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“Lord Nan Shans actually launched an attack”

“Where did he get the nerve”

“Are those rats harassing our hinterland also Lord Nan Shans men”

“Theyve started to fight back Could it be…”

A magnate present suddenly said, “I say this matter is definitely not that simple.

Although Lord Nan Shan is weak in terms of manpower and resources, he has Zhang Hanyang as his backer.”

“No, with Zhang Hanyangs lofty nature, he wouldnt engage in the battle himself.”

A meaningful smile suddenly appeared on Lord Bei Huais face.

“It seems that an interesting opponent has finally joined Lord Nan Shans force, doesnt it

“Good, very good.

Pass on my order!

“Well send another 100,000 soldiers to the Mountain Nan Domain!

“Id like to see what has made him think that he can contend against us with that little bit of power of his!”

Those pieces of news were just about the defeats of a few small battles.

It was not a big deal.

Lord Bei Huai didnt care about these things.

What he was truly nervous about was devouring a large piece of land under Lord Zhen Hais control.

Right now, he was just one step away from successfully carrying out his scheme.

The next day.

Lord Zhen Hais face was a bit somber.

“Lord Wu Shans entire territory is lost”

Lord Zhen Hai bawled with rage, “How is that possible How did Lord Bei Huai manage that

“Its him! It must be him!

“Sure enough, Lord Lan is in cahoots with Lord Bei Huai.

“Nice, really nice.”

Losing a domain was indeed a heavy blow to Lord Zhen Hai.

A few minutes later, he fell silent.

After a long while, he remarked, “Tell everyone to retreat from the Mountain Nan Domain.

Lord Bei Huai has dispatched reinforcement there, hasnt he Then let him and Lord Nan Shan have some fun.

Oh, no, we shall help Lord Nan Shan take down Lord Bei Huais force in the Mountain Nan Domain.”

A sinister smile suddenly spread across Lord Zhen Hais face.

It was as if a plot of his was about to succeed.

Lord Zhen Hai and Lord Bei Huai had both had victories and defeats in their competition.

Another three days passed.

Lord Bei Huai abruptly flew into a rage

“What Our troop of 150,000 people sent to the Mountain Nan Domain has been wiped out

“D*mn it!

“Hurry up and attack Lord Zhen Hais Martial City!”

At Lord Zhen Hais place.

“Come again The Martial City has been seized” snarled Lord Zhen Hai.

In this way, the two lords continued fighting against each other.

In the meantime, Lord Nan Shan and Lord Dong Gu kept sniggering in secret.

“It feels so good! Weve survived in between the other two parties! Weve made it!”

They had almost recovered the entire Mountain Nan Domain.

During the fight in the past few days, the biggest winner was Lord Nan Shan.

That was because he had not lost, and he knew that he couldnt afford to lose.

Lord Nan Shan and the others flashed to the inside of the tent.

They seemed to have seen a figure standing in front of the map, pondering.

“He is really marvelous.”

That was Lord Dong Gus comment for Liu Qingfeng.

It was because of Liu Qingfengs arrival that their situation gradually improved.

However, at this point, Liu Qingfeng said, “Summon everyone back.

We shall abandon all the extra areas weve seized and stay within the formation area.”


“Because…” Liu Qingfeng sighed and said, “They will probably start to target us.”

Sure enough, although Lord Zhen Hai and Lord Dong Gu had been exhausting each others power, one day, they suddenly realized that if this continued, Lord Nan Shan might become a threat.

Thus, without previous consultation, the two launched further attacks against Lord Nan Shan at the same time.

However, the troops they sent failed to catch any of Lord Nan Shans people.

When the troops arrived, all that greeted them were empty cities or deserted lands.

Then, Lord Zhen Hai and Lord Bei Huai both realized that Lord Nan Shan had had a war expert.

The chess in the Kings Domain gradually developed.

After hearing the news, Zhang Han smiled and said nothing.

“Are you puffed up with pride”

Yue Wuwei smiled and said, “Looks like Liu Qingfeng did not let us down.”

