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Hearing Zhang Hans words, Elder Nu and the others were dazed.

“What does he mean

“Could it be…”


The next scene they saw made them gasp, but their eyes soon registered strong surprise.


A series of weapons were presented one by one.

Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword, Zhao Fengs Dragon Sword, Zhang Guangyous Seven Sages Broadsword, Dong Chens cards…

Except for Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Zhang Han, everyone in this group had one, including Wu Ming.

“So, so many”

Nina was dumbstruck.

“More than a dozen sixth-tier treasures

“This is preposterous!”


Mu Xues charmingly wild laughter rang out.

“Are those enough If not, I can show you more.

Look at this trident, its also at the sixth tier.

So are this gem and this spiritual herb…”

“Well, in terms of resources, I have plenty.” Dong Chen sighed softly.

Having been ripping Zhang Han off for so many years, he was also very rich now.

He took out all kinds of sixth-tier spirit treasures and looked smugly at the five people in front of him who were already stunned.

“Pfft… You have so many” Elder Nu trembled with excitement.

“God does bless me, Nu Qiyang.

God really does!”

“You have so many spiritual herbs and spirit weapons.

Oh my, these are of great value.

We would be rich if we only had half of these!” exclaimed the green-shirted elder.

His eyeballs almost dropped into the pile of treasures in front of him.

“Bring them here, quick! Hahaha, youre worth teaching!”

The other old man was rendered lightheaded by the strong auras of so many treasures.

He laughed wildly and said, “Dont worry.

Once we get the treasures, we wont hurt you.

Instead, well even show you a way out.

Hurry up, bring us the treasures!”

“Yes.” The green-shirted elder nodded with a smile.

He agreed with what the man next to him had just said.

As far as they were concerned, since there were five Yuan Ying Realm cultivators on their side while there was only one on the other side, they didnt need to think to know that they could completely crush the other side.

In the face of them, the other side could only beg for mercy so as to have a chance of survival.

The surprise came too suddenly.

All of them now had genial smiles on their faces.

They were all in a good mood.

The green-shirted elder even laughed out loud to the others faces.


However, while laughing, he suddenly realized that the atmosphere did not seem right.

“What are you hesitating about Hurry up and give us the treasures!”

The green-shirted elder suddenly wiped off his smile and stared at the crowd in front of him with a fierce look.

“If you want treasures, come and take them yourself.”

Mu Xue smiled very impishly and held the Demon Dancing Sword forward, as though inviting others to take it.

Then, she said with confusion, “Weve presented all the treasures.

You can take them if you want.

Anyway, I dont intend to resist.”

“Youve promised then.”

The green-shirted elders eyes grew calmer, and his expression was cool as he rapidly approached Mu Xue.

He did decide to take the Demon Dancing Sword in Mu Xues hand.

Regarding the aesthetic aspect, the sword was beautiful, and so was the one holding it.

They nicely set off each other.

Thus, at first glance, he set his mind on the Demon Dancing Sword.

“This sword is excellent!”

On his way, the green-shirted elders eyes began to shine with exultation.

He already sensed a strangely powerful aura emanating from the Demon Dancing Sword.

With this sword, he believed that his combat ability would increase by 30 percent!

However, the dream was wonderful, but the reality was cruel.


Seeing their expressions, Zhang Han laughed lightly and gently squeezed Zi Yans left hand.

Then, he loosened his grip and dashed forward to face the coming elder.


The green-shirted elder frowned deeply and ranted, “You wanna die”

He stretched out his right hand and thrust it downward.

At once, an overwhelming aura appeared between heaven and earth.

Zhang Hans soul sense told him that a huge wave was coming at him.

Sand and stones flew everywhere.

Grass and flowers withered in no time.

All kinds of energy had gathered in the palm print the green-shirted elder had conjured up.

The huge wave became increasingly smaller.

In the end, it turned into a substantial, three-meter-high palm print.

“Im sorry, but your killing Wei Fan is nothing impressive.

