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“Im just telling the truth,” Mengmeng said with an earnest face.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “My beautiful girl has grown up.

When school starts, you will be in the second term of the first year of junior high.

Then, you will start your second year.

Soon, youll graduate and attend senior high school.

With time, there will be more and more boys pursuing you in school.”

“Just let it be.

It wouldnt change a thing anyway.

I dont like those silly boys.

I have eyes only for heroes like Daddy.

Daddy is super powerful.”


The family of three just lied in bed, chatting.

This kind of leisure time gave them a lot of happiness.

After they snuggled together in bed for more than 10 minutes, Zhou Fei called to them that everyone was ready to have dinner.

After two hours of lively dinner, Mengmeng went back to her bedroom to play computer games with her friends.

“Mengmeng, why hadnt you logged in for so many days We thought you were missing,” Li Muens tone was very aggrieved, “I went to look for you several times, but I couldnt find you anywhere.

Where did you go”

“Exactly,” Bei Jinnan couldnt help but say, “Mengmeng, when you were gone, our life was rather bitter.”

“Stop! Stop right there!” Mengmeng said helplessly, “dont say those cheesy sweet nothings to me.

Be careful, my dad will beat you up.”

“Im just telling the truth.” Bei Jinnan sighed, “without you as our leader, we got chased everywhere we went in the game.”

“Yes, we couldnt beat anyone.”

“Princess Mengmeng, quick, take us to slaughter monsters.”

“Well, wait a sec, Ill log in right now.” Mengmeng snorted softly.

After logging in, she led her team to embark on an expedition.

“Mengmeng, its them.

They always beat me!”

“Oh! Mengmeng, you cant defeat him either!”


As soon as the game started, Mengmeng suddenly found that the leader of the other side had even better equipment than hers.

She fought him and failed, which threw her into a daze.

She was used to the thrill of killing every enemy in a second in the game.

Thus, she was still a little unaccustomed to the sudden setback.

“He seems to be very strong!”

Mengmeng looked at the gray screen with a very curious gaze.

It was exactly like this when she played games with her private account.

Two pieces of equipment dropped off from Mengmengs character, which were worth about five million yuan.

The one from the other part who launched the attack was very excited.

He typed a message on the communication board, “Ive waited for this day for a very long time, Princess Mengmeng.”

“Humph, Ill chop you to death in a moment,” Mengmeng replied.

Then, she called out, “Daddy, Daddy, I got bullied.”


Zhang Han arrived in a second.

“Whats wrong”

Seeing that she was playing games and the computer screen had gone grey, Zhang Han burst into laughter.

“Come on, lets start buying equipment.”

Zhang Han pulled a chair over, sat down next to Mengmeng, and began to transform money into Mengmengs game account.

When Mengmengs character returned to the castle, a new round began.

Seeing this, Zi Yan shook her head with resignation.

However, she not only did not criticize them but also brought them two glasses of juice.

Half an hour later.

Mengmeng led the team to that place again.


As Mengmeng hacked, the mans head dropped to the ground.

The player who was immersed in the glorious victory of defeating Princess Mengmeng a moment ago immediately dissolved into tears.

“Why is the equipment I dropped after losing the game much more expensive”

Mengmengs classmates who were playing this game were all stunned, especially Bei Jinnans brother.

He was sitting next to Bei Jinnan, completely dumbstruck.

While checking out Mengmengs equipment, he showed a shocked and emotional look on his face.

“She threw in another 20 million yuan”

“Brother, how did you know” Bei Jinnan asked in a daze.

“Look at the communication board.

An official message just said so.

The game company has also given her many gifts.

Your classmate, Mengmeng, is really rich.

She must have spent roughly 50 million yuan on the game.

Ordinary people surely cant afford that.

Lately, Ive also heard something about how wealthy Mengmengs family is.

In Xiangjiang…”

At this moment, Wu Zhaokong looked a little hesitant.

