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Chapter 106 The Power of Braised Chicken

As the rice was about to be cooked, a pot of goluptious braised chicken was finished.

Although the amount of the two chickens was quite large, there was no need to use the last tureen.

Instead, he put them in a big basin.

Without a range hood, the mellow smell of chicken quickly lingered in the air.

“This smell…”

The fragrance gradually made them stop eating.

All their eyes were fixed on the appetizing chicken.

The oily meat, as well as its attractive fragrance, made their mouths water.

Even one of them who was eating noodle soup, slobbered along the noodles with a greedy look.

“Oh, my God, the smell is too alluring for me to bear!” Yu Qingqing stared and looked upset.

Why was she upset

Because she wanted to eat chicken immediately and even tensed herself, intending to run at tremendous speed at the moment the boss asked them to eat.

Liang Mengqi, generally speaking, was the first member.

But now, whatever, Yu Qingqing had forgotten everything because of this chicken!

She was in a state of bewilderment and even did not know who was she and where was she.

The others, however, were no better than her.

They kept eyes on the braised chicken placed on the counter like hungry wolves! All waited for the moment when they could taste it.

The other two dishes were ready soon.

At last, Zhang Han calmly picked up a pair of chopsticks and flipped over the chicken in the views of the crowds.


“Eh whats the boss doing”

All the people were puzzled, but they understood the next moment.

They saw Zhang Han calmly picking a wing, then a wing tip, a drumstick out from the chicken…

He put them in a small bowl.


For a moment all the people went crazy.

People were keen on chicken drumstick and wings!

These two parts of chicken were the best, for the two parts moved more normally and were softer.

Furthermore, the chicken wings were still a kind of muscles, which were resilient and tasted good.

Cola chicken wings, for instance, was popular and loved by the mass of people.

Soon, under the crowds eyes.

One wing, two wings, three wings, one drumstick, two drumsticks, three drumsticks…

“Ah! Boss!”

Yu Qingqing saw Zhang Han picking up the last drumstick, letting out a cry all of a sudden.

Zhang Han looked towards her with puzzlement.

Although others understood her more or less, they did not know what she was going to say.

“Boss, brother, erm… I want to eat a chicken drumstick…” Yu Qingqing flushed, feeling a little embarrassed to ask for food.

But she couldnt help it.

The thought of having no chance to eat a drumstick made her very uncomfortable.


Zhang Han nodded.

Under several peoples gazes, he was still very calm to put the last chicken drumstick into the small bowl.

How indifferent he was! Damn it! An evil capitalist!

Yu Qingqing was somewhat disappointed.

While Zhang Han considered it was necessary to be better for these members.

So, he turned to Yu Qingqing and said with a chuckle.

“Next time, Ill make you a whole chicken next time.”

Yu Qingqing cheered up the instant she heard these words.

This feeling of loss and gain was too stimulating to her heart.

“Boss, chicken drumsticks are not available, so, so can you leave me a wing I want to eat~”

Seeing Zhang Han picking up the last chicken wing, Liang Mengqi called out anxiously.

The boss and she shared joys and sorrows, that was to say, she had gone to Mount New Moon with Zhang Han to play with Mengmeng.

She deemed that her relationship with Zhang Hank was the best of these present and she was the first member.

Besides, she adored him.

By right of this intention, he should leave her a chicken wing!

It was happy to imagine.

But the reality was so cruel.

This time, Zhang Han did not even lift his head but directly took the chicken wing and said, “No way.”

“Chicken wings are all Mengmengs.”

“Ho ho…” Yu Qingqing sobered down, looking at Liang Mengqi who was dumbfounded, giggling.

“Hum! Wretched boss! I dont love you anymore!” Liang Mengqi bit her lip and snorted dramatically.

However, she did not dwell on it.

She knew that she definitely had no chance to taste if Mengmeng loved to eat, but she was really desirous to eat chicken wings!

Under their greedy gazes, Zhang Han took pieces of “good meat” into a small bowl and put the meat which was as heavy as a chicken into a plate.

He then went upstairs carrying a dish of braised eggplant with soybean paste, a dish of cucumber with garlic sauce as well as five bowls of rice.


Zhang Hans steps seemed like a signal gun for the 100-meter race.

No sooner had he left than all the members sitting at the table stood up and walked towards food.

They, however, were of quality after all.

Except Yu Qingqing grabbed Liang Mengqis seat, everyone else queued up according to their member numbers.