If I wanted to fight Wei Fan, he wouldnt be able to survive more than three of my moves,” said the green-shirted elder with defiant laughter.

“Is that so”

With a stir of Zhang Hans mind, jets of blue light zoomed out and surrounded him.

He said in an even voice, “Then Ill let you try my punches.”


A dull thud, accompanied by violent energy fluctuations, swept in all directions.

Zhang Han directly dissolved the strike the green-shirted elder had launched.

Yet, after that, his punch did not slow down but quickly advanced to the green-shirted elder.

At this moment, Elder Nu who was standing at the rear showed a disdainful look on his face and spoke with confidence.

“Young man, you really dont know whats good for you.

That elder is an expert in attacking at close quarters.

He has long earned the titleViolent Dragon.

He can even fight some of the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage masters in the entire Sea Dragon Star Area in close combat.

But youre just a newcomer.

Do you think you can fight him just because you have sixth-tier treasures”

“Thats right.”

The other old man next to him laughed and said, “I never thought that you would choose to resist.

Sadly, your resistance will be made in vain.

We originally planned to take away the treasures but not your lives.

But now, you have already fought back.

This is regarded as a provocation.

Death will serve you right.”

“No need to hold back your strength, Violent Dragon.

Just kill him.”

The four people behind didnt seem to want to help at all.

On the one hand, it was their way to show that they looked down on Zhang Han.

On the other, they thought that even if Zhang Han was very strong, even if he was at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage, he could not possibly injure Violent Dragon with just one strike in a stand-up fight.

“At least 80 Elixir Realm cultivators have been killed by my Tiger-dragon Boxing Glove.”

The two rapidly collided with each other.

While fighting, a bronze glove suddenly appeared in the green-shirted elders right hand.

It was his fifth-tier spirit treasure, which had brought him many victories.

After he put on the glove, the green-shirted elders eyes turned fierce and malicious.

Bronze light was glistening on the glove.

He then remarked nonchalantly, “Ive also killed seven Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage cultivators.

Each of them was a famous figure in the Sea Dragon Star Area.

How dare you fight me Who do you think you are”

He was trying to undermine Zhang Hans fighting spirit with psychological tactics!

Elder Nu and the others at the rear also knew that the reason why he made that remark.

He meant to put his opponent on high alert, causing him or her to start to consider retreating.

However, once the opponent began to back away, he or she would face his endless violent attacks.

And each of the strikes would be stronger than the last.

The boxing skill was called “Nine Linked Rings”.

So far, no one had seen the green-shirted elder launch the ninth punch, because he didnt need to.

“I wonder how many punches he can take,” Elder Nu muttered and glanced at Zhang Han with contempt.

“Seven punches at most,” the other one said with certainty.

“He hasnt slowed down at all.

It seems that he wants to fight Violent Dragon head-on.”

Under everyones intent gaze, Zhang Han did not use any treasure but threw a punch with his right fist directly.

The monstrous energy had gathered on his right fist instead of attacking and penetrating the enemys body.

Zhang Han performed the Heavenly Devil Punch of the Fire Element fluidly, not even revealing the aura of the flame.

The Heavenly Devil Punch in this form was incredibly destructive.

This was its strongest form, which only targeted one designated point.

The two charged at each other.

It all happened in a split second.

In the blink of an eye, the collision occurred!


A muffled sound seemed to spread in all directions.

“Haha! Go to hell!”

The green-shirted elder was even prepared to exercise the next phase of the Nine Linked Rings.

However, after their fists collided, the green-shirted elders face suddenly froze.



A crisp crack came from the glove.

The fifth-tier spirit treasure called Tiger-dragon Boxing Glove actually shattered into pieces.

The clear cracks caused the expressions of all the people present to alter in an instant.

“How is this possible”

“Its broken”


Elder Nus and the other three peoples faces paled greatly.

They had never expected to see such a bizarre scene.


The green-shirted elder heard a loud buzz in his head.