Eventually, he said, “I heard from an elder brother that Mr.

Zhangs status in Xiangjiang is so prestigious that one would gasp for air if one knew the truth.

The top wealthy families, such as the Luo family, are all obedient to him.

He has a thing, which is that he dotes on his daughter very much.

Those who provoked his daughter have all had a miserable end.

The former Li family seemed to have been wiped out just because they upset his family.

You know, the Li family had existed for a century.

That elder brother also said that Mr.

Zhangs daughter was a junior high student of the First Middle School.

She got exceptionally good grades as well as good looks.

Dont you understand There is no chance with you and Zhang Yumeng.

Brother, she is way out of your league.

Youd better stop having feelings for her.”

Bei Jinnan was totally lost for words.

“I havent said anything yet.

Why did you start to lecture me”

In fact, the boys and girls who often played with Mengmeng were all from well-off families.

Li Muens father, Li Kai, was a real estate tycoon.

Her family was indeed loaded.

As for Bei Jinnan, Mengmengs escort, had Wu Shanxing as his back.

The others also had strong backgrounds.

Mengmeng didnt know much about these things.

She never considered ones family wealth as a factor in making friends.

These habits were cultivated indirectly by Zhang Han.

Because no ones family could be richer than hers, so she didnt need to consider these things.

Mengmeng spent the last week of the holiday in Xiangjiang.

She stayed in the house for a few days, then went shopping and did righteous deeds with Mu Xue.

Soon, the first day of the new term arrived.

Mengmeng and Li Muen walked into the classroom hand in hand.

The class was already bustling.

Many students greeted Mengmeng when they saw her.

The optimistic and cheerful Mengmeng was very popular in her class and in the whole school.

“Eh Mu Li, why is the corner of your mouth blue”

Seeing the bruised mouth of the boy in the front seat, Mengmeng posed the question in bewilderment.

“I, I…”

Mu Li scratched his head and said in distress, “I got beaten up.”

“Who beat you” Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

Judging from the bruise on the corner of his mouth, she figured it happened not long ago.

“Just the day before yesterday.”

Noticing that Mengmeng, Li Muen, and Bei Jinnan were all looking at him, Mu Li thought for a moment and told them what had happened.

“I went to the countryside during the winter vacation.

My cousin and I had a good time.

Later, he fell out with his parents.

To scare them, he tried to come up with a scheme with me.

He eventually told me that he would pretend to drink pesticide.

Then, he stole a bottle of pesticide.

He emptied half a bottle and threw the bottle on the ground.

After that, he drank some milk, lay on the ground, and asked me to call the adults.

I went to fetch my uncle, aunt, my parents.

“I put on quite an acting.

In a panic, I shouted that my cousin had drunk pesticide.

The whole family was at a loss then.

The adults were horrified.

They ran into the room and saw my cousin twitching with foam coming out of his mouth.

My mother said we gotta pry open his mouth in case he bit his tongue.

She also suggested we should induce vomit for him and send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

In the nick of time, my father stuffed his cloth shoe into my cousins mouth.

My fathers feet were grossly smelly…”

At this point, Mengmeng, Li Muen, and the others suddenly looked a little awkward.

“Oh my god, what kind of torture was that”

But the key part was yet to come.

“Seeing that my cousin still hadnt vomited, my uncle got so anxious that he ran out directly.

I thought he was going to fetch the car to drive him to the hospital.

However, after a while, my uncle rushed in with a ladle of poop.

At that time, my cousin opened his eyes wide and couldnt speak.

He looked at me desperately and wanted to say something.

I was really scared stiff at that time and didnt know what to do.

In the end, my cousin wanted to struggle.

But with several adults pinning him on the ground, he couldnt resist, so…”

Mu Li couldnt go on, and his expression was a little wistful.


Mengmeng and the others suddenly looked rather uncomfortable.

“This is awkward.

Did it really happen”

“Then I got beaten.

My cousin did it.

I dont blame him,” Mu Li said in a feeble voice.