“No, he actually brought me a pleasant surprise.” Zhang Han curled his lips and said, “Its none of your business.”


Yue Wuwei was dazed at first.

Then, he breathed heavily and glared at Zhang Hanyang as he said, “Zhang Hanyang, I find that youre perhaps the kind of person who burns the bridge after crossing it, arent you Mengmeng is the Heavenly Lord, and I am the Heavenly Butler.

We are on the same team.

Technically, you are an outsider.”

“Well, fine.” Zhang Han nodded and waved his hand, calling, “Mengmeng, come here.”

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao, who were playing with Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot in the back mountain, ran over.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao, who were playing with Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot in the back mountain, ran over.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao, who were playing with Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot in the back mountain, ran over.


Zhang Han burst out laughing at once.

“Xiaonao, who is the outsider among us” Zhang Han asked with a smile.

“Him.” Yue Xiaonao pointed over.

Yue Wuwei could not speak.

He put on a speechless look.

However, seeing that his daughter and Mengmeng were laughing jubilantly, Yue Wuwei was in a good mood.

After that, the two girls turned around and went off to play.


Yue Wuwei said with emotion, “Do women always spend a whole day shopping Dont they feel tired”

“If they are tired, they can sit in a cafe and rest for a while.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “My wife cant have many things to buy.

She went out shopping mainly because Lisa may need to purchase a lot of clothes.”

However, when the two women came back, Zhang Hans mouth twitched as he found that Zi Yan had purchased more than 30 new sets of clothes.

“Alright, I underestimated my wifes shopping prowess.”

Mengmeng went to school as usual, only that she had one more playmate, Yue Xiaonao.

The new girl was, after all, two years older than her.

She had the demeanor of a leader of children.

She didnt care about anyone at school.

The only thing she paid extra attention to was Mengmengs words.

Half a month later, the class had their monthly examination.

To Yue Wuweis surprised, Yue Xiaonao didnt rank the last.

She had never studied those subjects.

Yet, in the advanced class, she turned out to be at the middle level.

What a big surprise! Yue Wuwei then gave his daughter a lot of gifts as rewards.

After becoming aware of the benefits of studying, Yue Xiaonao began to work even harder.

Yue Wuwei thought with emotion repeatedly, “Keep good men company and one shall be of the number.”

Soon, it was April.

Yue Wuwei reported to Zhang Han the latest news about the situation in the Kings Domain.

“The number of Lord Nan Shans force has increased to 300,000.”

“How did he achieve that”

Under Zhang Hans curious gaze, Yue Wuwei calmly uttered one word, “Captives.”

“Theyve temporarily kept the captives lives in their hands.

At present, Lord Nan Shan is not much weaker now.

He now even has two domains as his territory.

Lord Bei Huai still has more than 600,000 people, and Lord Zhen Hai has 400,000.

The disparity is gradually narrowing.

Maybe Lord Nan Shan really has a chance to win.”


Seems that Liu Qingfeng is more powerful than we imagined.”

Yue Wuwei chuckled.

Both he and Zhang Han surmised that Lord Nan Shan would win in the end, but they didnt expect that the victory could come so soon.

Soon, it was Childrens Day.

Over the past two months, the Kings Domain had been in an uproar.

The situation had changed from a struggle between Lord Bei Huai Huai and Lord Zhen Hai to a tripartite confrontation.

But since a month ago, Lord Nan Shan had occupied half of the Kings Domain.

The number of his people had soared to a total of 600,000.

Lord Bei Huai now had 400,000, and Lord Zhen Hai had 200,000.

The many captives were also a problem.

Fortunately, Lord Dong Gu knew how to manipulate ones essence blood and so control ones life and death.

Although there was a time limit on that power, it was effective enough to influence this war.

As a result, Lord Nan Shan turned from the one holed up in his territory to a lord crushing other parties.

Lord Zhen Hai and Lord Bei Huai had no choice but to join forces to resist Lord Nan Shans unstoppable army.

The entire Kings Domain was like a game of chess.