“Yu Qingqing, youre so ungrateful! It is I who bring you here for dinner!” Liang Mengqi grunted behind Yu Qingqing with her eyes moved on the braised chicken.

Liang Mengqi sniffed gently and closed her eyes.

Then she sighed, “Wow, the smell is so fragrant.”

The smell of chicken made people drool.

Yu Qingqing in the front did not hesitate, directly using a small plate to dish up one-third of the chicken.

Nevertheless, she had no desire to stop and could not control her hands.

When she took almost half of the chicken, Wang Qiang and Sun Ming behind could not resist coughing.

Old as they were, they were very mature.

Sun Ming, especially, who was seriously ill and stood aloof from everything, still could not help reminding her that the people behind would definitely have no chance to eat the chicken according to what she did.

Even Liang Mengqi felt so ashamed of Yu Qingqing that she patted Yu Qingqing on the back and said, “Its enough, you have almost taken half!”


Yu Qingqing suddenly froze and looked back at the crowd with a red face.

She quickly put the chicken in her plate back and said, “Oh, sorry, I just lost my memory and couldnt control myself.”

The crowd smiled and shook their heads.

All of them could understand her “amnesia” for fear that no matter who dished up first would be confused.

In the end, Yu Qingqing took about one-tenth of the amount, only four pieces.

“Thats obviously not enough!”

Yu Qingqing was somewhat disappointed.

She walked back to the table after taking the other two dishes.

“Its my turn, its my turn.” Liang Mengqi let out a cry of joy, taking a tenth of the amount by means of her strong willpower and walking back with the other two dishes.

Now the nine members all had braised chicken and Wang Qiang who took at last got two more pieces.

All the people returned to their seats.

“Have a taste!”

Yu Qingqing quickly picked up a piece of chicken.

It was a lump of tempting lean meat with the aroma which was dark red like soy sauce and had a layer of chewy skin.

Yu Qingqing closed her eyes after a bite and felt the pure flavor of the chicken filling her mouth.

“Oh my God, it smells good.

How can chicken smell so great!”

Yu Qingqing exclaimed repeatedly.

“Thats right, it is the most delicious chicken I have ever eaten.

The dish cooked by the boss is absolutely amazing!” Zhao Dahu almost cried.

The members of the table marveled, shaking their heads.

While the eyes of several people at the white dining table on the other side were about to bulge.

They seemed to become frowning rocks at this moment, looking straight at the chicken in their bowls and swallowing uncontrollably.

“It seems very delicious.” One of the men glanced at his companion.

“What Dont you smell the fragrance It must be extremely delicious!”

“Manager, what should I do I would like to eat!” Xiao Meis eyes were fixed on the chicken and she said in a touching tone.

The manager opposite to her also looked at there.

He swallowed after her words and the sound was so clearly, just like taking a sip of water.

Finally, he looked back to Xiao Mei and said bitterly, “We are not members…”

“Right, we arent members…” Xiao Mei was full of disappointment.

She felt the most desperate thing in the world at this moment was that she could not eat delicious food though it was just in front of her!

Apart from her, the men who sat here considered if a naked woman was together with a piece of chicken, they would not hesitate to rush at the chicken!

But it was impossible.

They could not taste the chicken here.

They were grief and upset.

All of a sudden, the managers eyes brightened.

He looked at Xiao Mei and said after a break, “Hum… Go to our restaurant and bring a braised chicken.”

“Ah Okay!” Xiao Mei got up quickly and returned to the restaurant to take a braised chicken.

After placing it on the dining table, the two picked a chicken drumstick each with their eyes fixed on the braised chicken on the members table, imagining that they were eating the braised chicken cooked by the boss.

Look at plums to quench the thirst! It was completely presented.

But it was proved to be fake.

The braised chicken which was delicious before the manager came to this restaurant had a nasty taste at this moment.

It was not a patch on the egg-fried rice and noodle soup in his plate!


The manager sighed and put the drumstick back, eating the egg-fried rice silently.

Xiao Mei, who was a little better than him, clenched her eyes tightly and bit the braised chicken, fantasizing about the feeling of enjoying the chicken here, but swallowing hard after chewing a few mouthfuls.

“Manager, this braised chicken seems to be wasted.” Xiao Mei put the drumstick back and sighed softly.

“Stop talking, just eat.”

The manager did not even look at the braised chicken and started eating noodle soup.

At that time, he felt a bit miserable for not being a member!

What shall they do


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