It seemed that when he thought of that scene, he still felt a chill all over.

It was really scary.

“Oh, I dont wanna hear the rest.”

Mengmeng pulled back her little face.

She didnt want to listen anymore.

“So you got beaten up as well.”

At this time, a male student sat down beside Mu Li and patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“I got bashed during the winter vacation, too.

My grandpa gave me a kick.”

“Why, why was that”

Mu Lis expression eased a lot.

He found it soothing when someone else also had a miserable story to share.

“My grandpa and grandma went to our place to celebrate the Spring Festival this year.”

The male student said, “My dad came back at noon on New Years Eve and brought me a telescope.

I liked to look at the moon very much, so I was very happy after getting this gift.

At that moment, I felt like acting cute and calling him daddy.

But on second thought, I reckoned I was already about to start my second year of junior high, so Id better call him dad.

But I looked at the telescope and got distracted…”

“Then what happened” everyone thought with curiosity.

The male student was a little hesitant as if he was thinking about whether to tell the story or not.

Yet, since he had told them so much, there was no reason to not finish the story.

Under their intense gazes, the male students face turned slightly red.

Then he blurted, “I just made a slip of the tongue and called him D*mn.

“And my grandpa came over and gave me a hard kick.

It really hurt.”

The male students story made the students roar with laughter at once.

“You are reallybrilliant,” Mengmeng scorned.

She couldnt stop laughing.

“Zhang Yumeng, where did you go during the winter vacation” Mu Li probed.

They were not very close, so Mu Li didnt work up the nerve to call her Mengmeng.

Thus, he called her by her full name.

Hearing the question, Mengmeng answered, “I went to several fun places and made a new friend.”

“Fun places Where” asked Mu Li again.

“Its a secret,” Mengmeng tilted her head slightly and said impishly.

“Teacher is here!” a student in the front row suddenly warned.

Everyone quickly returned to their seats.

“Good morning, boys and girls, long time no see.

Have you enjoyed your winter vacation” Bai Yilin came in and asked with a smile.

“Yes!” the students answered in unison.

“This is your second and last semester in the first grade of junior high.

After the first semester, you boys and girls have known one another better and gotten along very well.

As for the grades, of all the advanced classes, our class ranked first.

This semester, I hope you can redouble your efforts.

Dont be carried away by your previous success.

You still should listen carefully in class.

During breaks, you should also take a break and relax.

Todays first class is time for self-study.

I plan to play games with you.

Have any of you played the find-the-killer game You can take turns to play.

Even you havent heard of the game, dont worry.

Youll quickly learn the rules when you watch others play a few times…”

Bai Yilin was in a leisurely mood.

He simply began to play games with his students.

The headteacher passing by who saw this couldnt help simmering with laughter.

A teacher would indeed be happy when his or her students got good grades.

The headteacher watched outside the door for two minutes before he walked away with a smile.

He also felt quite sentimental.

“Youth is so wonderful.”

He not only wanted to say that to these first-year junior high students but also Bai Yilin.

As a man in his 40s, the headmaster no longer had the energy to play games.

Nor was he in the mood for that.

Just like that, school life began again.

Mengmeng did not change a bit even though she had become the Heavenly Lord.

To display the Star Pearls power, she would have to reach at least the Elixir Realm.

She was still far from that goal.

But no one hurried her into it.

After living on Mount New Moon for some time, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei couldnt stay idle anymore.

They went to the company to work as presidents, while Zhang Han began to cultivate in seclusion to gain insights.

The Great Void Thunder Scripture was incomparably mysterious.

Every day, when he silently recited it, the Thunderbolt Mark would ring and improve his soul sense.

At first, the improvement was glaring with his every cultivation session.

Yet, gradually, the progress began to slow down.

As to the Thunder Tower, Zhang Han didnt intend to comprehend the thunder method yet.

For him, the first step was to comprehend the mysterious Great Void Thunder Scriptures.