Lord Nan Shans dominance had taken shape.

At noon.

On the central plain of the Kings Domain, 600,000 armored people gathered together with an imposing air.

On the peak at the back stood a group of people.

At the forefront was Liu Qingfeng.

His skin was a little pale, but his face was calm.

He had the demeanor of a general, which influenced everyone around him.

Lord Nan Shan, Lord Dong Gu, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, and others all stood behind him.

They all held Liu Qingfeng in high regard.

Although Liu Qingfengs strength wasnt impressive, on the battlefield, his vision and judgment were especially keen.

Even his opponents had found him horrifying.

Before Liu Qingfeng displayed his power, the whole battlefield was quite quiet.

But after he gave the orders, all kinds of rooms for maneuver in the Kings Domain were resurrected.

That was how Lord Nan Shan had gained todays dominance.

Liu Qingfeng stood at the forefront.

Concentrating all of his spiritual force in his throat, he said in a clear voice, “A young eagle soars in the sky on its first try.

Its draped with thunderclaps.

Its proud outshines the sun.

“The fierce wind blows like a song.

The cold doesnt daunt it.

It wants to go to the sky to hold the sun and moon.

It wants to overturn the East Sea to wash the vastness of the universe!”

Liu Qingfeng recited the poem with no explanation.

After he finished speaking, everyones soul was stirred.

His voice spread to every corner of the room as he commanded, “Today, I will launch the all-out attack!

“I hereby appoint Lord Nan Shan as the Northern Expedition General!

“Lord Dong Gu as the Eastern Expedition General!

“Immortal King Zhang as the Western Expedition General!”

“Sect Master Deep Flame as the Defending General!

“Lord Nan Shan, you lead 300,000 people to the north.

Lord Dong Gu, you take 200,000 people to the east.

Immortal King Zhang, you steer 100,000 people to the west.

Sect Master Deep Flame, you and your 50,000 people shall stay and guard the rear.

“The all-out attack begins!”

After making the speech, Liu Qingfeng, who was at the Qi Strength Level, was already a little fatigued.

He cast his eyes over the hundreds of thousands of people and sighed inwardly with emotion.

“Kill!” Lord Nan Shan raised the big flag in his hand and shouted.




The hundreds of thousands of subordinates roared in unison.

The final battle broke out.

They would crush the enemies.

There was no suspense at all.

On June 12th.

Lord Wu Tong died in Mount Moqin in the west.

On June 15th.

Lord Hong Qi perished in the Sewage River in the east.

On June 18th.

Lord Zhen Hai and two other magnates were killed in their main city.

On June 27th.

“We lost.

We lost…”

Lord Bei Huai and three other magnates, as well as more than a dozen Real Kings under their leadership, were having a meeting in their main city.

They were kind of out of their wits.

With the opposite army bearing down on them, they had little force to fight back.

“I, Lord Bei Huai, used to have an army of a million valiant soldiers.

“And now, I have wound up like this.

“All gone.

Its all gone.

“I had such a big advantage.

Still, I got defeated.

Is it that Im too incompetent”

Lord Bei Huai began to doubt his entire life.

“Forget it, forget it.

“Id better let my soul rest in the Northernmost Sea.”

As soon as he said that, Lord Bei Huai walked out in dejection and headed straight to the north of the main city.

It was only a 20-minute journey from here to the Northernmost Sea.

Looking at his crestfallen figure, the other three magnates remained silent for a long time.

“Its said that at the end of the Northernmost Sea is the Boundless Sea.

What is at the end of the Boundless Sea then The world is vast.

Lets go and explore.”

“Lets go.”

These three magnates knew that remaining here would be the same as waiting for death.

Rather than being killed by Lord Nan Shan and his people, they might as well go to the Northernmost Sea and see what was in that place that had held them in fear for a hundred years.

Of the dozen or so Real Kings, some followed them, while some stayed.

The other party might give Real Kings a chance to live.

There were some precedents.

Lord Bei Huai and the others didnt respond to the choices of these people.

