brother Zhang Mu.

Youre about to reach the Yuan Ying Realm as well.

If theres any opportunity, you should consider taking it yourself.

Im not in a hurry to make any breaththrough.

I still owe your Zhang family a lot.

If you continued to give me more favors, I wouldnt have the face to stay with you,” Deep Flame said with a bitter smile.

“Dont mention it, Brother Flame.” Zhang Mu smiled with resignation and said, “During the years I stayed in the Deep Valley, if without your protection, perhaps I would have long been killed.”

“Lets not stand on ceremony here, shall we” Deep Flame stroked his stubble and said, “Lets just wait and see how things will go.

We dont know what the secret realm is like yet.

This is our first time being here.

Our main goal is to broaden our horizons.”

Nina also heard about this.

She then said with confusion, “Mengmeng, this is your first time visiting the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied casually, “I told you that a long time ago.

Youre the first friend Ive made in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Youre also an elf princess.”

“Isnt Earth in the Sea Dragon Star Area Is it in another Star Area” Nina was even more curious.

“Daddy, is Earth in this Star Area” Mengmeng asked.


Zhang Han glanced at Nina and clarified, “Earth is a planet hidden in the Sea Dragon Star Area, or say a galaxy.

Its concealed in the void.

No matter how powerful one is, without the right method, one can never find the way to Earth.”

Nina was lost for words.

She felt a little dizzy.

“A planet hidden in the void What the heck is that Oh my, I seem to have stumbled on a huge secret.

Could it be a certain high-end existence in the Sea Dragon Star Area”

“Youll see when I take you there,” Mengmeng muttered.

After they ate and drank their fill, Mengmeng held Ninas hand and went back to her bedroom with her and her three pets.

The two pretty girls lay on the bed and continued to chat.

This night, sleep eluded many people.

In the yard of the main residence of the mansion in Cloud City, Li Mu was pacing around with an anxious look on his face.

“Have you heard from Yi Hou”

He looked at the man standing behind him.

“Not yet.

Perhaps hes in a secret realm,” replied the subordinate.

“Well, forget it.” Li Mu sighed softly.

“Leave him a message first.

Tell him what happened today in that message and then continue to contact him until he gives an answer.

I will lead the team to the secret realm tomorrow.

This trip…”

Li Mu did not finish his words.

With a grave look in his eyes, he turned and walked into the house.

His subordinate was holding a communication device in his hand.

He then continued to try to contact Yi Hou.

The same scene was occurring in many places.

The more than a dozen secondary forces were all trying to get in touch with their respective backers.

Some had succeeded, while others hadnt.

The figures who just received the news made different reactions.

“What did you say That damn Wei Fan is dead Are you sure”

“Who killed him He was even stronger than me.

You said that person is on the west side of the river, didnt you”

“Hu Bins also been beaten to death.

Pfft… Geez, this place is going to be in chaos.

Im afraid that Hu Zhiqiangll go crazy.

Hu Bin was the prince of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, but hes been killed here.

What a disgrace it is! Given the overweening style of the Tiger Talisman Royal Family, half of the Sea Dragon Star Area will be implicated.

A troubled time will soon arrive.”

“This is impossible! About six sixth-tier treasures Were you blind Dont you know what a sixth-grade treasure is like How could six such rare treasures be found at once”

“Did you say that the other partys strength is suspected to be at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage Even if he is not, he must still be a top Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage cultivator.

This is…”

Those who heard the news were all startled.

Wei Fans death did take them by surprise, but it had nothing to do with them.

However, Hu Bin had also been killed.

Sometimes, the power of the butterflys effect could be very strong.

“Sixth-tier treasures.”

“A mysterious master.”

“Hu Bin is dead.”

“Wei Fans been killed.”

One after another, the pieces of news quietly bandied about on the east side of the river.

However, as the east side of the river was much larger, the news did not spread quickly enough.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

With a series of muffled thuds, six people suddenly flew out of the jungle on the edge of a pool.