He had felt something!

He had felt that an incomparably burning aura erupted from the other partys fist.

Then, the endless wild and violent energy followed his arm and entered his body.


His meridians and Yuan Ying instantly turned into nothingness.

His eyes grew wider and wider.

Yet, his consciousness prompted him to speak.


He looked at Zhang Han in disbelief.

At this moment, he felt that his body didnt seem to belong to him.

However, he tried his best to turn his head to look at the six-tier treasures.

Then, he flickered his eyes to the people in front of him and then to Elder Nu and the other three at the back.

In a croaky voice, he uttered, “It hurts!”


As soon as he finished speaking, his body turned into ashes and slowly drifted away in the wind.

Ninas eyes were full of incredulity.

She gawked at Zhang Han in a daze.

At the moment, there was only one thought in her mind.

“He killed Violent Dragon with one punch.

How mighty Uncle Zhang is!”

She realized that she had once again underestimated Uncle Zhangs combat capability.

“He is unbelievably powerful!”

She looked up at Zhang Han, who was floating in the void with a perfectly calm face as if he had just crushed an ant, whose life he didnt care about in the slightest.

With a composed look, he was gazing steadily at the four Yuan Ying Realm masters ahead.

His cool and collected demeanor caused Ninas heart to tremble.

“This is the definition of rising above the ordinary!”

“Violent Dragon is dead”

Elder Nu and the others felt as cold as if they had fallen into an icehouse.

In an instant, they were actually gripped by panic.

They couldnt believe it, nor did they want to.

But that was what happened right in front of them.

“Didnt you guys just watch the whole thing with your own eyes” Mu Xue lazily gave the Demon Dancing Sword a flick with her fingers.


An ethereal metallic sound rang out.

She then squinted at them and said, “Now you start to be scared Its too late.

Youve dared to provoke us.

You must have been tired of living.”

“How dare you!”

Elder Nu turned angry.

He threw Mu Xue a hard look and then flashed his eyes at Zhang Han with vigilance.

“He used a nasty trick.”

The old man next to him puckered his brows and said, “This mans boxing skill is very good, but the aura revealed from the strike he just made was only at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage.”

Speaking of this, the old man suddenly exuded confidence.

He fixed his eyes on Zhang Han and said, “Youre only good at close combat.

However, now youre facing the four of us.

Although youve killed Violent Dragon, youre still in danger.

We dont want to cause unnecessary trouble.

Violent Dragon died because he underestimated his enemy and advanced rashly.

Now Im asking you, are you willing to hand over the 12 sixth-tier spiritual weapons to us in exchange for your and your fellows lives”


Still looking cool, Zhang Han gestured at the back and remarked, “As I said, if you want those treasures, just come and take them.”

“So youre not going to settle this peacefully, are you” Elder Nus face fell.

“Youre right,” Zhang Han replied seriously.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

Elder Nu and the others did not speak.

Zhang Han just continued to gaze at them with a calm face.

This peaceful moment was a prelude to the real storm.

Zi Yan, who was standing at the rear, showed worry in her eyes.

She was a little on edge.

With her hands pressed together, she was ready to attack at any moment.

Mengmengs little face registered more distinct nervousness.

Her big eyes blinked more slowly.

She couldnt help bating her breath.

If one was close enough to her, one could hear her whisper, “Daddy, you gotta win.

But be careful…”

At moments like this, Zhang Han would try to ease Zi Yans and Mengmengs anxiety.

He turned around, flashed them a big smile, and said, “The four of them may seem pretty powerful, but theyre actually just rookies who know little about cultivation.

They dont even know how to properly use their Yuan Ying Realm powers, so Ill have no problem dealing with them.”

“Youre talking big.”

Elder Nu was infuriated.

He spread out his hands.

In no time, some rolling energy turned into two pale blue whips, which spun like two tornados, emitting imposing auras.

The other three didnt intend to sit back and watch the show this time.

