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“Daddy, why wont Mommy come with us” Mengmeng suddenly grabbed Zhang Hans hand and asked.

“Lets go in and have a look.

If there is a gift, we will bring it out as a surprise for Mummy,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Oh, I see.

Its another romantic gesture,” Mengmeng said with a giggle.

Seeing this, Yue Wuwei glowered at them with exasperation.

“Little girl, I failed to persuade you no matter what I said.

But with your fathers one remark, you directly changed your mind.

“Youre really a straight-shooting girl who dont know how to make a pretense!”

“Okay, lets go in.”

Yue Wuwei took a light breath, his eyes lit with excitement.

“I can finally admire Masters charm again!”

“Whiz, whiz, whiz!”

With Yue Wuwei in the lead, the three slid across the lake and entered the door below the stone tablet.

When they crossed the door, their figures vanished in it, as though they had stepped into another world.

To be precise, it was the world of the stone tablet.

It was like stepping into a place full of darkness.

There was a square stone platform that glowed with a faint light, illuminating its surroundings.

Yue Wuwei, Zhang Han, and Mengmeng were standing on the stone platform.

“Someone has finally obtained the legacy of the Heavenly Lord.”

A voice suddenly sounded from afar.

“Master!” Yue Wuwei called out in surprise and joy.

In the distance, a flickering figure in white was approaching.

The figure floated over the stone platform.

His face and clothes could not be seen clearly.

It was as if his whole body was hidden in the light, making him look kind of unreal.

But they could tell that he was looking at Mengmeng.

“Master, why didnt you come to see us in your real form” Yue Wuwei asked.

“Several years ago, when my will spread across the Saint Warrior Planet, a piece of my Spiritual Will was consumed.

Now, the energy in this piece of my Spiritual Will is supposed to be used on another matter.

I dont want to waste any of it in transformation.”

As his voice rang, Yue Wuweis face froze for a moment.

Then, he asked, “So I still cant see Master this time, can I”

“You will see him in the future,” the glowing figure spoke to Yue Wuwei.

Then, he turned to face Mengmeng.

An object suddenly floated out of the glowing figure, which was similar to the miniature Earth that often appeared in Yue Wuweis palm.

However, the brilliance of this item was more dazzling, and its aura was quite powerful.

“This is the seal of the Heavenly Lord.

From now on, youre the Heavenly Lord.

There are some benefits of being the Heavenly Lord.

Youll get to know them in time.”

Then, the shadow of the planet flew into Mengmengs right palm and disappeared in it.


Mengmeng didnt feel anything unusual.

She looked at her palm in bewilderment and then looked at Zhang Han.

She didnt know what was going on.

“Are you from the higher world” Zhang Han looked at the glowing figure and asked, “whats your relationship with my wife”

“You really dont remember anything” the glowing figure abruptly remarked with a slightly teasing tone.

“Remember what” Zhang Hans countenance changed a bit.

“Could it be… I overlooked something”

“Youll know in the future,” the glowing figure responded coolly.

“Its true that the one who wins Zi Yans heart owns the world.

As to my relationship with Zi Yan and her identity, youll find out the answer in the future.

But its not like what you think.”

“How should I address you” Hearing this, Zhang Han relaxed a little.

“That you dont need to know either.”

The glowing figures answer made Zhang Hans eyes narrow slightly.

He was actually a bit angry with this figure because of the previous trial and the mystifying means he employed.

Although there was a big disparity between their strength, Zhang Han was still thinking about how to win back at least a game.

“Right now, the strength of the Heavenly Lord is fairly weak.

She needs constant protection.

As her guardian, you arent strong enough either, so Ill teach you a method.”

The glowing figure seemed to be very overbearing.

Without asking Zhang Han for his opinion, he directly sent a streak of light into Zhang Hans head.

“This is the Great Void Thunder Scripture, the top method of all thunder methods.

You should cultivate it with your mind.