Instead, they flew toward the Northernmost Sea in unison.


Lord Nan Shan and the others, who were watching from a distance, were also shocked by this scene.

At this time, Lord Nan Shan, Lord Dong Gu, Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Mu Xue, Zhao Feng, Chen Changqing, and others were all gathered here.

Lord Bei Huai was the last target they had to take down in the all-out attack.

Yet, when they arrived, they only saw him running away.

“Lord Bei Huai!”

Lord Nan Shans thunderous voice spread far and wide.

Lord Bei Huai paused for two seconds when he heard the voice.

He turned around slightly, looked over his shoulder, revealing his cheek.

His face was extremely detached, and his eyes were cold.

He cast a glance at Lord Nan Shan.

Then, without saying a word, he turned back and left.

He and his group slowly disappeared into the Northernmost Sea Domain.


Everyone clearly heard that there were powerful energy fluctuations surging in the sea ahead.

Huge waves rose to the sky, but they couldnt see anything with the naked eye.

They had won a resounding victory!

At the beginning of the war, there were two million fighters in total.

But when the war was over, only 700,000 were still alive.

One million and three hundred thousand people had died.

Of the 100,000 people who followed Zhang Mu here, only 30,000 survived.

Even Mu Xue, Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng, and others had been in fatal danger several times.

If it werent for the treasures Zhang Han had prepared for them beforehand, some of them would have died as well.

That might seem unfair to others.

However, there was no absolute fairness in this world.

After all, those people had chosen to follow Zhang Hans leadership.

That was the benefit they deserved.

Everyone soon converged on the plain in the central area again.

They were all waiting for Zhang Hans and Yue Wuweis arrival on the forefront peak.

“Hahaha, Master will definitely praise me for such a great victory,” Mu Xue said with a grin.

“Stop bragging.” Instructor Liu mercilessly pointed out, “You are just a platoon commander.

Its Uncle Liu who made the biggest contribution to the victory.”

Mu Xue curled her lips and refuted, “Who told you that I also contributed to it! As for you, Liu, you were once an instructor and have experience.

But why didnt you provide any help before Uncle Liu came Now, youre telling me off to show how capable youre.

I say you can only make belated efforts.”

“I do have experience.

But thats only useful in bush fighting and field battles.

It cant be applied here,” Instructor Liu said with a resigned look.

“Dont pick on Liu.

He is mine.” Jiang Yanlan scowled at Mu Xue.

“Humph, like I care to.” Mu Xue shook her head and ignored them.

She just stood there, waiting for Zhang Han in high spirits.

The others did the same, for they had just heard Yue Wuweis voice.

The two must be on their way.

“Theyve really changed.”

Zhang Mu, Deep Flame, Zhang Guangyou, and the Warlord of Chan Clan stood aside and studied the crowd of young people in front of them.

They could feel that their auras were very different from before.

After experiencing the baptism of blood and fire, they definitely had changed.

In Instructor Lius words, those who had not experienced war were all rookies.

Liu Qingfeng did not feel that he had contributed that much.

But he felt quite good.

“Compared to these, the commercial field is still too small.”

Yes, the commercial world was much less thrilling.

After this war, Liu Qingfengs nerves were also greatly stimulated.

He was the weakest cultivator present, yet his status was the highest.

Even Lord Nan Shan almost addressed him as a brother.

Every time he saw Liu Qingfeng, he would say a few words of admiration.

Many people were chatting.

After a short while—

“Theyre coming!”

Seeing the boat, Mu Xue pointed to it with excitement.

“Master, I havent seen you for months.

But it feels like a thousand years! I missed you so much.

Maam, Mengmeng, I miss you, too.

Well, when I go back this time, Ill take a good break.

I havent taken Mengmeng out to have fun for a long time.”


Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and got off the boat with Yue Wuwei.

Standing on the side of the mountain and looking at these people, Zhang Han found that almost all their eyes were fixed on him.

“Good job.

Youre very remarkable.”

Zhang Han applauded and said, “Im proud of you.”