No matter what kind of supernatural power, secret skill, or cultivation method he studied, laying a solid foundation was the most important part.

To cultivate the thunder method, ones understanding of thunder and lightning was quite crucial.

“The great void is streamlined.

The thunderbolts are majestic.

They seem to be there but also seem not.

Combined, they are a complete entity.

Scattered, they are thunder and lightning.

Folded, they are shapeless.

Unfolded, there are detailed images inside them behind the fuzziness.

The wonders of the Great Void Thunder Scripture lie in the Spiritual Stage…”

Every time he cultivated, he would always gain some insights.

“The thunder method is truly magical.”

After sitting there meditating all morning, Zhang Han let out a long breath and could not help but sigh with deep feeling.

When he stood up, he heard cracks in his bones and knuckles.

Not only his soul sense but also his Immortal Body had been enhanced.

This felt quite amazing.

The little bit of thunder method Zhang Han had performed before couldnt even compare with this new method at all.

Zhang Han was also greatly interested in cultivating this unknown and enigmatic method.

After a few minutes of rest, he continued to meditate.

At noon, in the canteen of the First Middle School.

Mengmeng, Li Muen, Bei Jinnan, and Zhou Lei were sitting at one table, while several other students who were good friends with them were sitting at the table next to theirs.

The food in the canteen was not bad, which could satisfy most peoples taste.

It also offered many kinds of dishes.

However, to Mengmeng, the food here was a little tasteless.

Thankfully, after eating the plain food outside, she would find that dinner at home much more delicious.

It was also because Mengmeng wanted to blend in that she didnt ask her family to send lunch to her on school days.

Thus, she dined with her classmates in the canteen together.

“I stayed in North America for more than half a month after the Spring Festival.

It was boring.

I had no friends to play with there.

Id rather skip the holiday and go to school,” Zhou Lei said with a sigh.

“Thats nothing,” said Bei Jinnan with a chuckle, “when I was on holiday, I accompanied my cousin on blind dates.

Those dates she met were pretty funny.”

“Blind dates” Li Muen looked up and asked curiously, “How old is your cousin Why does she need to be set up on blind dates Is it that we can start dating after we go to college This way, we may still work with the person we like in the same company after graduation.”

“No idea.

My cousin hasnt reached 30 yet.

I guess she is about 28.

Her parents are very eager to see her get married and always press her,” Bei Jinnan scratched his head and replied.

“Whats a blind date like Just two people chatting” Li Muen asked again.

Even Mengmeng looked up with interest.

She had only seen this phrase on the Internet, so she found it quite novel.


You and your blind date just chat casually.

If you two take a liking to each other, you can go on more dates.

If you dont hit it off, you two can just part ways,” Bei Jinnan said.

“Were all of your cousins blind dates handsome guys” Li Muen said, “like what we saw on TV”

“Who told you that I accompanied my cousin on three blind dates.

The first two dates were not good-looking.

The last one was okay, only…” Bei Jinnan snickered and continued, “My cousin thought he was quite interesting.

At first, she asked him if he had a house.

That man directly showed her his property ownership certificate.

She then asked him if he had a car.

He immediately displayed his vehicle certificate.

Next, she asked if he had a yacht, the man whipped out another certificate.

Thus, my cousin became curious and asked if he had a private plane.

He then presented his flight license.”

“Sounds like that man was awesome.

He had everything,” Li Muen said with a smile.

“I havent finished yet.”

Bei Jinnan put down his chopsticks and said with a grin, “Here comes the turning point.

After that, my cousin asked him,Since youre so capable, what do you do for a living Unexpectedly, the man answered,Im a professional at making fake certificates.”

Li Muen, Mengmeng, Zhou Lei were abruptly lost for words.

They were slightly dismayed.

None of them thought that this would be the turning point that Bei Jinnan referred to.


Li Muen laughed.

Mengmeng couldnt help laughing as well.

She commented, “What an interesting soul!”