They all were in their fighting postures, ready to attack.

“Try my supernatural power, the Long-life Intoxication!”

“An illusionary supernatural power”

Zhang Han turned to look at the middle-aged man in the cloth gown and said, “This is finally a high-level move.”

“Are you afraid now But its too late!”

Mimicking Mu Xues tone, the middle-aged man answered back with Mu Xues previous words.

But it couldnt perturb Zhang Han at all.

He shook his head slightly and said, “Its far from enough.

From the supernatural powers you guys performed, your mastery of those powers is too poor.

The strikes look aggressive, but in fact, theyre not powerful enough.

Supernatural powers require constant contemplation and comprehension to be bettered and perfected.

One shouldnt just use them as trump cards once one learns them.”

Zhang Hans words were made for the benefit of Zhang Mu and others standing behind him.

But when Elder Nu and the other three heard this, they immediately lost their temper.

“How dare you talk to me like that”

However, Zhang Han continued to ignore them, as though these people had nothing to do with him.

While pressing his right hand sideways, he continued, “Supernatural powers are important attacking methods in the Cultivation World, but you dont have to master every kind of supernatural power.

Supernatural powers can have different variations in different stages.

For example, my Star Map and Thunder Sea has endless variations.”


The Long-life Intoxication, the soul technique that one of the three just cast, caused the surrounding environment to change abruptly.

A white fog was about to fill the air.

All of a sudden, darkness descended from all directions.

All kinds of stars could be remotely seen.

Everyone felt as if they were in the void of the universe.

The middle-aged man asked in alarm, “What kind of illusion did you perform”

He looked stunned, and his eyes became grave.

Elder Nu and the other two fired their supernatural powers in an instant, causing the entire Star Map to quiver.

“Break it!”

Elder Nu shouted, brandishing the two Tornado Whips with both hands.

Muffled sounds could be heard without a stop.

“Thunder Sea.”


A huge whirlpool appeared in the Thunder Sea.

It spun extremely fast, ceaselessly offsetting the energy of the supernatural powers performed by those people.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom…”

Under the constant suppression, the Thunder Sea gained the upper hand and besieged the four people.

If a cultivator in the Elixir Realm was facing this situation, he would probably be devoured by the Thunder Sea in the blink of an eye.

But the four were in the Yuan Ying Realm after all.

They were floating above the Thunder Sea, constantly sending more energy into their strikes to maintain their supernatural powers and fight against the Thunder Sea.

Even the middle-aged man, who had launched the Long-life Intoxication, showed his trump card.

Instantly, a shadow of a big brown tripod appeared.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

It was as if the void had been cracked by the tripod.

Seeing this, Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“You actually know the supernatural power of the Great Tripod Very good.

But youve only picked up a smattering of it.

Your tripod hasnt taken shape yet.

If this supernatural power of yours matured, you would become a famous expert in the Cultivation World.

The supernatural power of the Great Tripod is extremely difficult to comprehend.

It also has so many subcategories.

If you were given another thousand years, you might become a Tribulation Realm master.

Unfortunately, you met me.”

Facing the pressure of the huge tripod, Zhang Han tweaked the Thunder Sea, and his supernatural power quietly changed.

“Thunder Sea and Air-shattering Hand.”

The Heavenly Demons first style had been integrated into the Star Map and Thunder Sea.

Soon, four giant palms rose from the whirlpool in the Thunder Sea and slammed at the tripod from four directions.


When they saw that the other party could change his supernatural power at will, Elder Nus and the others faces paled drastically.

“Kill him with all your strength!”

At this time, they even forgot the existence of those sixth-tier treasures.

All they wanted in this instant was to defeat Zhang Han.


The four thunder palms hit the big tripod and instantly destroyed its insubstantial image.


The middle-aged mans body and heart trembled.

Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood and showed an even more horrified look on his face.

“How could he be this strong”

His soul sense had been damaged, but it didnt stop him from continuing to use his supernatural powers.

