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“Er…” Yue Wuwei pondered for two seconds and answered, “Because after someone became the Heavenly Lord, some of the restrictions placed on the butler by the Saint Warrior Planet are lifted.

That is to say, I can leave the Saint Warrior Planet at any time and live in the Kings Domain in the Ancient Mine at any time I want.

This means freedom! In the past, because of my identity as the butler, I was not free.

But now, I can go in and out of the planet at will.

Of course, I am happy about this.”

“Why did your master put restrictions on you” Zhang Han asked.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Its not that he wanted to restrict me.

Its just because the seal went awry several hundred years ago, which brought some small changes to the rules.

As the butler holding the Star Pearl, I was also troubled by the small changes.” Yue Wuwei smiled bitterly.

He had also considered waking up his masters dormant Spiritual Will.

Yet, every time it was awakened, part of it would be consumed.

There were very few places on the entire Saint Warrior Planet that still had his Spiritual Will.

Over the years, Yue Wuwei had been moving back and forth in those places in accordance with the rules.

“Your life is not easy, either.” Zhang Mu sighed.

“Its okay, I guess.” Yue Wuwei shook his head and looked emotional as well.

How could he not want to stay in the Black White Palace every day

This time, he could finally fulfill his wish.

They just stood there and chatted for a while.


Those aircraft Mo Wen had sent for appeared in the sky.

There were about a dozen of aircraft, all of which were round in shape, just like spaceships in science fiction movies.

Yet, they were much smaller in size.

After all, they were only small-sized aircraft.

It was the first time that Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Mu Xue, and the other people from Earth had seen this kind of aircraft.

They all eyed the aircraft with great interest.

The aircraft hovered in the air, about 10 meters off the ground.

Each had a diameter of around 20 meters.

The more than a dozen aircraft were all light blue in color, which seemed pretty beautiful.


A door opened at the bottom of one of the aircraft.

Then, dozens of rings that looked like round iron plates and were about one meter thick flew out and zoomed to Mo Wens and the others feet.

“Lets go.”

Mengmeng immediately ran to Zhang Han.

The family of three jumped on one of the rings, which was actually a little too small for the three of them to stand on.

But in the eyes of others, this scene was just beautiful.

“This scene is lovely no matter how you look at it.”

“The point is that they are all exceptionally good-looking.

If it were three ugly ones standing there, it wouldnt be so picture-perfect.”


Zhang Han and his group all boarded Ninas aircraft.

Even Li Mu, one of the Eight Greatest Young Masters of the Cloud Star Area, had actually left Yi Hou and the other members of the Cloud Shadow Sky behind and traveled together with Zhang Hans group on his own.

Before boarding the aircraft, Yue Wuwei looked back at the other people from Earth and said coolly, “You can stay here and wait.

Ill come and pick you up in a couple of days.”

“What” Ye Longyuan let out a cry of confusion and said, “You want us to wait here Hey, isnt this too unfair I also want to go to the Dal Star and have a look!”

“Senior, I, too, want to visit the Dal Star,” Su Beimu hurriedly said.

“We want to go as well,” more people pleaded.


Yue Wuwei entered the aircraft without hesitation.

Soon, the dozens of cultivators from Earth were the only ones left on the Lost Continent.

They watched the aircraft fly into the distance but could do nothing about it.


“No way! He dumped us here”

“This is differential treatment! This is discrimination! Im gonna file a complaint.

Surely I will!”

“Hey, wake up.

Who can you complain to”


Their desperate howls and earnest pleadings still did not change Yue Wuweis mind.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng and the others didnt feel any bit uncomfortable.

Instead, they were secretly delighted.

“Hahaha, you guys are always so arrogant and smug.

But this time, youve suffered a big setback, havent you”

After entering the aircraft, they came into a circular hall.

Everything there appeared to be high-end technology.

The hall was spotless and lit by various lights, which made it look like a resplendent hotel lobby.

“This place seems just ordinary, doesnt it”

Mengmeng muttered, “Arent spaceships supposed to be quite large”

“These are land aircraft, which will take us to the fleet.

Every fleet has several spaceships,” replied Nina with a smile.

“Those spaceships that travel in space are very large.

With different models, the equipment of spaceships also varies.