“There is more!”

Bei Jinnan rubbed his hands and said with a smirk, “When my cousin heard that the mans job was making fake certificates, she didnt get angry at all.

Instead, she was also quite curious about the man and considered him a fun person.

As a result, their first date was very successful.

The next day, she and that man went out on their own.

I dont know what they talked about that day.

On the third day, they came back.

And guess what It turned out that what the man said was all true.

He was not a person making fake certificates.

He was actually quite wealthy.

He also seemed to be a prestigious figure in the south island.”

“Whats his name” Li Muen asked casually.

“Ye Han.”

Mengmeng said, “I know him.”

She got somewhat curious.

“Isnt Ye Han a member of the Ye Family in the Eastern District

“That man enjoys being a single man.

But why did he go on a blind date”

“Now he and my cousin occasionally go on a date.

As for how far their relationship will go, I really cant say,” said Bei Jinnan.

“Mengmeng, where had you been during your vacation” Zhou Lei inquired.

“I went to a lot of fun places,” Mengmeng answered between nibbles at her food.

“Those places must be really interesting, interesting enough to make you, an Internet addict, quit surf the internet for the whole winder vocation,” said Zhou Lei with a laugh.

Compared to Bei Jinnan, Zhou Lei was much more mature.

The students would soon finish their junior high and start senior high.

They would grow very fast.

“After this semester, Im going to senior high school.

Alas, I heard that study in senior high is very stressful.

The students dont have much time for entertainment time.

The three years in senior high passes very slowly.

I want to go to university in Shang Jing to see the great capital,” Zhou Lei said, looking very expectant.

“I think Ill attend a university abroad,” Bei Jinnan remarked, “my parents talked about this matter with me not long ago.

They asked me if I wanted to study abroad after junior high or senior high.

I said I still wanted to stay here for senior high.”

While speaking, he glanced at Mengmeng, his goddess.

“What if I had a chance with her What if one day she took a fancy to me even though I didnt pursue her Then wouldnt that be a great turnaround for me”

If Bei Jinnan said this out loud, Mengmeng would definitely refute, “Youll still be you no matter how many times you turn around.”

“Mengmeng, where will you go for college” Li Muen was also curious about this.

“I dont know.

It depends on where I want to visit.

Perhaps Lin Hai City Xi Hang Shang Jing Id like to go to a different city for college.

I dont wanna spend my years in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and college all in the same city,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Who knows, we might even be able to go to the same place for college,” Li Muen said laughingly.

“For you guys, college is still far in the future.

What if Mengmeng suddenly becomes a star and quit study The song she sang last time has become a hit.

Mengmeng almost became a star,” Zhou Lei said with a smile.

“I wont be a star.

There is already one in my family,” Mengmeng clarified.

“Oh right, Mengmengs mother is a superstar,” said Li Muen.


Life in junior high was full of joy.

However, after going through the trial on the Lost Continent in the Sea Dragon Star Area, Mengmeng lost a lot of interest in ordinary life.

Ones vision was important.

If Mengmeng had always been an ordinary person, maybe she would also have a crush on some boys in school.

Maybe she would like those with good grades or good at playing basketball.

Boys with special skills were always popular.

But she had experienced a lot and seen a lot.

Although Mengmeng was still young, she felt that her classmates were a little too immature.

“Well, I wonder what Nina is doing.

She is my first elf friend and a princess.

I wont be able to visit her again until July.

Can I take Nina back here to have fun Um, I do wanna introduce her to Muen and my other friends…”

Mengmeng was lost in thought as she had lunch.

At this moment, Nina was cultivating, of course.

Mo Wen had decided to risk everything this time.

On the spaceship, he had the second talk with the King of Elemental Elves.

“According to the positioning system, your fleet left Dal Star just now.

Why is that You were supposed to have set off five days ago,” asked the King of Elemental Elves with a calm face.

However, Mo Wen could tell from his tone that he was probably angry.

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