Coupled with your Thunderbolt Mark, you can devour everything with the thunder attribute to improve your fundamental strength.

I also passed on the Thunder Tower to you.

You may enter the Thunder Tower to study thunder methods.

When you grasp the Great Void Thunder Scripture, you should go into the Thunder Tower and cultivate for some time.

Youll have to learn from the enlightenment yourself then.”


Zhang Han suddenly noticed that next to his Thunderbolt Mark was a small blue tower, which seemed to be five-story and had an exceptionally mysterious aura.

In the Cultivation World, there were very few legacies of thunder methods.

Cultivators who exercised thunder methods were also very rare.

Zhang Han had never thought that he could step on the path of thunder cultivation.

“You gave me the Cultivation Method without asking my approval.

How do you know that I will cultivate it” After coming to his senses, Zhang Han looked calmly at the fading glow in front of him.

“Youve been practicing the Athanasia Demon Gong,” the glowing figure said in a perfectly unperturbed tone.

“It was me who put that stone tablet in the Cultivation World.

This cultivation method is incredibly amazing.

Youre heading in the right direction.

But when you fully master it, you still lack magic skills.

The Great Void Thunder Scripture will be your opportunity to become stronger.

Thunderbolts mysterious power is yours from the beginning.”

His words made Zhang Han feel both helpless and awkward.

“He can read me like an open book

“Just how strong is he

“This is unbelievable, really, really unbelievable.

“But what did he mean

“Its mine from the beginning”

Zhang Han had mixed feelings about this.

He couldnt figure out what the words meant.

“This old guy must have surpassed the Cultivation World.

He is probably very powerful in the higher world.”

But Zhang Han had never been to that mysterious world either.

The unknown always inspired suspicions.

“Ahem, Master, now youve taught him so much, arent you and him simply the master and disciple Haha, we are family then.”

“Disciple Yeah, he is practically my disciple.” The glowing figure seemingly gave a shudder.

His tone didnt show any emotion.

But it could be seen that he was staring at Zhang Han.


Er… Zhang Han, kneel down and acknowledge him as your master.”

While speaking, Yue Wuwei kept winking at Zhang Han, indicating that he must seize this precious opportunity.

“Acknowledge him as my master”

Zhang Han suddenly became wilful.

He said, “Ill practice the cultivation method and secret skill you taught me.

In this sense, I guess were like the master and disciple.

But in my life, I wont prostrate myself before anyone, not even heaven or earth, except for my beloved ones.

Thus, I wont kneel to you.”


Yue Wuwei gasped in horror.

He was extremely worried.

“Zhang Han, you are usually very calm and sensible.

But at this critical moment, why are you being so stubborn

“Geez, its a great opportunity and honor to be apprenticed to Master!”

He scratched his head anxiously.

But there was nothing he could do.

He knew that Zhang Han would never go back on his words.

He was of the particularly determined kind.

“I hope this wont upset Master, or even I wont be able to protect him.”

However, things did not develop in the way that Yue Wuwei had expected.

He actually heard Masters light laughter.


“Things have turned around

“Is it that Master likes this type”

“Its because you are still angry because of the previous trial.”

The glowing figures color became fainter and fainter.

When it was about to dissipate, it said in a quiet voice, “Originally, I was not interested in you.

But now, you piqued a little bit of my interest.

Lets put the apprenticing matter aside for now.

Someday in the future, if you kneel down and formally acknowledge me as your master, I will grant you one wish.

Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Han, Han Yang Immortal, hahaha…”


The glowing figure slowly faded away.


Yue Wuwei laughed in annoyance.

He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Do you know what you just missed”

“Its nothing.

Your master is indeed very powerful and mysterious, but one day the truth will come out.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and looked calm.

That master had transcended the world.

He was not a figure that people in the Cultivation World could understand.

He must be extremely mighty.

Even when Zhang Han was at the ninth tier of the Tribulation Stage, he would have to look up to that master.