Our Elemental Elves spaceships are not bad.

Youll see them in a moment.”

“Oh, okay.”

Mengmengs face registered curiosity.

She blinked and then looked at Yue Wuwei.

“Grandpa Yue, why didnt you take those people on this trip with us”

“Whats the point of taking them” Yue Wuwei said in bewilderment.

“They can wait.

Its already a great honor for them that Ill go pick them up in a few days.

If I really ditched them on the Lost Continent forever, Im afraid they could do nothing but stay there in despair.”

Zhang Guangyou was bereft of speechless.

For the first time, he found that Yue Wuwei was sometimes rather unreliable.

“If I let them go to the Dal Star and learn more about the Sea Dragon Star Area, they might not all go back on time in a few days.

Then, things would be troublesome.

If they missed my boat, they would have no means to return to Earth.

Those brats all have quite a temper.

Its hard to say how much trouble theyll cause if they go to the Dal Star.

After all, many former testees had stirred up a lot of trouble in the Sea Dragon Star Area.”

Yue Wuwei eventually offered an explanation.

Hearing this, everyone felt that it was… reasonable.

“Those guys are really good at making trouble,” Zhang Mu said with a chuckle.

Sensing that everyone was almost done with talking, Li Mu suggested, “Lets go upstairs.

This kind of aircraft has two floors.

The upper floor is designed for admiring the view of the universe.”

Seeing that Li Mu took the initiative to speak, Nina didnt say anything.

Thus, the group walked from the circular hall to the front corridor and went up a flight of spiral stairs to the upper floor.

There was a square hall on the upper floor.

The chairs there appeared to be very high-tech.

The most eye-catching part was the roof, which seemed to be made of just glass, so the scenery outside could be seen.

At this time, the sky outside was no longer blue.

The color of the sky was quite pale as if it was the intersection of day and night.

Everyone found it a little strange.

“Those storms have disappeared”

Nina was a little taken aback.

The storms that shrouded the Lost Continent were what attracted them to come to the trial land and participate in the trial.

“The trial is over.

Of course, they have to disappear.”

Yue Wuwei was in a good mood, so he volunteered to answer some of their questions.

This wasnt the case normally.

“Wow, spaceships! There are so many spaceships!”

Mengmeng suddenly saw that there were more than a hundred spaceships in the universe ahead, which were in different shapes.

But those spaceships had one thing in common, which was that they were relatively large.

Some were in the shape of sharks, some were large circular rings, and some were like scorpions.

“That round spaceship is the one were going to ride.

Its much bigger.

There are separate rooms for us to rest in, places for entertainment, and rooms with all kinds of other functions.

Well, the purpose of developing technology is to make life easier.”

Sitting next to Mengmeng, Nina smiled and said, “Mengmeng, is this your first time traveling with a fleet”

“Yes, its the first time Ive seen a spaceship.” Mengmeng nodded.

“So Im actually taking you on your first spaceship ride Thats great.” Nina smiled.

She had also guessed that the place Mengmeng came from might not be somewhere that she could visit at will.

She already started to wonder when Mengmeng could come and visit her again.

Although the two girls had barely known each other for a month, their friendship had been growing rapidly these days.

People could fall in love at first sight.

Sometimes, friendship could also come at warp speed.

As the trial was already over, Nina also had to return to her planet.

At the thought of the imminent parting, her eyes were full of reluctance.

Mengmeng, on the other hand, hadnt had those feelings.

She was pretty optimistic.

Looking at the spaceship, her eyes lit up with excitement.

“Why havent we arrived there yet It looks not far at all.”

“Its because of the visual error.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “It looks close to us, but in fact, its still far away.

Likewise, when we just start to climb a mountain, the mountaintop may seem very close, but its actually pretty far away.”

“Oh, I see…”

The others were also chatting with one another.

Even the relatively elderly ones, such as Deep Flame, Zhang Mu, and Dong Chen, were very much looking forward to going to the Dal Star.

They were all quite exultant.

“Elder Yue, since my granddaughter is already the Heavenly Lord, can we travel freely in the Sea Dragon Star Area” Zhang Guangyou asked with a smile.

“The Sea Dragon Star Area is vast.

There are many interesting places to visit.