They were all covered in dirt and grass, and their clothes were tattered and messy.

“Finally! Weve escaped.

Turns out that there are really man-eaters in this secret realm.

Gosh, that was a close call.

Uncle Mo Wen, how are you”

From their elongated ears, one could tell that they were six elves.

Their leader had some wrinkles on his face.

It was Ninas uncle, Mo Wen.

“Youve grabbed the two fifth-tier spiritual herbs we obtained before we got out, havent you” Mo Wen looked at the male elf beside him and asked.

“Yes.” The male elf quickly took out two spiritual herbs from his pocket and said, “Uncle Mo Wen, put them away quickly.

Dont take such risks anymore.

If anything happened to you, we wouldnt be able to continue exploring the east side of the river.

Moreover, your life is absolutely more important than these spiritual herbs.”

“Uncle Mo Wen, sorry we held you back.”

They kept apologizing.

In the face of those man-eating Giant Demons, if Mo Wen hadnt fought for the critical 10 seconds at the risk of his own life, the other elves would all die there.

Those who followed Mo Wen there were all at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

They had not yet reached the Yuan Ying Realm.

This time, they also came here to seek an opportunity to make a breakthrough.

“There were so many fifth-tier spiritual herbs in that herb garden.

It was beyond our imagination.

But we had no chance to lay hands on them at all.

We only took two on the edge of the garden, then they chased us all the way to the exit of the secret realm.

That was terrible.”

“Good thing is, they cant leave the secret realm.

Otherwise, we would be in real danger.”

They spoke with lingering fear.

“Lets go back to East River City first.”

Mo Wen put the two spiritual herbs into his Space Treasure.

After that, he and the other elves flew to the west at a low altitude.

While flying, Mo Wen unfolded his palm, from which a blue energy tree sprouted out.

He murmured, “I wonder how the Seventh Princess is doing in the west.

If she can break through to the Yuan Ying Realm this time, her upcoming Coming of Age Ceremony will be unprecedentedly grand! It will also break the record of our Elf Clan.”


Waves of energy floated from the palm-sized tree up to Mo Wens eye level.

The energy was pale green.

It looked like Mo Wen was casting some kind of magic.

Meanwhile, the several elves around him echoed his words.

“Princess Nina is extremely talented.

Maybe she really can achieve that.”

“The Seventh Princess is also about to come of age.”

“If she breaks through to the Yuan Ying Realm before the Coming of Age Ceremony, it will greatly improve the prestige of our Elemental Elf Clan.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

While they were talking, Mo Wens eyes suddenly widened.

As if he choked on saliva, he began to cough without stop.

“Uncle Mo Wen, whats with you”

The faces of the elves around him changed greatly.

“Did you suffer any internal injuries on our way out”

“Uncle Mo Wen, please take some medicinal pellets!”

“Dont leave your injuries untreated, Uncle Mo Wen! If the medicinal pellets are consumed, we can find someone to refine more.

But if you lose your life, you will have nothing.”

“Its not like that!” Mo Wen thumped his chest hard to ease his coughing.

His face had turned a little pale.

Looking at the elves beside him, he said bitterly, “Something has happened on the west side of the river!”

“Whats it” The others were a bit staggered.

“Princess Nina… Sh-She is with a group of unknown masters.

One of them is called Zhang Hanyang.

He killed Wei Fan and Hu Bins force.

He is also at the Yuan Ying stage.

If he takes action, how can Hu Zhiqiang handle him Those people also have several kinds of sixth-tier treasures.

God, theyve carried several kinds of sixth-tier treasures.

They will definitely become the target of everyones attack.

Ninas situation is not very optimistic.

We… gotta go back to the west side of the river and look for her in Cloud City.

Wed better rush there before tomorrow morning.”

While speaking, Mo Wen recovered from the shock and regained his composure.

After that, he gave the order.

“But its a long journey.

There are also countless spirit beasts along the way.