Zhang Han even suspected that in the previous trial, if he had chosen to keep his strength and give up those so-called imaginary experiences, he would probably… stay there, pass the Divine Thunder Tribulation, and ascend straight to the higher world.

If his guess was correct, how terrifying could the means of the master be

He felt stressed.

The current him was still too far away from reaching that level.

But Zhang Han also had his own unique pride.

“How dare you, a wisp of Spiritual Will, ask me to kneel to you and acknowledge you as my master”

Adding that he was still a little mad, Zhang Han chose to say no.

Yet, to his surprise, his refusal led to a promise of that figure.

That kind of great figure was true to his word.

It was very rare for such a mighty figure to make a promise to someone.

“Grandpa Yue, are you done Wheres my gift” Mengmeng looked at Yue Wuwei expectantly.

“Gift Didnt I just give it to you” Yue Wuwei said, “that small light ball is the biggest gift you can have.”

“No, you didnt! It flew into my palm.

I cant feel it at all.

Does that really count as a gift” Mengmeng pouted.

Apparently, she was not happy with this result.

“Emm…” Yue Wuwei said with resignation, “well, about the gift, I will… Alas, Mengmeng, youre already the Heavenly Lord.

Isnt it already a gift big enough for you The entire Saint Warrior Planet is yours now.

I dont have any other gifts for you if you want any.

How about this There are still a few days left before the one-month-long trial ends.

Ill take you to visit the Dal Star.

We can do some shopping there.

There are surely a lot of gifts for you to pick.

What do you say”

“Good idea!”

Mengmeng took Zhang Hans hand and said with a smile, “Daddy, lets go out and play.

Stop thinking about those things.

Just ignore that evasive guy.”

Yue Wuwei was overwhelmed by shock and confusion.

“Girl, now youve become the Heavenly Lord, you already think you can ignore Master”

Zhang Hans lips curved into a smile.

“Thats my girl! I surely didnt dote on you for nothing!”

“Lets go out and prepare for the trip.

Well go play on the Dal Star,” Zhang Han said, caressing Mengmengs head with a smile.

Mengmeng smiled, too.

She was 13 years old and she could understand many things now.

She even knew how to adjust Daddys mood.

She had really grown up.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz!”

When the three of them walked out, the door dissipated and the stone tablet gradually faded into shadows that disappeared into the void, as though they had never existed.

Seeing them come out, many people showed an envious look.

“Greetings, Your Highness!”

Mu Xue said in a playfully coquettish manner, “Oh my, our Heavenly Lord is so young.

How cute you are!”

“You may stand up.”

Mengmeng put on a cool look.

Mimicking an ancient emperor, she waved at Mu Xue majestically.

Mu Xue was rather speechless at this.

“Girl, good for you.

Youre not easy to fool anymore.”

“My granddaughter is indeed amazing.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

His expression also looked a bit strange.

He never thought things would turn out like this.

He and the others had come to the Lost Continent for the trial.

But in the end, unlike peoples speculation, the Heavenly Lord was not Zhang Han, but his and Zi Yans daughter, Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, youre really awesome,” complimented Nina.

The others also congratulated Mengmeng, “Congratulations.”

For a moment, the atmosphere on the scene was cheerful and lively.

“Nina, were going to visit the Dal Star.

Are you going there Can we go together” Mengmeng ran to her and asked.

“Sure,” Nina agreed, beaming.

“Then lets take their spaceship to go there,” Yue Wuwei suggested.

Mengmeng had never tried a spaceship before.

Now, of course, she agreed to ride a spaceship to travel in the universe.

Since Mengmeng became the Heavenly Lord, Yue Wuwei began to view the little with new eyes.

This result was also beyond Yue Wuweis expectations.

“Then lets wait for the spaceship,” said Nina.

“Uncle Mo Wen, could you tell the spaceship to come and pick us up”

“Certainly.” Mo Wen nodded.

He fetched out his communication device and began contacting the people on their base on the Dal Star.