Next time, I wanna bring my wife here to have a look.”

“Well, in theory, you can,” Yue Wuwei said, “but Mengmeng needs to reach the Elixir Realm before she can control the Heavenly Pearl.

Thus, it will still take some time.

If you want to go out, Im very willing to chauffeur you around.”

Yue Wuwei knew that now that Mengmeng had become the Heavenly Lord, those people were already on the same team as him.

They were one family anyway.

Yue Wuwei felt that this was the perfect result of the trial.

“Thank you, Elder Yue.” Zhang Guangyou cupped his hands at Yue Wuwei.

In the foreseeable future, he and the others would still have to trouble Yue Wuwei.

After all, Mengmengs cultivation had just entered the Foundation Stage, so she was equivalent to a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Although the appearance of a 13-year-old Wu Dao Grand Master would certainly astonish a lot of people in the martial arts world, when put in the big picture, she was just a beginner who hadnt even reached the Innateness Stage.

Thus, she had a long way to go to reach the Elixir Realm.

“Daddy, only those in the Elixir Realm can control that pearl, right Then when can I reach the Elixir Realm” Mengmeng asked Zhang Han under her breath.

“It wont take too long,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.


Ill cultivate hard when I go back.

Nina is already this close to the Yuan Ying Realm,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Youve been on the outing for a month.

When you go back, its almost time for school to start.

Have you finished your homework” Zi Yan pursed her red lips slightly and asked with a smile.


Mengmengs little face fell.

She said bitterly, “Mummy, havent we agreed not to talk about homework when were out for fun Besides, Ive already got it done.”

“Hahaha…” Zi Yan abruptly covered her mouth and snickered.

Now the girl had grown up a little, Zi Yan found it funny to tease her occasionally.

At the sight of Zi Yan and Mengmengs happy faces, Zhang Han felt happy, too.

He leaned back on the sofa and randomly pressed with his left hand on the buttons on the armrest a few times.


The semi-transparent screen suddenly appeared in front of him.


Mengmengs eyes sparkled.

“This is basically a computer.”

Zhang Han explained, “It has many functions.

You can search for information and make calls with it.

In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there are many stars emitting signals.

People can contact each other by phone or through video chat.

In the case of a video chat, the image of the person you call will appear in front of you as if he or she were really there.

Since the technology in this Star Area is highly developed, its convenient to do many things.

Cultivators indeed value strength, but it doesnt mean that its always like that.

They also use these technological devices to make life easier.

You can consider the Sea Dragon Star Area as a large city, and each subarea is just like a district of the city.

Its not hard to understand.”

“Master, your words are pure gold.” Mu Xue clapped her hands.

She always complimented Zhang Han so extravagantly.

Seeing this, Li Mu hurriedly applauded and flattered, “What you said hit home! Your description is perfectly correct.

Uncle Zhang, youre amazing.”


Many people around flickered their eyes at Li Mu.

“What is he doing”

Even Mo Wen couldnt help but clap a hand over his forehead in embarrassment.

“God, even Young Master Li is groveling like this now”

As they spoke, they arrived at the huge ring-shaped spaceship.

They went straight into the spaceship from the exit of the aircraft.

The various facilities inside the spaceship made them dizzy.

There were a lot of plants inside the Elf Clans spaceship.

The patterns in it were very elegant and refreshing.

However, those were just decorations.

Nina led the group to visit the various areas in the spaceship.

The resting area had many rooms.

This place had nothing special.

Each room was more than 100 square meters.

In the entertainment area, there were many games that Mengmeng had never seen before, such as the mind ball game.

This game required one to control a ball with ones mind energy to move forward while dodging the flying needles shooting at it from the side.

In the end, everyone sat in the restaurant area, where there was a large window.

They were drinking tea, eating snacks, and enjoying the view of the universe.

“Well enter the secondary space in 10 seconds.

This trip will take an hour and a half.”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

“Why does the color outside keep changing” Mengmeng pointed at the outside of the window.

There seemed to be auroras outside, which fluttered irregularly.

“Secondary space, or sub-space, is a symbol of advanced science and technology.

Through this kind of space, we can travel very fast.

Its just like the theory about the three folded points you mentioned before.

It allows us to cross long distances in a very short period.