If were unlucky, we might even run into some strange beasts and get hold up.

We may not be able to get there by tomorrow morning,” said the man beside him.

“Just try our best.

We can only resign ourselves to fate now.”

Mo Wen sighed deeply.

He looked off to the west and whispered, “Seventh Princess, Seventh Princess, who are you with on earth How could you possibly make real friends on this trial land Seventh Princess, you are still young, really too young.”

In an instant, Mo Wen was extremely worried.

He knew Nina very well.

Although she was about to reach adulthood, she was still a very simple girl.

“How come she mingled with some strangers

“In this situation, since the Tiger Talisman Royal Family doesnt know those people, if it couldnt locate them, wouldnt it target Seventh Princess instead

“Hu Bins death is certainly not a trivial matter.

What should we do”

For a moment, the elves all fell silent.

The more they thought about it, the more terrified they became.

They felt that the Elemental Elf Clan seemed to be in trouble.

However, how this matter would develop still depended on Hu Zhiqiangs attitude.

“His attitude…”

Mo Wen felt rather distressed.

On the way to the Lost Continent, he had come across Hu Zhiqiang several times, but that man passed by him without even looking him in the eye.

Hu Zhiqiang was definitely very proud, even conceited.

But he was also realistic.

In the darkness, the journey back was indeed rather bumpy.

They encountered two strange beasts and more than a dozen Beast Kings at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.

No matter how hard they fled, they still had to fight several times.

It could be said that they were chased all the way to the west side of the river.

They rushed to Cloud City without stopping.

Gradually, it was dawn.

There was no sun in the sky, but it was a bright day again.

“Weve arrived in Cloud City!”

Mo Wen looked a little haggard.

He had just escaped from the pursuit of the man-eating Giant Demons and had fought several fierce battles.

Even though he was in the Yuan Ying Realm, he was also exhausted.

“Why is the city empty”

Looking in the direction of Cloud City, there were only a few dozen people in the city.

He patted his forehead and said, “Shoot, I forgot.

All I thought about was hurrying over.”

Mo Wen spread out his right hand, and the energy tree appeared.

Glimmers of light could also be seen in his eyes.

Three seconds later, he said, “One hundred and seventy miles southeast.

Lets go!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz!”

They continued to fly without taking a break.

Even though they were very tired, these people did not take any medicinal pellets to recover their energy.

They just kept 40 percent of their spiritual force active.

That was basically the minimum amount of spiritual force an elf needed to move around.

Nearly an hour later, they finally arrived at their destination.

But the scene that came into Mo Wens sight made his face stiff.

“So many people have already arrived”

Last night, those people were still on the east side of the river.

But now, more than half of the people who went to the east side of the river had gathered in a valley.

They were standing in different places, talking with the juniors that stayed on the west side of the river.

Li Mu and Yi Hou were also on one side.

The members of other forces were rather scarce here.

Nina wasnt here either.

Clearly, a large number of people had gone into the secret realm, which was located in the depths of the valley hiding behind the clouds and mists.

What was a secret realm

Essentially, it was the same as a relic on Earth.

Inside a secret realm was a separated world.

But there were passages connecting it with the outside in all directions.

People who entered the secret realm could come out at any time, but the things inside it could not go outside.

This was the rule.

To put it bluntly, Yue Wuwei had simply put some relics on the Lost Continent, which was also a huge project.


Mo Wen saw one of Ninas subordinates, the guide.

She was standing on the margin area with several other elves.

Although they were standing far away from the crowd, they were still in the limelight.

Many important figures kept eyeing them.

That made them felt stressed.

When they saw Mo Wen, they finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Because the pressure had been shifted to Mo Wen.

This time, they finally knew how it was like when their scalps went numb.

Under everyones gaze, Mo Wen flew over with his men.

“Mo Wen, have you also heard of that incident” an old man said in a teasing tone.

“A friend of Elemental Elves Seventh Princess has killed Hu Bin.”

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