He once again cast a new one.

This was already the third supernatural power the middle-aged man had performed.

“Fiendish Shadow!”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Ghosty shadows seemed to rise from his body one after another.

There were a total of eight such shadows, which soon began to devour the thunderbolts.

“Looks like youve also gained great opportunities.”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Thunder Sea and Ghost Soldier!”

Four invisible and colorless Ghost Soldiers quietly approached the four people.

When the Ghost Soldiers were only five meters from them, the bracelet on the middle-aged mans right wrist burst open.

His countenance changed greatly and he bawled, “Crap! Defend!”

The four of them employed all kinds of secret skills and treasures they had before they managed to fend off the Ghost Soldiers.

But this absurd scene made them break out in cold sweat.

They looked at one another and picked up the meaning in one anothers eyes—It seemed that they had met a tough guy.

“Who are you on earth” Elder Nu looked at Zhang Han with solemn eyes and demanded in a clear voice.

He was no longer as superior as he was when he first came here.

His tone even showed a hint of eagerness to retreat.

Still, Zhang Han did not answer his question.

His supernatural power changed again.

“Thunder Sea and Overlapped Mountain!”

“Thunder Sea and Dark Blood Seal!”

“Star Map and Thunder Sea, coupled with Air-shattering Hand of the Water Element!”

“Star Map and Thunder Sea, coupled with Ghost Soldier of the Wood Element!”

It was as if the four of them had served as test objects, constantly taking the various mind-numbing blows that Zhang Han launched.

This was a collision of supernatural powers, as well as a war of attrition.

Gradually, with the consumption of energy, the four suddenly found that the opponents supernatural power was still in its peak state.

However, their supernatural powers were about to burn out.

“No, no, this is impossible!”

Elder Nu had already taken three precious energy-restoring pellets, but that still couldnt make up for the huge amount of energy he had consumed.

By this moment, his energy was down to forty percent.

At this incredible speed, their energy would run out in moments.

If they couldnt find a way to undo the other partys supernatural power, they would likely die here.

“You, youre at the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage Even so, you couldnt have much energy.

Could you be at the Last-Stage”

The middle-aged mans face was pallid.

He was somewhat frightened.

Facing the question, Zhang Han shook his head and said nothing.

He was only at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

But the supernatural powers he demonstrated already made it difficult for them to resist.

Those at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage were simply no match for him.

Such a battle between two parties in different realms was quite rare in the Cultivation World.

Zhang Guangyou and the others were stunned by what they saw.

Nina and the other two elves were both at a loss.

Their brains seemed to have become frozen, and they were just subconsciously watching the battle taking place in front of them.

With the roars of unwillingness and horror of the four people, the Star Map and Thunder Sea dissipated.

The four cultivators at the Yuan Ying Realm Early-Stage were forever gone as well.

“They are all dead”

Deep Flame, Zhang Mu, and Wu Ming dropped their jaws.

They could not be more shocked.

“Master is invincible!” Mu Xue cried out in surprise.

“He is really mighty! God, in the clips of his memories that I glimpsed, he was just this powerful and peerlessly dominating.

After my master, the Demon King, arrived in the Cultivation World, today, he finally bared his sharp fangs!”

“Uncle Zhang is so bravo.” Ninas eyes sparkled with admiration.

The strong were always desirable.

“Five Yuan Ying Realm cultivators.” Chen Changqing patted his stiff cheeks and said in a surprised tone, “Brother Han, you can already kill five Yuan Ying Realm cultivators in one go.

Wh-what realm are you in now”

“Our boss is really awesome!” Instructor Liu was so excited that he patted Jiang Yanlans cute ass without thinking.

When a loud slap was heard, he immediately blushed.

“Oh no!”

But to his surprise, at a moment like this, Jiang Yanlan just glared at him and gave him a look indicating that he would sleep on the couch tonight as his punishment.

Yet, she didnt get violent or say anything, for she was seized by astonishment.

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