When we were on the Lost Continent, the Dal Star looked pretty large and close to us.

However, it was actually thousands of miles away.

The two places are very far from each other.

But by spaceship, we can get there in less than two hours.

The difference is basically the same as that between riding a horse to cross a thousand miles for months and covering the same distance by air in a couple of hours.

Its the same principle,” Zhang Han explained to Mengmeng in detail.

He didnt know the specific principle, but he found a way to let Mengmeng understand the gist.

“Then there is no view to see, is there” Mengmeng muttered.

“So lets have a break.

You can take a nap,” Zi Yan said.

“No, Im still chatting with Nina.” Mengmeng turned back and continued to chat with Nina.

The two seemed to have countless topics to talk about.

This also made Li Mu quite envious.

“If I could hit it off with Mengmeng like that, Zhang Han would definitely teach me the Highest Clouds Sketch!”

He still had no idea what to do.

He only had the last couple of days to stay with Zhang Hans group.

This trip was also his last chance.

He had to try his best.

Li Mu was also fantasizing how overwhelmed the seniors would be if he learned the real Highest Clouds Sketch and displayed its power after he returned to the sect.

“How great that would be! Hahahaha…”

He laughed smugly in his head.

“Im gonna get some shut-eye.”

Zi Yan leaned lazily on the sofa and informed Zhang Han.

Then, she closed her eyes to rest.

She hadnt rested well in the past two days.

Zhang Han was also resting with his eyes closed, yet the Great Void Thunder Scripture he had just obtained popped up in his mind.

“The great void is streamlined.

The thunderbolts are majestic.

They seem to be there but also seem not.

Combined, they are a complete entity.

Scattered, they are thunder and lightning.

Folded, they are shapeless.

Unfolded, there are detailed images inside them behind the fuzziness.

The wonders of the Great Void Thunder Scripture lie in the Spiritual Stage.

The ones who know thunder methods…”

The scripture was very obscure and difficult to understand.

But as Zhang Han read it inwardly, the Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea began to glow.




The muffled sound rang out in his body, which could only be heard by Zhang Han.

With the rhythm of his breathing, the muffled sound changed constantly.

Sometimes it was light, sometimes heavy, sometimes hurried, sometimes slow.

The sound eventually resonated with his breathing.

The Thunderbolt Mark grew increasingly bright.

As he recited the scriptures in his head, all kinds of rings seemed to start to sound from the Thunderbolt Mark.

It felt extremely wonderful.

“This is… the way of cultivating the Thunderbolt Mark, isnt it”

Zhang Han was shocked.

This was the first time he had employed such a method.

He knew one could cultivate ones soul sense, but he had never seen anything like this.

His soul sense had transformed into the Thunderbolt Mark.

Now, the mysterious master had passed on a thunder method to him.

After this resonance occurred, Zhang Han completely sensed that after taking two breaths, the strength of his soul sense increased by one-tenth!

How startling the progress was!

“The Great Void Thunder Scripture.”


The wonderful feeling suddenly dispersed.

Zhang Han abruptly realized that he seemed to be quite hungry.

And he seemed to be running an adrenalin high.

“Is it that I can only cultivate for a short period at a time”

Zhang Han cleared his mind and continued to silently read the Great Void Thunder Scripture.

The muffled sound appeared again and resonated with his breath.

Then, the Great Void Thunder Scripture began to function.

The Thunderbolt Mark in his soul sense sea also began to glow.

When the Thunderbolt Mark began to ring, his soul sense also began to upgrade.

But this time, after Zhang Han took only three breaths, the cultivation method came to an abrupt end.

“My soul sense has once again improved significantly.”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“With this speed of progress, my soul sense will soon be able to cover an area of about 30 miles.

“This method is extremely miraculous.

“What kind of world is the higher world on earth”

He started cultivating again.

After the third session of cultivation, Zhang Han found that he was having a headache and felt rather giddy.

He knew that he couldnt continue anymore.

After the three sessions, the total strength of his soul sense had increased by one-third.

It was incredible.

The mysterious but wonderful experience aroused Zhang Hans immense interest.

He closed his eyes and brooded for a long time.

It was not until Mengmeng began to hum a song that he opened his eyes again.