Hearing this, Zhang Mu laughed and said, “Its all thanks to Lius arrival.

He contributed the most.”

“Elder Zhang, youre flattering me.”

Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly and said, “Im just the think tank.

The biggest credit should belong to you people.

Your execution ability is very good.

Owing to that, some of my strategies turned out to be successful.

I believe we all share the credit.”

“Well, dont stand on ceremony like this,” Yue Wuwei waved and said, “aAlthough Zhang Han and I werent here, wed been watching you these days.

Weve captured all your actions.”

“Even so, we still deserve to be praised,” Jiang Yanlan snorted softly.


Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He straightened his face and said, “Ive seen your growth in the past few months.

Youre very talented.

Now, the competition in the Kings Domain is over.

Everything youve been through has become precious experiences.

Of course, Ill not only pay lip service to the praise.

“These are Great Foundation Elixirs, which can stabilize your realm and strength that have been improved recently.

After that, the day for you to advance to the peak of the Elixir Realm will be around the corner.”

As Zhang Han waved his hand, dozens of medicinal pellets flew out and landed in everyones hands.

“I, I also have a share”

Lord Nan Shan stared at Zhang Han with a strange look.

At this time, deep down, he thought Zhang Hanyang was absolutely superior to him.

He even sort of regarded him as his life-saver.

If it hadnt been for Zhang Han, he and Lord Dong Gu would have long been killed by Lord Zhen Hai and Lord Bei Huai.

However, obtaining the medicinal pellet was still a good thing.

Lord Nan Shan immediately took the medicinal pellet.

Then, he said in a muffled voice, “Can I rise back to the Yuan Ying Realm now”


Yue Wuwei stroked his beard.

With a stir of his mind, the seals placed on Lord Dong Gu and Lord Nan Shan were lifted.

Their auras increased rapidly.

They did not only get back their old cultivation but also find that their strength had taken a great leap forward.

“Ill never forget your grace,” Lord Nan Shan cupped his hands and remarked.

“Dont mention it.”

Zhang Han said, “The great mine in the central area is the renewable kind.

It can be mined regularly.

Lets split it.

Thirty percent for you, and 70 percent for me.”


Lord Nan Shan hesitated for two seconds and said, “I didnt think about laying my hands on the great mine.

How about this Nowadays, there are only two magnates—Lord Dong Gu and I—in the Kings Domain.

Oh no, there is also Black White Palace Master.

So, there are only three magnates.

In the foreseeable future, there wont be any more fighting.

In this war, we annexed more than 90 percent of the land in the Kings Domain.

Many of those places have plenty of crystal mines and abundant resources.

As for all the gains, I suggest you take 70 percent and we take 30 percent.”


Zhang Han nodded.

In an instant, the quantity of the resources he owned increased by tens or even hundreds of times.

Even Zhang Han was amazed by the quantity of the resources he gained this time.

He remembered that when he had obtained so many resources in his last life, he seemed to have already reached the Returning Void Realm.

“Hand out the first batch of resources and let everyone rejoice over the fruits of victory.”

Zhang Han did not define the resources to be shared accurately.

It didnt matter to him.

After the trial for the legacy of the Heavenly Lord, he understood that in this life, all that mattered to him was to take good care of his home and his loved ones.

“Thank you.”

Lord Nan Shan cupped his hands.

He was filled with admiration for Zhang Han.

At this time, Lord Nan Shan had just begun to see Zhang Hans personal charm.

“Well, since the war is over, you should go back and have a good rest.

Feel free to do some travel and have fun.

War can bring out ones ruthless side, which calls for love and warmth to dissipate,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Lets go back.

I really cant wait.” Zhao Feng scratched his head.

He hadnt seen Liang Mengqi for several months.

Now, he just wished he could fly back in a flash.


Get ready.

Lets go home!” Mu Xue cheered.

“Which home” Asked Sect Leader Mu.

“Mount New Moon, of course,” Mu Xue replied.

Sect Leader Mu was lost for words.

He felt like crying because he had lost his sweet daughter.

How heart-rinding it was!

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