Therefore, the group just stood there, waiting.

Many Yuan Ying Realm cultivators who met Zhang Han once or twice also came to congratulate him and Mengmeng before their departure.

They hospitably told him that he got to inform them when he went to their place in the future so that they could entertain him well.

As if the moon surrounded by a host of stars, Zhang Han and Mengmneg enjoyed the respect and praise of many people present.

Soon, most people from the Sea Dragon Star Area left in succession.

The trial on the Lost Continent this time could be said to be perfect.

Each of them had obtained some spirit treasures.

Before they came here, they did not expect that there would be so many treasures on the Lost Continent.

As for Zhang Han and his group, they got relatively fewer spirit treasures.

Nor had they ever fought against others over treasures.

Why was that It was simply because they already had enough treasures!

Even Zhao Feng and the others did not care about the handful of resources here, let alone Zhang Han.

Precisely because they never fought others over treasures and did not have any conflicts of interest with anyone from the Sea Dragon Star Area, those cultivators were all extremely cordial toward them.

Many of them also wanted to make friends with Zhang Han, such as Li Mu, Yi Hou, Zhong An, Mo Wen, and so on.

They were already on fairly good terms with Zhang Hans group.

But the one who most successfully befriended Zhang Hans group was Nina.

For this matter, Mo Wen laughed many times in secret.

“Young Master Li Mu, no matter how powerful you are, you cant compare with our Seventh Princess now!”

Li Mu and the others had also noticed that though Zhang Hanyang was the core of his group, he pampered his wife and daughter very much, so the mother and daughter were the ones who had the biggest say.

“How about I cozy up to these women


I dont have the nerve to get close with Zi Yan.

She is also a formidable figure.

“As for Mengmeng, she doesnt particularly like me and wont play with me.”

Li Mu didnt know what to do.

Soon, more than half of the crowd had left for their respective bases.

This trial had come to a satisfactory end.

Almost all the people from Earth were still here.

If one took a closer look, one would find that more than a dozen people were missing.

The trial land was, of course, dangerous.

Some people might survive, while some might not.

Thus, it was normal to have some casualties.

Mengmeng and Nina were chatting lively on the side.

With Zhang Han standing at the center of the group, the others were also chatting casually.

Eventually, Li Mu couldnt sit still anymore.

“Senior Zhang.”

He walked to Zhang Han with a vigilant look and a hollow smile, saying, “Senior, I am quite familiar with the Dal Star.

Do you need someone to be the guide”

“We have Princess Nina to lead the way, so we dont have to trouble you, Young Master Li,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“Uncle Zhang, I have some treasured liquor at my residence on the Dal Star.

Then, shall we meet on the Dal Star” Li Mu immediately remarked.

“Ahem, Young Master Li, if you dont mind, please travel with us.

Of course, you have to ask for Princess Ninas approval first.” Zhang Guangyou abruptly changed his answer.


Looking thrilled, Li Mu quickly strode to Nina and solicited her opinion.

Nina readily agreed.

Then, he simply stood there and started to chat with Nina and Mengmeng.

As one of the Eight Greatest Young Masters in the Cloud Star Area, Li Mu had broad knowledge and rich experience.

Adding that he was also a witty talker, he soon gained a firm foothold there.

“Elder Yue, what benefits can Mengmeng have after becoming the Heavenly Lord” Zhang Guangyou asked curiously.

“The benefits are many.

And a large part of the benefits is those you cant even imagine,” Yue Wuwei replied.

“Mengmengs path in cultivation will be all smooth.”

“Is there any other benefit Does the Saint Warrior Planet now completely belong to my granddaughter Doesnt that mean that she can use all the treasures on the Saint Warrior Planet at will” Zhang Guangyou said.

“Well, isnt there a butler on the Saint Warrior Planet The butler, that is me, will take care of the resources,” Yue Wuwei pointed at himself and said, “to maintain a certain balance, I cant allow Mengmeng to use the resources at will.