Zhang Han then played with the little girl for a while.

Soon, they arrived at the Dal Star!

“Weve arrived.”

“I can see the outside now.”

People exclaimed one after another.

“Holy cow!”

Ah Hu was staggered.

“There are so many spaceships here What is this place Is this a spaceship base Its like an airport.

Its so large.

I cant see the end of it.”

“Youre right.

This is the specific base for parking spaceships.”

Li Mu said with a smile, “This is a large space station.

Its the only space station on the Dal Star.

We have to take an aircraft to the mainland of the Dal Star.

This planet is not well developed.

It offers only a few scenic spots.

But some places are surely worth visiting.

Next time, if there is a chance, I will take you to the Cloudy Shadow Sky for sightseeing.”

“Come on, lets go to the aircraft.”

Nina grabbed Mengmengs hand and took the lead to the hall, from where they would board the aircraft.

Seeing this, the elves serving Nina were all taken aback.

They looked to one another and noted the disbelief in one anothers eyes.

“Oh my, our Seventh Princess is even willing to actively hold hands with others.”

In just a few days, their Seventh Princess had altered some of her habits for Mengmeng.

“Wow, the base is really large!” Jiang Yanlan walked by the windows, her eyes fixed on the outside.

“There must be hundreds of spaceships coming and going.

Its really magnificent.”

“The Dal Star is in the southeast of the Sea Dragon Star Area.

Its quite close to the neighboring Star Area.

Many fleets frequent this planet.

Its quite normal.

When you visit the Sea Central Star Area, you will see that fleets are everywhere.

That place has many expensive spaceships.

Some of them are so overly luxurious that even I cant afford them,” Li Mu said with emotion.

“Oh, by the way,” Ah Hu suddenly said, “didnt my dad say that he wanted to come to the Sea Dragon Star Area and start a company to work for our boss Our boss is rich.

With Bosss financial support, we can even buy many fleets.

Well have a lot of fun then.”

“How much does a spaceship cost” Zhao Feng looked at Li Mu and asked.

“Small-scale aircraft cost about 100,000 crystal stones.

The spaceship were on costs more than a million crystal stones.

A high-end one is at least 10 million crystal stones.

The cheapest main vessel is also priced at 10 million crystal stones.

Those famous types of main vessels can even cost more than 50 million crystal stones.

The one with the most exorbitant price is worth 100 million crystal stones.

Who can afford that Most sects only have several hundred thousand crystal stones in reserve.

They cant even afford one spaceship, so they can only ride those that charge a fee per journey,” Li Mu said with a sigh.

“The one were riding is only worth a little more than one million crystal stones Its very cheap.” Instructor Liu scratched his head and said, “But according to the prices those stallholders charged us, it seems that the price is also very high.

The values of the fleets in this base are also amazingly high.”

“Those stallholders there were all poor people,” Li Mu said with a smile, “In the Sea Dragon Star Area, there is a large rich-poor divide.

The total amount of crystal stones is indeed countless.

But the population base here is too large.

Thus, the prices can vary from place to place.”

“Ten thousand, one million, ten million…”

Instructor Liu frowned and muttered pensively, “How many crystal stones does our boss have”

“Plenty,” Jiang Yanlan glanced at him and answered.

There were heaps of top-grade crystal stones in the Top-grade Crystal Palace.

Over the years, Zhang Han had made many deals with Lord Nan Shan.

Ten thousand top-grade crystal stones were equivalent to a million medium-grade ones and 10 million low-grade ones.

Hence, a hundred thousand top-grade crystal stones were worth a hundred million low-grade ones.

There were also so many medium-grade crystal stones and sixth-tier treasures.

“Oh right, we still have sixth-tier treasures.”

“How much is a sixth-tier treasure worth here For example, how much is my Mace”

Instructor Liu took out his Mace and moved one meter closer to Li Mu, noisily patting the Mace several times.

His ostentatious behavior rendered everyone speechless.

Li Mu didnt know what to say.

He found it a little heart-wrenching.

“I, Li Mu, am a graceful Young Master.

However, Im not even as rich as you.

“Alas, it is true that comparisons are odious.

“From those peoples looks, Zhang Hanyang seems to be particularly wealthy.”

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