To put it bluntly, Im in charge of the resources.

You can ask me for resources, but I wont necessarily approve of it.”

“Whats the seal on the Saint Warrior Planet” Zhang Han suddenly asked.

Yue Wuweis expression froze at once.

“You know about the seal Oh, right, you should have sensed it.”

While speaking, Yue Wuwei was suddenly enlightened.

“There must be a reason for the seal.

Otherwise, with the Dark Shadow Clans talent, the Saint Warrior Planet will be dominated by them.

But the seal has not been put there to suppress the Dark Shadow Clan.

It means to curb many other forces, such as the Bone Demon World behind the Light Gates.

A balance must be kept among those forces.

There are still some things that I dont understand very well.

You will know the answers sometime in the future.

Anyway, I dont know how to explain to you now.”

“Is it used to suppress some kind of ominous thing Or a ninth-tier spirit treasure” Zhang Han inquired pensively.

“Haha, youre very creative.” Yue Wuwei looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “You have a promising future.

You are already very powerful.

This time, your strength will be improved again.”

“Ah Han, are you going to make a breakthrough again” Zhang Guangyou asked in surprise.

Hearing this, many people darted their eyes at Zhang Han at once.

“Another Breakthrough

“How strong would he be then”

Even Zhong An, who was not far behind, looked staggered.

“Zhang Hanyang is already very strong.

Now he is heading for another breakthrough, will he enter the Yuan Ying Realm Middle-Stage or the Peak-Stage

“Either way, Zhang Hanyang is already a big shot in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

“It doesnt matter whether I break through or not.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and smiled without saying anything.

At the same time, he muttered inwardly, “Im happy as long as we are all together.”

Subconsciously, he held Zi Yans hand more tightly.

Zi Yan also sensed Zhang Hans feelings.

She let a smile of joy spread from ear to ear.

“Elder Yue, then did my granddaughter get any tangible benefits” Zhang Guangyou pressed.

He was quite concerned about this.

Yue Wuwei shook his head and said, “Not for the time being.

Only those who have reached the Elixir Realm or above can control the pearl that symbolizes the Saint Warrior Planet.

Mengmeng still has quite a way to go.

However, her safety on the Saint Warrior Planet is guaranteed, and she can get quite a lot of other benefits as well.

But thats not very important.

You can take time to figure the benefits out yourselves.”

“By the way, Zhang Hanyang,” Yue Wuwei added, “your Land of Thunder Yang is still short of the Thunder Yang Sand, isnt it”

“Do you have the Thunder Yang Sand” Zhang Han asked nonchalantly.

The Thunder Yang Sand was relatively difficult to obtain, which was the rarest among the five Thunder Yang treasures.

Even Zhang Han himself did not expect that he would get Thunder Yang Sand any sooner, so he did not pay much attention to it.

“I dont have the Thunder Yang Sand, but I heard some news.

“In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there will be an auction in some time.

The Thunder Yang Sand is also one of the auction items.

I overheard people talking about the auction when preparing the trial land, only I didnt hear the details.”

Yue Wuwei continued, “Its good that it has appeared.

As long as it is in the Sea Dragon Star Area, who auctions it off doesnt matter.

With your status and fortune, you can easily buy it with twice the price.”


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

What Yue Wuwei said was true.

Zhang Han knew very well about the prices in the Cultivation World.

In a place like the Sea Dragon Star Area where resources were scarce, the prices were usually very low.

“Elder Yue.”

Looking at Yue Wuweis proud face, Zi Yan called him with curiosity.

“What now”

Yue Wuweis expression changed.

“You only call me Elder Yue when you want something from me.

Usually, you just call me Yue Wuwei.

What do you want now I hope youre not trying to scare me or anything.”

“No, thats not true.

I always call you Elder Yue, okay” Zi Yan rolled her eyes with irritation and then said, “I just want to ask, why do you seem particularly elated now that someone has been chosen as the Heavenly Lord”

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